10 Signs That God Is Trying To Remove Someone From Your Life

10 Signs That God Is Trying To Remove Someone From Your Life

10 Signs That God Is Trying To Remove Someone From Your Life

As a child of God, there are certain types of lifestyle and discipline that God requires of us, and to maintain a good stance with God and help us succeed in this Heavenly race, there are associations, companies and relationships God doesn’t want us to be a part of. Besides this, our God wants us to have the best lives here on Earth. He wants us to be prosperous, He wants us to be successful in our jobs, careers, studies and families, for this purpose, there are some companies we keep that He wants to cut off from our lives for us to be able to fulfill our destiny as at the time He wills it to be fulfilled for us, which of course, will be according to His plan. 

Our God is all-knowing as He is not just full of wisdom, but He is Wisdom all by himself. In His divine wisdom, there are always clear signs, signals and revelations that He gives to us, His precious children, so that we can identify wrong friendships, relationships and associations and know when to dissociate ourselves from it. 

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In the book of Proverbs, which is a book in the Holy Bible were God reveals His wisdom to us, there’s the chapter 12 and verse 26 that says thus:

“Proverbs 12:26

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26 The righteous is more excellent than his neighbour: but the way of the wicked seduceth them.

What the Lord was trying to explain to us, His children, in that Bible passage given above is that the association of the righteous with a wicked one can be corrupted and with time can change the righteous into a wicked person like himself. It’s a call to mind to be careful and vigilant as soldiers of Christ to be mindful of those we refer to as friends and the close association we keep to avoid being seduced and deceived into becoming their kind. Total dissociation with those who devise wickedness  is the best way for us to be able to keep a good relationship with Jesus Christ and be safe from all physical and spiritual battles of the wicked. 

In this power-packed article, you will get to identify, understand and know the signs of bad company that God wants to take away from your life. Here are also great Bible passages selected specifically for you to read, meditate and have a sober reflection on that would help you maintain a good Christian lifestyle and make life a lot easier for you as a believer in Christ. 

I trust that at the end of this article, you should have learnt a whole lot that would activate and amplify your spiritual life. 

Signs That God Wants To Take Away Some Negative Association From Your Life

Whenever you discover one or more of these signs mentioned below in the relationships or friendships you keep. Buckle up your shoes, tie up your sleeves and get ready to dissociate from them. 

Disrespect: There are some friendships and company that you keep and find yourself in that always disrespect you, talk down on you, mock your faith, make you feel less human, destroy your self-esteem and leave you feeling worthless at every single time and opportunity. This type of association is very wrong and it’s a clear sign that your time to leave that sort of relationship has come. It’s time for you to bring an abrupt end to the whole conversation you have, hang out, go on, and plans you make together. Move away from such relationships. It’s obvious that God doesn’t want you, His dear child, to keep on experiencing such negativity in your life for your sound mind and peace. 

Consistent Disagreement: It’s quite okay to often get into a disagreement. At least there are times when people disagree. But it becomes very unhealthy to you physically and spiritually if this disagreement happens consistently and daily. Consistent disagreement is a clear sign that you’re in the wrong type of association or friendship. There’s no way such a kind of association would succeed or move forward in life so long as there is always going to be disagreement. Save yourself the drama, the unhappiness and the restlessness from such situations. Cut off such association, avoid being in their midst, resist the urge to want to belong in such a group. It will do you no good at all if you remain in such an unhealthy environment. Your spiritual life is quite liable to run down as long as you keep such a relationship. God doesn’t want you in that relationship. Brethren in Christ, leave as soon as you can. 

Negative influence: Bad company corrupts good minds. The mind of the righteous can be corrupted into evil because of negative influence. A righteous child of God can pick up bad habits that don’t glorify the name of the Lord when in the midst of bad company. Bad influence is destructive to the spiritual growth of every Christian. Bad influence can make one develop bad habits that are spiritually and morally wrong. In society today, a lot of godly people are fast becoming wayward because they have started clinging to the things of the world. Loving the world much more than God and His words. This is one of the reasons why God doesn’t like bad company. It influences His children to turn away from His ways. Once you realize that the friends you keep and associate with are making you go against your faith in God and keeping His commandments, you have to put away such friends and avoid being found associating with them. Preserve your good morals and mingle with only those who align with your thoughts and mindset and in whose company and presence you get influenced positively. 

