How To Stop Backsliding As A Christian.

How To Stop Backsliding As A Christian.

How To Stop Backsliding As A Christian.

BACKSLIDING : The word “backsliding” in a Christian context, implies movement away from Christ rather than towards Him. It is a gradual process that starts from the heart.
A backslider is someone who is going the wrong way, spiritually. He is regressing rather than progressing. The backslider had at one time demonstrated a commitment to Christ or maintained a certain standard of behavior, but he since reverted to old ways. Backsliding may manifest itself in several ways. e. g dropping out of church, loosing fervor for the Lord, walking away from a ministry or a family, or falling back into old habits.

Some Signs of Backsliding

  •  When you no longer have faith. The just shall live by his faith. If your faith is becoming shaky and you stop believing.
  • When you don’t want to be involved in the things of God.
    God is sufficient, if you are not involved in the things of God, he has many substitutes to carry out his assignments.
  •  When you no longer take care of your spiritual well being and growth.
    God wants us to prosper in every area of life…. spiritual, physical, financial, mental, material, marital and academical…. When you begin to stop reading spiritual books, listen to tapes, attend programs that will strengthen your inner man, fast, pray…. Backsliding has set in.
  •  Decrease in Quiet Time
    Any healthy relationship requires quality time to thrive. Our relationship with God is no different. When you stop spending quality time with God, backsliding has set in.
  •  A loss of compassion for those in pain.
    God may bring people into your life who are suffering or going through hardships that you might serve them. When you refuse to sympathize with those in need, you miss opportunity to extend God’s grace.


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it is important to do a heart check and be honest. Just as honesty is important to you, honesty is important to God. Take few minutes to talk to God and listen for His voice. Be honest about those desires in your heart that will take you way from God.
If you find that part of you still desires to take a route contrary to God, there is no need to be ashamed. Instead, continually ask God to take that desire away from you.

The mind is where some of the biggest wars are fought. It is where a person’s true thoughts and desires lie. In order to avoid falling into sinful states, you must be very intentional about nipping thoughts that can turn into disastrous desires in the bud. In other words, fight to win the wars in your mind.

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Once you have identified and asked God to remove your desires and remained on guard against the wrong thoughts, it is important to remove yourself from anything that is fueling evil desires. Not gradually, but at once. James 4:7 “Resist the devil and he will flee from you” This makes makes resisting sin and the wrong desires your responsibility.
While God works on you inwardly (your heart), your outward (actions) must follow.

Evaluating and resisting the wrong desires is a start, however, in order to see those desires changed, reading the Bible is necessary.
Reading the Word on a consistent basis has the power to transform the hardest mind or heart. The Word of God is a dangerously effective weapon you can use to be set free and resist temptations. If you are struggling in a particular area, be it fear, lying, insecurity,or doubt, use God’s Words. Whatever you do, pick up your weapon and fight back. Determine in your heart you will not backslide any longer. Determine you will stay committed to this journey no matter how long it takes.

Developing a lasting relationship with God is a process and requires patience. The truth, often sugar coated, is you will not get it right all the time. You will make mistakes because no one is perfect. However, there is a great power in repenting and getting back up from a sinful fall. Each time you get back, each day, you show up to resist the enemy, you are developing strength. You are building your spiritual muscles. As long as you do not give up in the process, you will begin to see God’s hand move in your heart and desires. Your desires will no longer be headed towards sin, but rather living a life of obedience that pleases God. “Turn, O backsliding children, saith the Lord: for I am married unto you”. Jeremiah 3:14

Trust that as you begin to work towards building healthy desires, God will strengthen you.

Be strong. Be courageous.

Serve God Wholeheartedly.

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