Prayer Points Against Backwardness And Stagnation

Prayer Points Against Backwardness And Stagnation


Joel 2:25-27, James 1:4

The above scriptures validates our topic for discussion today, prayer points against
backwardness and stagnation.

You need to understand that anything that is against the will of God for our life is anti
covenant, what ever those not glorify God in your life in anti covenant, the will of God for
our life is to enjoy heaven on earth. Also you need to understand that stagnation and
backwardness is a spirit, a spirit that the devil uses to tie down destinies, a person
experiencing these two will never be successful in life no matter the effort he/she puts in

The moment you understand that backwardness and stagnation is a spirit and a device the
devil uses to slow people down and rob them of their glorious destiny, the closer you are to
finding a way out of backwardness and stagnation.

In the real sense of our discussion we need to explain what backwardness and stagnation
is, the two can be defined as a state of no progress, no movement, being in the same spot for so long, watching others progress while you still remain in the same position. Stagnation can come in different form it could be career stagnation, business stagnation, family stagnation and anything that keeps you in the same position for so long, in short anything that is of long continuance in your life is a stagnation.

You need to be very conscious of who you are if you want to break away from backwardness and stagnation, because the will of God for his children is that he wants his children to advance and go forward the book of Gen 26:13 validates this scriptures because the agenda of God for you and me is to wax great and move forward.

We Have Various Categories Of Backwardness And Stagnation

Dormant Stagnation
This is kind of stagnation that frustrates one's effort no matter how hard you try to progress
you will never yield any result, this kind of stagnation can also be describe as static
stagnation. The devil will make sure he holds such individual captive on the same spot for
long period of time.

Spiritual Hold Up

This kind of stagnation can be describe as a slow motion kind of stagnation whereby the
person experience progress in a slow pace, progress will come but it will not be consistent.

Oppressed Stagnation
This when the forces of the devil sits on your progress for a long period of time, it will take
only God to deliver such individual from the hold of the devil.

Apart from the categories of stagnation we also have some factors that causes stagnation and backwardness and they are as follows:

Self Inflict Stagnation
This kind of stagnation is self inflicted mainly caused by laziness, procrastination and
unwillingness to work.

Lack Of Direction
when a person as no direction, no set goals about his/her life, he/she will just be going in
circles without living the same spot. A man who has no definite objective is heading for a life of frustration and regret.

Curses And Evil Covenant Are Also Responsible For Stagnation And Backwardness

But all in all the only way out of stagnation and backwardness is God, lets quickly look out
some of the cure to stagnation and backwardness:

 Repent all your sins and seek the face of God for you deliverance

 Read the word of God and locate the plan and will of God for your life

 Prayer and fasting

 Apply the mystery of God that he as given unto us his children through the revelation
of God by using the anointing and mantle.

 Be dutiful, be  hardworking and God will bless and progress your hand work.

 Set goals and objectives for your life, no what to do per time.

 Above all trust God only for your breakthrough.

Pray The Following Prayers For Your Deliverance Against The Forces Of Stagnation And Backwardness:

1. Father I thank you because the spirit of limitation is not my lord; I therefore refuse to
be subject to him in Jesus name.

2. Today, I declare my total freedom from the spirit of limitation and unwanted
detention in Jesus mighty name.

3. You strange forces holding me down, I command you to release me now for me to
enter my destiny in Jesus name.

4. I break off my neck from every invisible rope, which Satan used to tie me to the same
spot in Jesus name.

5. Let every curse and barrier of limitation be removed as I move forward this year in
the name of Jesus. I violently overthrow you, you spirit of limitation; get out of my
life right now.

6. I speak to the root and foundation of limitation in my life, be dissolved by the blood
of Jesus right now.

7. I command every stronghold working against my advancement and progress to be
pulled down and destroyed in Jesus name.

8. Lift up your heads, O you ancient gates and everlasting doors that are shut against my
life and progress in the name of Jesus.

9. I command every spiritual barrier and limitation to my success in life to break into
pieces now in the name of Jesus.

10. I nullify and destroy everything done against me at any satanic altar that is bringing
limitations to my life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

11. In the mighty name of Jesus, I revoke and turn into blessings every curse issued
against my life. From now, I will begin to move forward in Jesus name.

12. I demolish every wall of Jericho preventing me from possessing my possession. I
command you to collapse right now in Jesus name.

13. I forcefully advance and break loose into my inheritance in Jesus name.

14. As no one was able to stop Paul in his evangelistic mission in Rome, so shall no man,
no force and no spirit be able to stop me from attaining my life’s goals in Jesus name.

15. Despite all odds, Isaac waxed great, and moved forward, and grew until he became
very great in Gerar. I shall also advance into my greatness and move forward beyond
my present boundaries until I become very great in Jesus name. Amen

16 .Father Lord, I destroy every spirit of backwardness in my life by the fire of the
Holy Ghost.

17 Every spirit of backwardness from my father’s house, I decree that you catch fire
right now in the name of Jesus.

18 Every evil tongue that speaks backwardness into my life, I pray that such tongue catches
fire right now in the name of Jesus.

19 Every serpent of backwardness that has been sent into my life to trouble me, I pray that
the anger of the Lord come upon you right now in the name of Jesus.

20 I decree by the authority of heaven, every evil prophecy of backwardness in my life
should be destroyed in the name of Jesus.

21 I come against every covenant of backwardness in my life, because of the new covenant
that was made eminent by the blood of Christ, I destroy such evil covenants in the name of

23 Every power that has vowed to put me permanently to a particular spot, every power that
has refused to let me grow in life, I come against you by the power in the name of Jesus.

24 Every power that has refused to let me walk into my glory and destiny, I decree the fire of
the most high upon you right now in the name of Jesus.

25 Every evil dreamer whose dreams always put me glued to a particular spot, every evil
dreamer whose dreams always tie me down to a spot, I pray that you die from sleep today in
the name of Jesus.

26 Every environmental power that has overcome the inhabitants of this environment and
cause them to have a retarded growth, I pray that such power catch fire right now in the name
of Jesus.

27 Every giant in my father’s house that has vowed to chain me down to the village, I pray
that as the dragon fell face flat before the ark of covenant, Lord, let such giant be destroyed
before me in the name of Jesus.

28 Every power of stagnation in my life, I pray you to catch fire right now in the name of

29 Every spirit from my father’s house or mother’s house that has afflicted with stagnation, I
decree the vengeance of God upon you right now in the name of Jesus.

30 The book of Psalm reveals that when I call on the name of the Lord, my enemies will flee.
Every enemy that is planning to hold down in Egypt, father Lord, cause your wrath to fall
upon them right not in the name of Jesus.

31 Every demonic cloth of backwardness that has been put on me by the enemy, I pray that
such clothes catch fire right now in the name of Jesus.


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