20 Benefits Of Waiting Upon The Lord

20 Benefits Of Waiting Upon The Lord

20 Benefits Of Waiting Upon The Lord

Isaiah 40 : 31

INTRODUCTION : What does it mean to wait upon the Lord? To wait upon the Lord means to believe in God over an issue, a challenge, a situation, an idea, an instruction or a command, in prayers and in faith. It is having faith that God will answer a particular desire of yours no matter how long it takes. It is knowing without doubt that God will fulfill His promise in your life as you readily wait till He grants that desire. Therefore waiting on God is to keep believing, keep praying and keep watching on the Lord in faith until He grants our desire whether physical, spiritual or any other.

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Although, waiting is not easy especially when it looks like the answer is taking forever to come. Hence, waiting requires patience. It requires that we are peaceful in our hearts and patiently trusting until God comes through for us.

As difficult as waiting may seem there are benefits to waiting on the Lord. Waiting though difficult is not an entirely bad thing.

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Let us consider the following benefits of waiting on the Lord

20 Benefits Of Waiting Upon The Lord

1) Our strength is renewed: “Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength” Isaiah 40:31. Waiting upon the Lord is a strength renewal. It is true that waiting is not easy and everything that is not easy requires strength. The more we wait on God the more our spiritual and physical strength is renewed.

2) We grow in faith :  When we wait upon the Lord, our faith grows and increases. Waiting upon the Lord is a faith booster because it keeps us going back to God believing that he will answer us and in the process our faith continues to grow in God. Hebrews 11:6

3) It shed us of all spiritual weight:  Waiting on God makes us light because it sheds us of all spiritual weight and backlogs that are not necessary for our growth. When we wait on God in faith, prayer and fasting, we become light in our Spirit. All bad habits and iniquities are shed off us as we keep waiting on God. We time we discover that things that use to matter and were not helpful no longer matters. We suddenly just see that overtime we become better persons. Hebrews 12:1

4) Waiting upon the Lord makes us more receptive to hearing from God: As we keep waiting on God, we begin to gain clarity in certain areas of our lives. God begins to reveal things to us. Our minds becomes very clear to receive from God without any hindrance. We become more receptive to receiving instructions from God without any barrier.

5) Waiting on God gives us clarity of purpose: Our purpose becomes clear because the more we wait, the more things become clear to us. Our hearts and minds are clear to hear and receive what God will say to us pertaining to our lives purposes. Things that are not clear to us become very sharp and clear enough for us to be able to run with. Habakkuk 2:1-2

6) Waiting on God helps us do exploits:  Exploits is doing great and unthinkable things. It is doing the extraordinary. Walk in terrains that have never been walked before. It is doing mighty things. When we wait on God we begin to do exploits for God, ourselves and for our world because the place of waiting on God for in prayers and faith is a place where we build and receive power from God. Daniel 11:32

7) Helps us live an overcoming Christian Life:  Waiting on God helps us to continually live an overcoming Christian life because in waiting on God, we receive more grace to overcome temptations and to easily understand the wiles of the devil. We are not taking unawares because we are at alert in the spirit. We are more spiritually conscious when we wait upon the Lord. 1 John 5:4

8) We become wiser : Waiting upon the Lord makes us wiser because whatever we receive from God at that point is wisdom. No one spends time waiting on God, rubbing minds with God in prayers and in studying his word comes back as foolish as He went. Every time spent waiting on God makes us wiser than we went. God is the all wise God. Anyone who waits on Him will only go from wisdom to wisdom. We begin to speak wisely and act wisely.1 John 5:4

9) Waiting upon the Lord conquers fear: The More we wait upon the Lord the more our fears are conquered and done away with. Waiting upon the Lord destroys our fears. It makes also able to confront all that the enemy sets before us. We are confident and fearless even in the face of adversity because God gives is victory over fear as we continue to wait upon Him.

10) Our lives are transformed: Waiting on the Lord transforms our mind. It transforms our thoughts. And transforms our lifestyle generally. We become totally different from what we used to be. Our lives take a new turn and things just becomes better with our lives than they were. In fact, people see these changes in our lives and testify that something has changed about us for the better.

11) Waiting on the Lord makes us spirit filled: The more time we spend with God the more His spirit begins to rest and dwell in us. We become so full of his spirit and this affects our day to day lives. The spirit indwelling causes our face to shine more and more. It becomes almost impossible for us to do evil because His spirit is indwelling in us. We carry Him everywhere so much that all mouths can testify that we are full of God’s spirit Romans 12:4

12) We exhibit the nature of God more : The more we wait on God the more we become like Him in words, thoughts and actions. Our nature changes. We become more and more like him in all ways. People can see us and tell that we have been with the Lord. Our nature gradually changes from bad to good as we continually spends time in his presence waiting on Him. We become more of Him and less of ourselves.

13) We love others more : Waiting on God increases our love for others. We become more like Christ in loving others because we see more into God’s personality of been loving. We ourselves become more understanding of God’s love and we are able to extend that love unto those around us. We no longer see others through the eyes of hate and condemnation but through the eyes of love and compassion like Christ. Romans 12:4

14) We exhibit the fruit of the Spirit:  Waiting on God helps us to easily manifest the fruit of the spirit to others. We become more patient, more kind, tolerant, love, temperate, good, enduring and so on. We begin to treat others in the light of the these fruits. The more we spend time with God, the better we are at manifesting these fruits. Galatians 5:19-25

15) We become better witnesses for God: Waiting on God helps us gain more knowledge of Him. This knowledge helps us to become better witnesses of God to others. When we wait on Him we learn more about Him and we can teach others too who God is to us and what he can be to them as well. More knowledge of God prepares to become better witnesses of God too.

16) Waiting on God helps us maintain a consistent daily Christian life : One of the great benefits of waiting on God is that it helps our Christian life to be consistent. We become more consistent in pleasing God and living for Him. We no longer rise and fall. Our walk with God becomes consistent without any form of doubts that causes us to fall and fail often. We become more grounded in His word and in His truth.

17) Waiting on God keeps us vibrant: The more we wait in the God the more we become vibrant in our ministry. We become fervent and vibrant. We are hot for God and not lukewarm. We run our race and ministry in the full strength of the Lord without weariness.

18) Waiting on the Lord keeps us immune to weariness and tiredness: The more we wait on God the better we are at avoiding weariness and tiredness. Everyday we become refreshed and strengthened in our walk with God and our work for Him. We are energized and strengthened to do more without tiredness and weariness.

19) Waiting on the Lord gives room for correction from God: In the place of waiting on God, He corrects us and makes us better. He refines us and makes our character better. The Lord chastises/corrects those He loves. The more time we spend waiting on God, the more He is able to chastise/correct and reprimand us about a particular thing.

20) Waiting on God sanctifies us : One of the benefits of waiting on God is that we are sanctified and prepared for the masters use. It is only in the place of waiting that we are sanctified and purified. Sanctification prepares us for God’s service. Anyone who will be used for God’s service must therefore be ready to wait on the Lord for the purpose of sanctification.

CONCLUSION : No man who waits on the loses a thing. We may lose pleasure and our love for carnality but we will surely gain more relevant things than that. We benefit more from God when we learn to tarry /wait upon Him. Men and women who seek to amount to so much in God’s kingdom must make waiting on God an habit always.

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