10 Characteristics Of A God Fearing Man

10 Characteristics Of A God Fearing Man

10 Characteristics Of A God Fearing Man

INTRODUCTION: To start with, let’s consider who a God fearing man is.

Who is a God fearing man? A God fearing man is in clear terms, a man who fears the Lord.

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Now, what does it mean to fear God? To fear God means to consider God first in all things and at all times. To put God first. To check with God first. To fear God means to rate God highly above all else.

King Solomon said in *Proverbs 9: 10* “that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” So as God’s creatures, whether male or female we are expected to fear God in order to acquire wisdom. However, because a man eventually becomes the head of a home and the head of many other assignments, it is very important that a man fears the Lord so he can acquire both physical and spiritual wisdom needed to lead.

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Little wonder many ladies when looking to marry, seek to marry a God fearing man. This is because there are loads of benefits like, peace of mind, joy, wisdom, prosperity, faithfulness and so on when you do well to marry such a man.

However, quite a number of people usually do not know the characteristics of a God fearing man. For clarity, let us consider 10 characteristics of a God fearing man.

10 Characteristics Of A God Fearing Man

By characteristics we mean, what a God fearing man should be or not be. What you should expect to see or not see. The list is inexhaustible but let’s consider these 10 characteristics of a God fearing man

1. A God fearing man does not willfully commit sin: A man that fear God will not deliberately sin against God. A God fearing man will never do anything to displease God. He loves God enough to not blatantly sin against God. Like Joseph, a God fearing man will flee from sin and not negotiate with sin. He will see sin and will not be interested in taking part in it. A man who has no regard for God will find an excuse to sin against God even when he knows it’s wrong.

2. He feels truly remorseful when he sins: A man who fears God will not flagrantly excuse his wrongdoings on the basis that he is human. He will acknowledge his sins and will be sincerely remorseful about it. He will go to God and ask for mercy with a resolve not to commit such anymore. A God fearing man will never get used to God forgiving his shortcomings. He will never say “God’s understands” but He will repent of his sins in all sincerity and try not to go back to it.

3. He never resorts to any other god during difficulties : A God fearing man sticks with God in the good and bad times. He never resolves to other means outside God because he fears God and this fear also breeds trust. He may not have it all but he will not seek anything outside his God for breakthrough or for comfort. He knows that in due time, God will come through for him.

4. A God fearing man is a man of integrity: A God fearing man can be trusted. You can count on him to mean his words. You can trust that he would never cheat you. He is transparent and his dealings are straightforward and pure. You can count on him to be in the right places, doing the right things and saying the right things. You have confidence in his person, his principles and his perspectives.

5. A God fearing man is a responsible man: He is responsible for himself physically, spiritually, financially and all other important areas. He doesn’t live in denial of his responsibilities. He knows what is right to be done, when it is right to be done, where it is right to be done and how he is right to be done. He doesn’t need anyone to tell him what to do before he does it. A God fearing man is a responsible man.

6. A God fearing man is an humble man: He does not think himself as higher or better than everyone else. He submits to God and those who have the rule over him. He is aware that he doesn’t know it all and he is open to learning from any one. He gives people room to be themselves and share what they know too. He takes corrections gracefully. He admits his mistakes without defence and doesn’t become enemies of those who corrects him. He is teachable and approachable to be taught.

7. A God fearing man is a peace loving man: A God fearing man is a man of peace. He hates strife and he doesn’t allow it thrive. He avoids debates and arguments that would cause rancour and fights. He follows peace with all man and doesn’t find it difficult to apologize first, all for peace sake. He gives up his right for the sake of peace. He doesn’t enforce that he is right at the detriment of peace. He knows how to control is words even when angry to avoid hurting those he loves. A God fearing cares about his relationships more than his ego.

8. A God fearing man is kind hearted: A God fearing man like Christ, is kind and compassionate. He loves to see people in a good place, always. He does what he can to see that people are fine. He shows care when he needs to. He encourages others when he needs to. He stands by others when he needs to. He is not mean to others nor does he deliberately hurt others. He thinks good towards others and he wants the best for them.

9. A God fearing man is wise: A man who fears God is a wise man. He knows what to say, when to say it and how to say it. He applies knowledge wisely. He is wise in his dealings with all and sundry because the fear of God guides his approach towards life and towards others. He acts and speaks discreetly at all times. His thoughts are led by God’s wisdom and so are his actions.

10. A God fearing man is forgiving: He forgives others easily when they wrong him just as he receives forgiveness from God too. He doesn’t hold on to grudges and wrongdoings. He knows people are human and can make mistakes. He gives room for the mistakes of others and he frees them off the hook easily. He doesn’t hold people’s shortcomings unto his heart. He forgives and let’s go.

To bring this to a close, you would notice that I did not narrow this attributes of a God fearing to a relationship between a lady and a guy alone or marriage.

A God fearing man is a God fearing man either to his wife, family, children, friends or neighbours. He is not selective of who he chooses to appear God fearing to, otherwise, that would mean hypocrisy

Are you seeking to marry a God fearing man, ensure that this man is all these attributes and more, first to others and then to you. A God fearing man shouldn’t be kind to you and unkind to others or vice versa.


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