Prayer To Bind And Cast Out Spirit Spouses And Children

Scriptural Readings: Genesis 6: 1- 2, Genesis 6: 4, Jeremiah 8: 4-9, Jeremiah 7: 17-18, Revelation 17: 1-3, Hebrew 11: 35-38, Genesis 11: 1-9
Confession: Mark 16: 17-18

Prayer Points:

1. I break and loose myself from environmental and territorial waters.
2. Alliances and relationship with water snakes and fish; Release me and Die.
3. O God Arise and Kill the Leviathan in my Life.
4. Spirit of dragon and crocodile in my life; Catch Fire.
5. Lion of Judah, Appear and Kill every lion of witchcraft in my life.
6. Angels of God with your Sword of Fire Cut-Off any link with water demons.
7. Evil dedication using water to control my marriage; Scatter by Fire.
8. Sacrifices carried out with water goddess; Catch Fire.
9. Covenants with the Queen of the Coast; Break by Fire.
10. Strongman from the water troubling my marriage; Collapse and Die.
11. Suitors from deep waters asking my hand in marriage; Die by Fire.
12. By the Power in the Name of Jesus, I divorce Spirit husband/wives.
13. Calabash of marine kingdom, cooking my blood; Catch Fire.
14. My manhood/ovaries buried in the ocean; be exhumed by Fire.
15. Marine witchcraft monitoring my marriage and children; Receive blindness.
16. Serpent and scorpion in the water swallowing and biting my marriage; Vomit it and Catch Fire.
17. Arrows of fibroid and manhood dysfunction fired from the waters; Backfire.
18. Any curse issued by the queen of the coast; Break by the Blood of Jesus.
19. My glory, my star, my talent, buried in the water; be exhumed by Fire.
20. Any marine witchcraft agent using the face of my wife/husband to have sex with me in the dream;
Catch Fire and Die.
21. Spirit husband/spirit wife; Release me by fire in the name of Jesus.
22. Every power working against my marriage Fall Down and Die in the Name of Jesus.
23. I break all covenants entered into with the spirit husband/wife in the name of Jesus.
24. I break every blood and soul tie covenants with the spirit husband/wife in the name of Jesus.
25. I withdraw my sperm, blood, or any other part of my body deposited in the altar of the spirit husband or
wife in the name of Jesus.
26. I send the fire of the God to burn to ashes the children, certificate, wedding gown, and rings in the name
of Jesus.
27. I Divorce and Renounce my marriage with the spirit husband/wife in the name of Jesus.
28. I drain myself of all evil materials deposited in my body as a result of our sexual relation in the name of
29. I purge out with the Blood of Jesus every evil material deposited in my womb to prevent me from
having children on earth.
30. I announce to heaven that I am married to Jesus.
31. Every trademark of evil marriage, Be Shaken out of my life.
32. I soak myself in the Blood of Jesus and Cancel the evil mark or writings placed on me in the Name of
33. I command the spirit husband/wife to turn his back against me forever.
34. I take back and possess all my earthly belongings in the custody of the spirit husband/wife.
35. Any goliath that has taken dowry on my behalf; Expire and Catch Fire.
36. My manhood receive the touch of God and Come Alive.
37. O Lord make me a vehicle of deliverance.
38. Any damage done to my womb by the spirit husband/wife; Blood of Jesus repair me.
39. I come by faith to Mount Zion, Lord Jesus, Command deliverance upon my life By Fire in the Name of
40. Every opposition, stronghold, altar opposing my earthly marriage; Scatter by Fire in the name of Jesus.
41. Any spiritual child initiating me with indiscipline; Die.
42. Witchcraft receiver and transmitter connecting me with marine spouses; Die.
43. Thou marine finger pointing at my reproductive system; Catch Fire.
44. Any marine asterisk upon my head by spirit husband; Clear Away.
45. Every intra—inter ethnic marriages with spirit spouses; Catch Fire.
46. Marine certificates in my hands determining the survival of my earthly marriage; Catch fire.
47. Any personality invoking my name to water gods or goddesses; Die.
48. Queen of the coast in charge of my calling, the Lord Rebuke you; Die.
49. Every material of semiramus in my custody; Burn Out by Fire.
50. Thou spirit of Jezebel in my blood; Dry up.
51. Household wickedness networking with my glory for destruction; Die.
52. Every surviving spirit child I have in the waters; I kill you with Divine Rod.
53. My blood cut-off from marine blood bank by Fire by Force.
54. Any spirit spouses that have swallowed my umbilical cord, placenta, sex cell; Vomit them by Divine
55. I Silence to Death by the Blood of Jesus every soul-tie witchcraft.
56. Every one of my belonging in the hands of incubus and succubus; Catch Fire.
57. Gift of migraine over my head; Holy Ghost Fire destroy it.
58. Any cowries and fish in my body cooperating with marine invitation; come out and Die.
59. I fire back arrows of marine witchcraft over my destiny.
60. Spirit Husbands, spirit wives, spirit children, Come out from your hiding places in my life and Die
(Come out and Die x 49).

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