40 Prayers To Uproot Evil Implantation

40 Prayers To Uproot Evil Implantation

40 Prayers To Uproot Evil Implantation

Matthew 15:13

But He answered and said, “Every plant which My heavenly Father hath not planted shall be rooted up.

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Are you presently struggling with your health? Do you keep moving in and out of the hospital? Are the medical practitioners finding it difficult to actually decipher what is wrong with you? If your response to these questions is yes, then you need to these 40 prayers to uproot evil implantation

Evil implantation are demonic substances that are often planted in a man’s body in the spirit realm especially when he is not at alert spiritually.

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Sad enough, just as spirits are invisible, evil implantations are also invisible, no matter the kind of scan you do, they are not discoverable by scientific instruments, but they are capable of wreaking great havoc to the human body.

If you have been experiencing an unpleasant sensation in your body, like the movement of a reptile, it can be the work of evil implantations, also if you have been having recurring stomach problems with no specific cause medically, then you really have to pray these 40 prayers against evil implantations.

Meanwhile, evil implantations does not only affect the physical body of those afflicted by it, it goes beyond the physical, sometimes it can reflect in a person’s behavior and lifestyle, for example, when a child who used to be free and playful becomes suddenly withdrawn from people and activities, it can be as a result of demonic .

Another example is when an adult who used to hate immorality and unhealthy lifestyle begins to embrace these same things and even does them extraordinarily, then evil in plantations could be at work.

Just as the scripture says in while men slept, most of these operations are usually carried out by the devil and his cohorts when we are spiritually weak and asleep. Hence it is important to pray and stay spiritually alternative always.

As you pray these 40 prayers against evil implantations, whatsoever the enemy has planted in you, your children, your spouse or family shall be uprooted by fire in Jesus mighty name.

40 Prayers To Uproot Evil Implantation

  1. Father I thank you for your Word of revelation that has reached out to me through this article, blessed be your name in Jesus name
  2. Lord I thank you for unfailing love over my life and my family, all glory belongs to you in Jesus name
  3. Father I appreciate you for preserving my life till this moment, thank you Lord Jesus
  4. Lord I thank you for your mercies over my life and my family, all glory to you in Jesus name
  5. Lord I thank you for not allowing the enemies to achieve their wicked plans in my family, blessed be your name in Jesus name
  6. Lord I ask for your mercy in all ways I have sinned and gone against your will, please show me mercy in Jesus name
  7. Father in every way I have offended you in my words, thoughts and actions, please show me your mercy in Jesus mighty name
  8. Lord I ask that you cleanse me thoroughly from inside out by the blood of Jesus Christ, in Jesus name
  9. Lord please take away every evil implantation of the devil from my body in Jesus name
  10. Every evil thing that the devil has planted in my health while I was asleep, I command it to die now by fire in Jesus name
  11. Every evil that the implant is meant to achieve in my life, I declare it canceled, in Jesus mighty name
  12. Every appointment of death that has been made against my life with the evil implantation, I cancel it now by fire in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  13. I decree that before the enemy activate the evil implant, it shall go back to the sender in Jesus name
  14. Everyone who has sworn that I will not enjoy peace in my health, I command their evil thoughts concerning me to become their portion in Jesus mighty name of the Lord
  15. Every date of sorrow that the enemy has registered for me, I turn it around now, and command it to be my day of great celebration in Jesus name
  16. Every hidden reptile in my stomach assigned against me by my adversaries, I command it to die by fire in the name of Jesus Christ
  17. Everyone who is standing as author of evil implantation in my life, I command you to be totally destroyed by your evil works in Jesus name
  18. I decree that who the son of man sets free is free indeed, therefore I shall no longer be a carrier of evil implantation in Jesus name
  19. I secure my dream life by the blood of Jesus Christ, no demonic personality shall have access to my dreams in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  20. I cancel every plan of the enemies to afflict my family with evil implantations in Jesus name
  21. The evil plans of my competitors in business shall not prosper concerning me in Jesus name
  22. I frustrate the enemy’s plans concerning me and my family in Jesus name
  23. No weapon formed against me and my family shall prosper in Jesus mighty name
  24. I begin to live in good health henceforth, there shall be no more sorrow in Jesus name
  25. I declare that I am free from all demonic implantations now in Jesus name
  26. I command every pain in my body to stop by fire in Jesus name
  27. Everything in my body working against my peace, I command it to be destroyed by fire in Jesus name
  28. I soak myself in the blood of Jesus Christ
  29. Every influence of demonic implantations in my business, I cancel it now by the blood of Jesus Christ
  30. Every power of demonic implantation over my children, I destroy it by fire in Jesus name
  31. I decree that my children shall no longer be held captive by the power of darkness in Jesus name
  32. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, my children’s interest in academic that has been lost due to satanic implantation, is restored now by fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name
  33. Every sickness planted in my spouse, life, I command it to be flushed out by fire in Jesus mighty name
  34. I command peace be still to every raging storm in my marriage as a result of demonic implantations in Jesus name
  35. I speak peace to my children’s health in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  36. I take total restoration of everything my family has lost due to satanic implantation in Jesus name
  37. I surround my children with the fire of the Holy Ghost, they shall no longer be accessible to evil implantation in Jesus mighty name.
  38. I decree that my family is safe and protected from all evil vices, no evil shall befall us in Jesus name
  39. I and my family walk in total dominion against the powers of darkness and their evil works in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  40. Thank you Lord Jesus for answering our prayers.


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