Prayers For My Wife To Come Back To Me.

Prayers For My Wife To Come Back To Me.

Prayers For My Wife To Come Back To Me.

Joel 2:25 “And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you”.

Are you presently having problems with your wife? Has she been separated from you for a while? Do you desire to pray for her back into your life? Do you desire that God will touch her heart so she may come back to you? There is indeed nothing God cannot do, He is able to do all things, the bible says the heart of king is before the Lord and he directs it wheresoever He (God) desires Proverbs 21:1-9), hence you will be calling upon the name of the Lord to restore your wife to your home in Jesus name.

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The institution called Marriage is a very dear one to God and He greatly delights that couples dwell in love and unity for He himself is love and He is not an author of confusion (Psalm 133,  1 Corinthians 14:33)

Also, marriage is a very sacred and powerful body that shapes the lives and destinies of many children and as you may know children are the heritage of God, He blesses every marriage with children that His kingdom may be established on earth through His gifts and wonders in the lives of those children (Matthew 19:14)

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Therefore, marriage is not just about the man and woman involved, it is also about the glorious children that God has blessed the marriage with; then separation between spouse is a great disadvantage to the mental wellbeing of the children, hence a major negative factor in the establishment of God’s kingdom and purpose on earth

The challenge between you and and your wife is not only a barrier against your own peace but also a challenge against the will of God for your family, and this is why you must cry out in these prayers that the Lord will show you His great mercies, that your wife will return home speedily, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

As you say these prayers, may the lord restore to you everything you have lost in time past (Joel 2:28) in the mighty name of Jesus Christ 

Let’s proceed to the prayers

Prayers For My Wife To Come Back To Me.

  1. Oh Lord I thank you for the wonderful woman that you have given me, al glory to you Lord 
  2. Thank you for your mercy upon her life in Jesus name
  3. Thank you for keeping us till this moment in Jesus name 
  4. Thank you for the counsel of the evil ones shall not prosper concerning my marriage in Jesus name 
  5. Thank you even for these unpleasant situation in my marriage in Jesus name
  6. Thank you for with you all things are possible, in Jesus name 
  7. Thank you Lord for you are able to turn her heart in my favor, In Jesus Christ 
  8. Thank you for your promises can be trusted everyday, in Jesus name 
  9. Thank you for your peace that surpasses all human knowledge, in Jesus name 
  10. Thank you for the knowledge of your word in her life, in Jesus name 
  11. Father I ask for your mercy in all ways I have contributed or caused the challenges my marriage is going through, have mercy upon me oh Lord
  12. Lord Jesus please forgive me of my foolishness and carelessness, in Jesus name 
  13. Father please forgive me for always taking my wife’s love for granted, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ 
  14. Lord Jesus please show ne mercy in all ways I didn’t show her enough love and respect in Jesus name 
  15. Father please forgive her also for the ways she contributed to the challenges we had, in Jesus name 
  16. Lord Jesus please turn her heart back in my favor by your mercy in Jesus name
  17. Lord Jesus please speak in to her heart through your Holy Spirit in the mighty name of Jesus Christ 
  18. Father please help her to have an encounter with you in this period in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  19. Lord let her come back to me by your mercy in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  20. Let every distraction be taken away from our midst in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  21. Lord Jesus please establish my marriage in righteousness by your mercy in Jesus name 
  22. Help us to know and to do the right things always in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  23. Help us not to forget your laws always in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  24. Please keep our mouths from speaking evil to ourselves in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  25. Father please let our families begin to work in favor of our union in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  26. Every evil friend standing in between me and my wife for evil, Father let there be a divine separation now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  27. I receive the wisdom to manage my home perfectly in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  28. I command total restoration in my marriage in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  29. I soak my marriage in the blood of Jesus Christ in Jesus name
  30. The blood shall continually silence all works of darkness against us in Jesus mighty name 
  31. I command every lie of the enemy in my wife’s heart against me to vanish in Jesus name
  32. I silence every evil voice speaking divorce into her ears in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  33. I decree that no weapon formed against my marriage shall prosper in Jesus name
  34. My children shall not suffer shame in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  35. My children are protected by the blood of Jesus Christ
  36. My children shall not work in error in Jesus name
  37. Their paths are ordered by the Lord in Jesus name
  38. They shall know the right thing to do and they shall do it in Jesus’ name
  39. The efforts of the enemy against my marriage is frustrated by fire in Jesus mighty name
  40. No evil shall befall my wife and No one shall take her place in my heart in Jesus name 
  41. Thank you Father for hearing my prayers 


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