50 Effective Prayers For Breakthrough.

50 Effective Prayers For Breakthrough.


The book of  Isaiah chapter 43 verse 19 says, “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.”

Breakthrough is important whether we are at work or in our business or even in our family life. Breakthrough is extremely important in life. As we go through life, we experience ups and downs. These tumultuous moments can feel like the end of the world at times. Nobody, no human likes to go through adversities and difficulties. And when we go through these hardships, we usually want a way out of the hardship fast! In fact, we want a way out as fast as possible. But that is why we have God. God is our way out in times of trouble and we must not hesitate to call on him during periods when we need Him. 

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In this article, we will be dishing out 50 powerful and effective prayers that you should start praying right now for instant breakthrough in whatever area of your life it is. Whether it is your finance, in the home/family front, money matters, health wise, or whatever area. The 50 prayer points will touch many areas of life. Let’s see them and start praying. 

50 Effective Prayers For Breakthrough.

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  1. O Lord of breakthrough, look upon me today and grant me uncommon financial breakthrough in Jesus name. 
  2. O Lord my father, I call upon you today especially regarding my family and my marital life. Let my marriage begin to receive breakthroughs in terms of happiness and satisfaction in Jesus name. 
  3. Father in heaven, I ask for breakthrough in terms of money. Don’t let me suffer too much before I can get money to feed my family in Jesus name. 
  4. O Lord, my health is placed into your able hands, please take absolute control of it and grant me the health breakthrough I need to get out of any health problems I have in Jesus name. 
  5. O Lord, you know all the problems and difficulties that trouble my heart, look upon me with mercy and let me have breakthroughs in these problems in Jesus name. 
  6. In my academics Lord, I ask for breakthrough. Let me continue to come out in flying colors in all endeavors in school in Jesus name. 
  7. Every evil deposit that has been put into me by the devil shall be uprooted today and I shall experience breakthrough in the name of Jesus.
  8. Every evil seed that the devil has sown into my family and home be uprooted today in Jesus name. 
  9. Every hardship in the form of a mountain in my life that is proving difficult to overcome, I receive the grace from heaven to breakthrough over the hardship in Jesus’ name. 
  10. Whatever spiritual battles that the devil is fighting against my children in the spiritual realm and in their dreams, I declare breakthrough for my kids today in Jesus name. 
  11. I decree that every aspect of my life that is dead and needs reviving, shall begin to see breakthrough from now henceforth in Jesus name. 
  12. I decree that all dead bones in my life shall rise again in Jesus name. My life shall be a testimony to God’s uncommon breakthrough intervention in Jesus name. 
  13. Every evil spiritual weakness that the devil has planted in my life, be uprooted, in the name of Jesus.
  14. Every evil force that is trying to invite sickness into my life in any shape or form, I rebuke it and breakthrough from any evil influence in Jesus’ name. 
  15. Every evil spirit that has deposited itself in my life in any corner, I command it to get out in Jesus name. 
  16. Every spirit that is leading to make bad decisions in life, I receive breakthroughs from it in Jesus name. 
  17. Every demonic possession that is occupying space in my family or home, I rebuke you today in Jesus name.
  18. From today onward, I am covered in the blood of Jesus and soaked in the holy blood in Jesus name. 
  19. Every evil weapon fashioned against me shall not prosper in Jesus name. I receive breakthroughs from any evil effect that demonic weapons have caused in my life in Jesus name. 
  20. Every destiny blocker that does not want me to progress, I breakthrough from your grip in Jesus name. 
  21. Every spirit of backsliding that is residing in my life, I breakthrough from it today in Jesus name. 
  22. Every evil spirit of disobedience against the word of God, I rebuke you today in Jesus name. I am completely delivered from your shackle in the mighty name of Jesus. 
  23. Every destiny quencher in my life, I rebuke you today in Jesus name. May my destiny receive instant breakthrough and begin to flourish in Jesus name. 
  24. Every evil power that is residing in my life and chasing away my blessings, I bind you in Jesus name. 
  25. My husband shall begin to experience divine breakthrough today in Jesus name. 
  26. My spouse wherever they are right now in the world shall begin to experience divine breakthrough in Jesus name. 
  27. My children wherever they may be in the world shall begin to experience divine breakthrough from heaven in Jesus name. 
  28. O Lord my father, let my family both nuclear and extended, begin to experience divine breakthrough in every area of their life in Jesus name. 
  29. Lord, let my spiritual life begin to receive liberation in Jesus name. 
  30. Lord, let my marital life begin to receive breakthrough in Jesus name. 
  31. Lord, let my education and studies begin to receive breakthroughs from heaven in Jesus’ name. 
  32. O Lord my God, you are the maker of everything in this world and you have supreme power over everything. Let my body and everything in it begin to experience divine breakthrough and anointing in Jesus name. 
  33. God in heaven, I commit my career into your hands, let it begin to manifest your greatness and breakthrough in Jesus name. 
  34. Divine breakthroughs from heaven begin to locate my family in Jesus’ name. 
  35. Let us succeed like we never thought was possible in Jesus name. 
  36. I command my destiny to receive divine breakthrough in the name of Jesus.
  37. Let every spirit from the pit of hell that wants to destroy my life, be destroyed today in the name of Jesus. 
  38. I receive divine breakthrough from all pestilences and evil/dark powers in the name of Jesus. 
  39. Every of my good fortune that has been swallowed up by the devil, shall be vomited back to me now in Jesus name.
  40. Every power of the demonic ones that does not want me to receive my long awaited breakthrough from heaven, I come against you today in Jesus name. 
  41. Every power of darkness that is waiting to eat up these prayers so that I don’t experience breakthrough, I come against them in Jesus name. 
  42. No obstacle from the realm of darkness can block my breakthrough from reaching me in Jesus name. 
  43. All principalities and powers that want to derail my breakthrough from reaching me, begin to die by fire in Jesus name. 
  44. Every power of the demonic ones that wants to prevent my destiny from experiencing true breakthrough, I come against you today in Jesus name. 
  45. The grace to overcome all the difficulties and obstacles along the path to my breakthrough, Lord give it unto me in Jesus name. 
  46. The grace from heaven to be able to partake from the heavenly breakthrough that God grants unto his children, Lord bestow it upon me in Jesus name. 
  47. The power from heaven to protect me from harm when I eventually receive my breakthrough, Lord grant it unto me in Jesus name. 
  48. O Lord my God, give me the grace to always follow you diligently and tap from the unlimited breakthroughs available in Jesus name. 
  49. When I and my family eventually receive our breakthrough, protect us from the anger of the evil ones in Jesus name. 
  50. We thank you Lord because you have answered all our prayers and granted us the much needed breakthrough we have been praying for in Jesus name, Amen. 


These 50 powerful prayers for breakthrough are indeed really powerful and will work wonders in your life. Pray and believe that it is done. 

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