Dishonesty: Unfortunately, the new trend going on right now in the world is the trend of living a fake lifestyle. Having a daily activity filled with lies and dishonesty just to paint a perfect picture of one’s life to the public. There’s this burning desire to be associated with a particular clique of the influential or famous, so a lot of people desperately put up a dishonest lifestyle so as to fit in. This type of lifestyle is very rampant amongst the youths of today. God is not happy about this new trend. He wants His children to live and work in honesty and not in dishonesty. For there’s always a reward waiting for those who work in honour of God and live a decent life. If you try your best to live each day in honesty and you find yourself in an environment, a company or even in places on social media that influences you to be dishonest, cut them all off from your life. It’s a sign that you need to stay away for your spiritual growth. 

Unsupportive: As a Christian who has a good faith in Christ. If you find yourself among those who are not supportive of your faith and growth in Christ, it’s a sign that you have to leave that association. Whenever you’re with someone or having a conversation with a friend who constantly mocks you and your faith in Christ, that’s a sign you need to know that friendship is not meant to be. You have to avoid such friendship as much as you can. If you try your best to let them understand your faith and stand with Jesus and they keep being repulsive to your conviction, then it’s time to let go of that relationship. It’s unhealthy to your spiritual growth and knowledge of God. As a child of God, you need the type of association that supports you,  uplifts and fills your soul with the light and knowledge of Jesus. 

Manipulative: There are people who are evil minded and are always very manipulative in making you go against your moral standards and your movement with God. Stay away from such people. They will have total control over your mind and your thoughts if you keep associating with them. They are like the agent of darkness, they will manipulate you, put fear in your minds till you succumb to doing their biddings. Stand firm, don’t lose your guard, and stay away from such people. They are everywhere moving around in society. Looking for a child of great destiny like you to destroy. If you let them get close to you, it would only take them a short period of time to fill your minds with evil thoughts and you would remain in their captivity. Be wise and always stay away from such companies. 

Lack of communication: When you discover that the friends or associates you keep, start to avoid having steady conversations or communication with you because they don’t like the moral standards that you have set for yourself or your type of faith in God. And they have tried so many times to make you compromise on your faith and moral grounds yet it doesn’t work, so because of that reason they start avoiding your calls, responding to your messages, ignore your invitation to your house or prevent you from visiting them, that’s a clear sign from God that you need to stay completely away from them and cut off such relationship because it’s not relevant to you. 

Draining energy: Whenever you realize that the company that surrounds you doesn’t give you a positive energy and always saps out the energy in you especially when they have to always argue with you over your faith in Jesus or mock your faith or makes you feel tired or reluctant about keeping up with your faith in Jesus. Avoid that company at all cost. You don’t need it at all. 

Lack of peace: Dearly beloved, any association that steals your joy, makes you get worried all the time, makes you get upset easily, ridicules you and your efforts in all the activities of your life, makes you question your faith in God all the time and makes you lack patient on waiting for God’s direction in taking important decisions in your life, you have to by all means stay away from such association. As a child of God, one of the key things you should feel within you is having the joy of the Lord and the peace that God alone gives. The true peace of mind that your faith in God gives. Once there’s any influence that tampers with this peace and disrupts your happiness. It’s a sign that God doesn’t want such for you. Push them all away. 

Lack of empathy: Anyone who doesn’t have empathy in him, the love of God doesn’t dwell in such a person. As a child of God, you have no reason to be found being in the company of one who lacks the love of God in his or her life. Christ is love and Christ is empathy towards everyone. He understands the pain and agony that people go through and He’s always merciful. This is the reason He assured us that the Holy Spirit would be available for us all to comfort us in the time of our pain, struggle and weakness. Everyone in Christ must have the same attribute as Christ. Anyone around you that doesn’t have such attributes shouldn’t be kept as a friend. 


Bible Verses

These powerful  Bible verses given below are powerful words of God filled with wisdom that talks about friendship and how to deal with it. Go through them and meditate on it daily. 

Romans 16:17

Proverbs 13:20

1 Timothy 6:20

Titus 1:16

Proverbs 27:17

Proverbs 14:7

Proverbs 12:26

Proverbs 16:28

Proverbs 18:24

Psalm 1:1


Conclusively, God loves each and everyone so much that He does everything in His power and might to save His children from pain and agony, here on Earth and in the afterlife. In this article, you must have learnt about the various ways in which God is speaking to the hearts of his children to avoid bad association that brings dishonour to his name. I pray for you reading it this day that as you read, assimilate and meditate on these words and in the word of God, that God may grant you the wisdom and spirit of discernment to identify wrong associations that have no positive impact to you. Amen! 

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