10 Signs That Your Prayers Are Answered

10 Signs That Your Prayers Are Answered

10 Signs That Your Prayers Are Answered

Psalm 34;4

I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

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Psalm 91:15

He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him.

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There comes a time in everyone’s life that you may want to be sure if your prayers have been answered or not. There are loads of people in the bible that asked God for clarifications to be sure God answered their prayers or God is leading them to do something. David asked God for signs from God so that he can know if God is leading him to go and rescue the people of Israelites from the Egyptians, and God showed him so many signs to be sure He was the one leading him to set the people of Israelites free. 

A lot more people asked God for signs in the bible and God did show them, however, in today’s happenings it is a bit difficult to know if prayers have been answered because people in the scripture encountered God almost face to face or through the ministry of Angels. In our today’s world, God speaks to us through His words, through His prophets and through still small voices, and through some happenings in our lives, only that we may not be sure if it is God or not.

10 Signs That Your Prayers Are Answered

  1. PEACE: Before praying, you will feel so bothered and heavy hearted, but after praying and you have a sense and strong feeling of calmness and peace in your heart, then you should be sure that your prayers have been answered. God is the only one that can guarantee peace and once your heart is no longer troubled because of a particular prayer point, be rest assured that God has heard you. Peace is the first sign you should look out for, if you want to be sure God has answered your prayers. Example is when you need direction about a relationship, and deep in your heart, you are not getting a clear direction whether to accept or not, but when you pray about it, God will give you a peace sign, the peace sign will let you know if to go ahead or not. 
  2. THINGS BEGIN TO FALL IN PLACE: Another sign is when things suddenly begin to fall in place positively after praying. Just like someone praying to God to start up a business, but no resources to start the business and you are not even sure if God wants you to start up the business, but as soon as you prayed for it, helpers begins to show up from known and unknown source, then you should know that God has answered your prayers.
  3. JOY: The presence of God illuminates darkness, and it brings joy. When you have unexplainable joy after you have prayed for a particular thing, is also a sign that God has answered your prayers. When you have joy even when you are still looking at the challenges face to face is proof that God has stepped in, taken control, and answered your prayers.
  4. CLEAR DIRECTIONS: When you have a clearer direction or clearer understanding of what you have prayed for, is another sign God has answered your prayers. God is not an author of confusion, He brings direction to every confusion, so, whenever you have a clearer understanding and direction about a particular challenge, it is proof that God has heard your prayers.
  5. CONFIRMATION FROM THE WORDS OF GOD: This is another great way of knowing God’s plan and purposes for one’s life, you must be sure your answer is backed up by the words of God. It is said in the scripture that the word of God brings light, and the light shines in the dark, and darkness cannot overshadow the light. Receiving a word from God through His words, is a sign that your prayers have been answered.
  6. CONFIRMATION FROM MAN OF GOD: You may be praying a particular prayer point secretly in your heart, it could be in a godly gathering, at home or at work and the man of God may just speak about it, or he may receive a word from God for that challenge in your life and just mention it, either to you directly, or he may just say it in the gathering. This is a sure sign that your prayers have received heavenly attention and it has been answered.
  7. CONFIRMATION FROM DREAMS: Dreams is another way God speaks to us, though sometimes people may say if you over thinks a situation, you may dream about it, but this is totally different from what we are talking about here, because God speaks and if we listen very well enough, we will hear Him. You will certainly know when God has answered your prayers through dreams. We have seen a scenario where someone got healed in his dream, he was very ill, and God came to Him while sleeping, the man thought he was dreaming, and God removed the kidney stone from his body that has been causing him pain. He was meant to do surgery, but God did the surgery on him while he was asleep. God can also show you deep secret things you need to know about your answers in the dream.
  8. HELPERS SUDDENLY SHOW UP: When helpers suddenly start showing up for what you prayed for, it is a sign God has answered your prayers. When people begin to encourage you financially, in actions or in words about what you prayed for, be sure God has answered your prayers.
  9. CONTENTMENT: When you begin to have this feeling of contentment even when you are yet to get evidence of what you prayed for, then God has answered your prayers. Contentment is telling yourself God has answered you.
  10. A CLOSED DOOR: A closed door sometimes is God telling you He has a better plan for you. The bible made us understand that all things work together for our good. A NO or NOT NOW” is also an answered prayer, because God is the master planner, He knows what is good and what is not good for us. Peradventure, you got a no for a job interview that you did, it may mean God has a better plan for you. So, when God says NO ‘He meant it for good because He knows what is best for us at all times.

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