Midnight Prayers Against Marital Problems.

Midnight prayers against marital problems.
Midnight prayers against marital problems and good relationship.


1cor 13:4-5, Romans 12:10, Luke 17:4, Romans 12: 20-21


The above scriptures validate the topic in discussion.


Firstly we need to understand the concept of marriage, what marriage really is?


Marriage is a sacred vow between a man and woman to become one flesh, biblically God sees marriage as a divine plan whereby a man and a woman comes together to form a relationship for the purpose of procreation, to be another’s mate, companionship and for so many other good reasons, but specifically marriage is a good thing in the sight of God.


Marriage is one of the best relationships a man and woman can enjoy and it’s only second to the relationship you have personally with God. Having validated what marriage really is and understanding the purpose of marriage, lets now go fully into the topic for discussion today which is midnight prayer against marital problems.


Marital problems are common in many Christian homes and so many Christian families are going through one challenge or situations. But you need to understand one thing the devil is behind every form of challenge being faced by married couples, marital problems is not just peculiar to a class of married couples and as a matter of fact marital problems knows no class, it affect but the newly married couple and the ones that have been married for a long time.


The devil is the author of confusion in many homes, even the bible in the book of John 10:10 says he has come steal, kill and destroy referring to the devil, the works and antics of the devil is to set confusion and one of its target is the family, because the devil knows that one of the strongest institution God created is the family that is why the devil is constantly after the family.


Now that you understand that the devil is constantly after the family and is the main cause of marital problems in many homes and families. Apart from the devil there are so many other causes that could lead to marital problems in many homes and families, some of these causes are mentioned below:




Infidelity happens to be the common problem among many married couples and this has in one way or the other wreck so many marriages whereby it has led to several dissolution of marriages. The common cause of infidelity in marriage is cheating among married couples while still married. Infidelity can come as a form of having sexual relationship with someone else who is not your partner, it could be one night stand affair or keeping another partner somewhere else.


Sexual Difference


Sexual difference is another common problem troubling so many marriages and this as also lead to so many marital problem, some of the common causes of sexual difference are loss of sexual libido, sexual preference between couples one partner may be more sexual active than the other, loss of sex drive among sexual married couple.




Jealousy can also cause marital problems between couples, having a partner who is jealous or over jealous can pose a threat to many marriages and could lead to marital crisis, this will put a lot of strain in the relationship and this may cause the other partner to want out of the relationship.


Lack of Attention


Lack of attention is also one of the problems facing marriages in this country, when a partner feels neglected or not paid attention to this could or start a problem in the home which in turn will lead to marital crisis among couples.




Finance is also one of the major issues facing many marriages, when one partner is not meeting up with his financial responsibility or obligation this will cause marital problems in many marriages and this has led to dissolution of marriages.


Those are some of the common causes of marital crisis in many marriages having looked at the common problems causing marital problems in marriages let’s quickly look at some of the ways this problems can be resolved:


  1. Forgive one another, even the bible says that in the book of James 5:16


  1. Love one another unconditionally proverb 10: 12


  1. Honour one another Hebrew 13: 4


  1. Put away all form of anger, bitterness towards each other Ephesian 4:31-34


  1. Genuinely repent your sins Act 8:22


  1. Submit to one another Ephesian 5:22


  1. Pray at all times 1 Thessalonians 5:17


To back up all this you will need to pray against some of the forces that causes marital problems in marriages.




  • From the coven of my enemies, I call forth my marital destiny to come back to me in the name of Jesus.


  • Marital robbers, assigned to disgrace me, die by fire, in the name of Jesus.


  • Every pronouncement of marital delay upon my life, scatter, in the name of Jesus.


  • Every work of the enemy to frustrate me in my courtship, die by fire, in Jesus name.


  • Whatever evil have been on my names against my marital breakthrough, scatter by fire, in Jesus name.


  • Every power that says I will not marry, O Lord, begin to disappoint them, in Jesus name.


  • Any curse keeping me down in my parents house, break and release me, in the name of Jesus.


  • I prophesy that this year is my season of marital progress, and good news, in Jesus name.


  • I break the stronghold of thou shall not marry in my family, in Jesus name.


  • Father Lord, let my glory attract marriage, in the name of Jesus.


  • Any evil personality in my family that has vowed to restrict me from marriage, if possible, die, and give up on my case once and for all, in the name of Jesus.


  • You enemies of my marriage, your time is up, I bind you by fire, in the name of Jesus.


  • Every evil hand raised against my marriage, Holy Ghost fire, paralyze them, in Jesus name. 


  • Oh Lord, Let your righteousness and salvation cover my marriage till the end, in Jesus name.


  • Holy Ghost fire, take over the foundation of my marriage sanitize and let it flourish, in Jesus name.


Remain Blessed,

Jesus is Lord.



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