10 Importance Of Praying Before Sleeping

10 Importance Of Praying Before Sleeping


As believers, prayers in our lives can never be underestimated whether at morning, at noon or at night. Prayer is the believers shield over all forms of life challenges. Although some people argue that the best time to pray is at certain time of the night because they think prayers get answered at those times but we were instructed from scriptures to pray without ceasing. Now even though, we are to pray at all times, praying before sleeping has many benefits and we shall be considering them below.

10 Importance of Praying Before Sleeping

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1) It keeps us rapturable:

People who pray before sleeping, especially when they ensure to confess their sins and ask for mercy for whatever shortcoming of the day, they are able to receive forgiveness and remain in a state of purity of heart, thereby allowing them to be rapturable in case death comes calling. Praying before sleeping and seeking God for mercy keeps us in a ready state for the Lord’s coming. It is important that we pray before sleeping so that our hearts and ways can be made right before God. This is why it is not enough to just pray but you must pray seeking God for forgiveness and mercy always.

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2) It keeps us open to dreams and revelations from God:

Praying before sleeping keeps us open to instructions, dreams and revelations from God. It gives us access into the mind of God as He exposes things that we need to know unto us. Many dreams and revelations comes at night. Praying before sleeping opens us up to see and hear what God is trying to reveal unto us through those channels. We are also able to gain clarity over certain issues we have been seeking answers to. We are also able to know what to do and what not to do. We are able to know who is for us and who is against us. Having access to those information shapes our decision as we go further in life.

3) It shields us from harm:

Praying before sleeping at night shields us from danger and attack. There are many arrows that fly at night. Many wickedness take place at night and careless people become hit as targets. We must pray before sleeping to fortify ourselves from any harm of the devil. The devil and his agents goes about always seeking whom to devour. We are prayerless, especially at night we become a easy prey to the devils many wicked plans. Praying at night diverts the arrow of the evil ones shot at us. When God is our shield we can boldly rest regardless of whatever the devil and his agents does. Many people have died in their sleep, many have been attacked with sicknesses and diseases at night. This is the reason why we must pray at night to shield ourselves from all such dangers.

4) It helps us keep a grateful heart:

Praying at night helps us keep a grateful heart. After going about the day’s work, praying at night gives us an opportunity to look back and thank God for all He did for us through the day and this in turns makes us recipients of more blessings from God. We are able to count God’s blessings and see the so many things He has done for us. Those who form the habit of thanking God at the close of the day before sleeping make more rooms for them to receive more blessings from God.

5) It strengthens our prayer life:

Praying at night before sleeping strengthens our spiritual life. It helps us to be more prayerful and it strengthens our spiritual life more and more. We become stronger and better in the place of prayer. It builds our mind, our spirit and our body to be given to prayer.

6) It helps us to be spiritually awake and alert:

Praying before sleeping at night keeps us spiritually alert and awake. We are able to resist danger. We are able to sense danger. We are sensitive to the wiles of the devil. Nothing catches us by surprise anymore in the spirit because we must have known, have seen or have heard what would happen ahead. Our spirit and our body is awake and alert when we pray at night. We are not weak and helpless.

7) It keeps our blessings out of reach to the devil:

There are several blessings God gives us during the day that the devil might want to steal from us. When we fortify ourselves with prayers before sleeping at night, our blessings become unreachable to the devil. The devil always wants to sow tares in the believers life. He wants to choke your blessings up and he also wants to spoil everything good that you have. Praying before sleeping at night will keep hour blessings secured from his reach.

8) It keeps family united:

We have heard often times that a family that prays together stays together. Praying before going to bed at night keeps us united as a family. Coming to God as one family helps us even get faster results to all our requests. When a family does not learn the habit of praying together at night before sleeping, they make themselves open to the wiles of the devil. A family that does not see the need to gather together and appreciate God for all he did for them during the day will soon be unable to receive more things from God.

9) It helps us examine our conscience everyday:

Praying at night helps us examine ourselves to see if we have fallen short of God’s glory. It keeps our conscience alive from all dead works. We are able to determine if we are still on the right standing with God when we able to examine our hearts as we pray each night before sleeping.

10) It gives us direction and clarity of purpose:

Praying at night before sleeping gives us clarity of purpose and direction for the next moves in our lives. We are able to see and hear clearly what God wants us to do and not do. Praying at night makes hearing from God very easy and clear because all forms of distraction have been taken away from us. Our hearts and minds are expressly open to receiving from God when we go to seek Him at night before sleeping.


Praying before sleeping at night can never be overemphasized. Many who were careless with praying before sleeping have been shot physical, mental, financial and spiritual arrows that have changed the course of their lives negatively.

In order to not be found in such situation, we must make night prayer an habit because it is a strong shield for our soul against all the wiles of the devil. If the devil never stops to find entrance into our lives by all means at any day and at any time, we too must never be tired to shut him out of our lives always. All the devil needs to wreck havoc is just a little crack on the wall. We must never give him that chance in our lives. We must pray with ceasing, in season and out of season.

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