40 Prayers To Stop Eating In The Dream

40 Prayers To Stop Eating In The Dream

40 Prayers To Stop Eating In The Dream


Dreams serve as a means of communication from the spiritual realm. God utilises dreams and visions to convey messages to His children and others. However, the devil, being a skilled imitator, also exploits dreams to afflict and attack God’s children, causing disturbances and challenges.

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In Christianity, dreams are a way God communicates with us. But the devil also uses dreams to create confusion and trouble. 

Dreaming about eating is a common experience that often leaves people puzzled. These dreams can be seen as a spiritual battleground, where both good and evil forces are at play. .

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Eating in dreams is a very harmful kind of spiritual attack from the dark side. The enemy tries to make people spiritually weak by feeding them spiritual poison in their dreams. Today, we’re sharing a prayer to protect against eating in dreams.

If you often find yourself eating in dreams, know that the enemy wants to harm you, both spiritually and physically.

Eating in dreams is never a good thing. Some people may joke about it, but it’s a sign that someone is facing spiritual troubles. That’s why we should pray against eating in dreams instead of making light of it.

The Power of Prayer:

Prayer is like a superpower for  facing spiritual challenges, including those showing up in dreams. Here’s how you can use prayer to deal with dream meals:

  1. Use the Blood of Jesus:

   Pray for protection using the cleansing power of Jesus’ blood. It’s like putting on a shield to keep away anything harmful.

  1. Ask for Spiritual Discernment:

   Pray to understand what’s happening in your dreams. This helps you tell if it’s a message from God or something deceptive.

  1. Break Agreements:

   If you feel connected to something negative in your dreams, pray to break any agreements made, even if you didn’t realize it was happening.

  1. Fight Spiritual Strongholds:

   Persistent dream challenges might mean there’s a spiritual stronghold. Pray to tear it down and ask for God’s help.

  1. Use Bible Verses:

   Find verses in the Bible that speak to your situation. Hebrews 12:29, for example, talks about God as a consuming fire. Pray with confidence using these verses.

Dealing with dream meals can be confusing, but prayer gives us a way to face these challenges head-on. By trusting in Jesus, using His blood for protection, and claiming promises from the Bible, we can navigate dreamland with courage and a strong connection to God.


Here are 40 prayers you can engage in against eating in the dream:

  1. Thank God for fixing things at Calvary and winning battles for you.
  2. I say no to any creepy midnight visits in Jesus’ name.
  3. I claim power over strange witchcraft dreams in the name of Jesus.
  4. I cancel any deals with dream troublemakers using Jesus’ blood.
  5. By the authority of Jesus’ name, I release myself from all troubles caused by malicious influences.
  6. My God, prevent any future attempts to repeat this dream from succeeding in Jesus’ name.
  7. O Lord, who responds with fire, counter the attackers with fire whenever they plan another assault in Jesus’ name.
  8. I affirm total triumph over this affliction in the name of Jesus.
  9. Using the authority of Jesus’ name, I seal every entryway midnight intruders use to access my life.
  10. In Jesus’ name, I restrict every spiritual server assigned to provide nourishment during my sleep.
  11. Father, grant me the empowerment to dismantle the tools of dreamt feasts that the devil has aimed at my life and destiny, in the name of Jesus. (Ref: 2 Corinthians 10:4-5)
  12. Grant me the strength, O Lord, to resist partaking in the devil’s feast in Jesus’ name.
  13. Lord, empower me to reject evil meals with divine strength in Jesus’ name.
  14. In line with Isaiah 49:26, demonic servers, feed on yourselves in Jesus’ name; I am no longer under your influence. (Pray earnestly.)
  15. Any illness in my body from demonic influences, disappear now in Jesus’ name. (Pray intensely for 10 minutes without pause.)
  16. I request, in Jesus’ name, for the spiritual harm caused by this wicked feeding to be reversed by fire.
  17. I reclaim everything lost due to this wrongdoing by fire, in Jesus’ name.
  18. By the authority of Jesus’ name, dismantle the enduring dark forces responsible for these visions.
  19. I reject any involvement in witchcraft initiation through eating and drinking in my dreams, in Jesus’ name.
  20. I use the authority of Jesus’ name to restrict every spiritual server assigned to nourish me during sleep.
  21. Lord, in Jesus’ name, help me awaken whenever my adversaries present demonic sustenance.
  22. Grant me the strength, O Lord, to resist dining at the devil’s table in Jesus’ name.
  23. Endow me with divine strength to reject malevolent meals, O Lord, in Jesus’ name.
  24. Father, I break free from every curse, spell, and harmful magic aimed at me through dreamt food poisoning, in the powerful name of Jesus. (Ref: Psalms 126:1-4)
  25. Holy Spirit, cleanse me from any evil food or drink I’ve ever consumed, in Jesus’ name. (Take at least 5 minutes for this prayer.)
  26. Purify my system with the blood of Jesus, I declare in Jesus’ name.
  27. Eliminate any harmful residues in my system from wicked feeding, dissolve away by fire in Jesus’ name.
  28. In Jesus’ name, I expel any impurities from my system through coughing, belching, and sneezing.
  29. Any sickness in my body caused by demonic feeding vanishes now in Jesus’ name. (Pray intensely for 10 minutes without pause.)
  30. I request, in Jesus’ name, for the spiritual harm caused by this act of evil feeding to be rectified by fire.
  31. I reclaim by fire all that I have lost due to this offense, in Jesus’ name.
  32. Father, use the power in the blood of Jesus to obliterate all attempts by rivers, trees, forests, and malevolent companions to manipulate and feed me in dreams.

33 Father, command every harmful presence within me, originating from eating in dreams, to come out, in the mighty name of Jesus.

  1. Father, sever any known or unknown connections with demonic caterers, both conscious and unconscious, in the mighty name of Jesus.
  2. Blood of Jesus, cleanse my system from the demonic food consumed in my dream, in Jesus’ mighty name.
  3. Eliminate the evil contamination that entered my life through eating in dreams, right now, in Jesus’ name.
  4. Father, empower me to reject demonic food in dreams by your divine strength, in the name of Jesus. 
  5. Blood of Jesus, thwart every operation of familiar spirits using food to influence me in dreams, in Jesus’ mighty name.
  6. Father, obliterate every satanic agent aiming to harm my life through dreamt food, in Jesus’ name.
  7. Father, every malevolent force seated in my life, compelling me to eat in my dreams, be removed by fire, in the name of Jesus. (Ref: Hebrews 12:29)


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