15 Ways Of Becoming A Prayer Warrior

15 Ways Of Becoming A Prayer Warrior

15 Ways Of Becoming A Prayer Warrior

KEY SCRIPTURES: James 5:16; Ephesians 6:10-18; 2 Corinthians 10:4-5

James 5:16 “Confess your faults one to another, pray one for another, that all of you may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

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Prayer warrior is a term used by people or other Christians to refer to someone who devoted oneself to prayers and is committed to praying for others. Prayer warriors see themselves engaging in spiritual warfare against satanic forces. As Christians, we have been called to war against all the devices of the wicked ones because we live in a world that we must pray without ceasing. Christians have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus, but they must constantly be spiritually alert in order to discern the principalities and power that want to take us back to the world. For us to be spiritually connected to our father in heaven, you must meditate on the word of God and pray serious warfare prayers for yourself and the world at large. Jesus Christ started his ministry with prayers to show us that we have all been called to be prayer warriors and the fact that we are all in the ministry of reconciliation, we must not just pray selfish prayers, but our prayers must be centered on populating the kingdom of God. 

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To become a prayer warrior, one must know the weapon of the spiritual warfare which is the word of God, one needs to know the different verses of the bible that relate to the prayers one is praying about. Prayer warriors must pray in line to the will of God and must pray according to the direction being guided by God. Doing this, shows that the heart of the prayer warrior is in line with the mind of God. Praying without direction is just making noise in the sight of God. There are ways a Christian can follow to become an effective prayer warrior in the kingdom of God and in this article, we will study 15 ways of becoming a prayer warrior.


As a believer, once you give your life to Christ, the next step is not to join the prayer warrior, to become one, you need to build your relationship with the master. Get to know the ways and principles of the kingdom first. Learn the basics and get involved in ways in which you can grow your faith too. Once you develop your prayer life with Christ, you are moving towards ways of becoming a prayer warrior.


To become a prayer warrior, you needed to be committed to prayers and be good at it. It is not just being seasonal with prayers, you need to know how to pray the heavens down in all situations. You need to eat, sleep and breathe prayers. There is no special training, but you need to be self-determined to release oneself to prayers wholeheartedly. You must be able to define prayers beyond the meaning, learn the best ways you communicate to God and once master how God talks back to you when you are committed to prayers. You must never be tired or exhausted of prayers. You must be relentless and unwavering in your commitment to prayers.


Praying goes beyond communicating to God, if you want to be a prayer warrior, you must understand the techniques involved in praying and winning spiritual warfare. You must be able to relate with God in a deeper way and when you learn the definition of prayers, you already know the end from the beginning even before the prayers are answered.

4. KNOW THE WORD OF GOD: Joshua 1:8

To become a prayer warrior, you need to know the weapon, which is the word of God, prayers and fasting. You need to be well grounded in the word of God, different verses of the scripture must be in your heart, and you must meditate on the word of God daily. Knowing the word of God to use at any prayer meetings or situation are ways to becoming a prayer warrior because through the word of God, Satan is defeated. To become a prayer warrior, learn the scriptures and include them in your prayers always.


Becoming a prayer warrior is a calling and you must be able to build strong faith in the supremacy of God. By building a strong faith in God, it will be easy to surrender all to Jesus Christ and desire to help others will emerge which are ways of becoming a prayer warrior. You can build strong faith in God by hearing the word of God too, don’t isolate yourself from the presence of God.


To become a prayer warrior, you must have deep and better understanding for people and what they are facing in order to translate them to prayers that will bring powerful results. You must be observant, have a discerning spirit and great apprehension before you can become a prayer warrior.


To be a prayer warrior, you must be trustworthy. People should be able to depend on you to lead them to the master through prayers. You are responsible for God’s people; you must cultivate the habit of being trustworthy because this will make people trust you with their personal prayers. You must not give room for gossip and all people’s personal prayer points entrusted in your hands must be safe and secure. 



To become a prayer warrior, you must have a good rapport with people, build people’s trust so that they can be comfortable to share things with you. To become an effective prayer warrior, learn to share prayers points with people, request from them their prayer points, this can prompt people to also share their prayer points with you. You must make yourself available to people so that they can open their hearts to you any time of the day. When you commit to praying for someone, learn to pray a heartfelt prayer to God every time.


A prayer warrior is always thankful to God no matter the answer one gets after praying to God. To become one, you must believe in the answers provided by God in all given situations. You must always appreciate the fact that you have a God that listens to your prayer. A prayer warrior must always give credit to God, even when people are praising you for answered prayers, you must always return credit back to God which is another way to become a prayer warrior.


To become a prayer warrior, you must know the enemy you are engaging in warfare. He will always want you to doubt God’s truth and believes in his lies. You need to be able to resist the devil and flee from all appearance of sins that will hinder your prayer life. You must pray against all devices and plans of Satan if you want to be a prayer warrior.


To become a prayer warrior, you need to develop an attitude to be specific in the particular area the evil or enemy has taken the battles from. You need to know the right scriptures to use in dealing with all principalities and power that might come against you.


To become a prayer warrior, you need to be full of the Holy Spirit and be sensitive in the spirit to know what the Holy Spirit is communicating to us at a particular time. We must be attentive to every detail the spirit is pointing to and cause you to do things to change things through prayers. 


Every human has one burden or the other, to become a prayer warrior, don’t be overwhelmed by negative burdens, learn to cast all burden unto God. You only must pray, share the word, love and engage in intercessory prayers. You can’t control people’s choices or the problems they encounter after the choices they made but you can just pray for them, believing God to help lift their burdens.


To become a prayer warrior, you must learn your authority in God. You must learn to speak to the spiritual roots of problems and believe that the roots will obey you when you speak to them in Jesus’ name.


To become a prayer warrior, you need to learn how to create quality time in the prayer room. Warfare praying takes a portion of your regular prayer life. Remember some short prayers can be powerful too after you have learnt the rudiments of having a quality time with God in prayers.



Becoming a prayer warrior is not a joking matter but serious ministry which God doesn’t joke with. When you have a desire to join the ministry of prayer, don’t isolate yourself, learn to consult leaders in your church who are into the ministry, so you know how to fully operate your gift of prayers. Be humble enough to ask God to know the right opportunity to start the process of becoming a prayer warrior.

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