30 Bible Verses About A Mother’s Love For Her Children

30 Bible Verses About A Mother's Love For Her Children

30 Bible Verses About A Mother’s Love For Her Children

A mother’s love for her child, is unparalleled, which is why in so many instances in the Bible, it is used when talking about love. God cited an example for us when he said Can a mother forget the child at her breast, and have no compassion on the son of her womb? Mother’s care, they nurture, they advice, they love.

Hardly is it seen that a mother would give an advice to her children which is not for their own benefit, even if it is to the detriment of others. Mothers go through the pangs of labour, just to produce life, they are deprived of sleep, just to nurture and protect their children. A mother could possibly go hungry, to see that her children are fully fed. They are ready to bear the mistakes and pains of their children.

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A wise mother, best of all, is the best gift a child could ever ask for, for she would definitely be the pillar to the success of her children. A mother’s joy is the success and happiness of the children of her womb.

Here are 30 bible verses, which cites ways in which a mother’s love is expressed to her child;

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30 Bible Verses About A Mother’s Love For Her Children

  1. Isaiah 66:13

As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you; And you will be comforted in Jerusalem.

2. Isaiah 49:15

Can a woman forget her nursing child, and have no compassion on the son of her womb? Even these may forget, but I will not forget you.

3. 1 Thessalonians 2:7

But we proved to be gentle among you, as a nursing mother tenderly cares for her own children.

4. Proverbs 1:8

Hear, my son, your father’s instruction, and do not forsake your mother’s teaching;

5. Ruth 1:8

And Naomi said to her two daughters-in-law, “Go, return each of you to her mother’s house. May the Lord deal kindly with you as you have dealt with the dead and with me.

6. 1 Kings 3:26-27

Then the woman whose child was the living one spoke to the king, for she was deeply stirred over her son and said, Oh, my lord, give her the living child, and by no means kill him. But the other said, He shall be neither mine nor yours; divide him! Then the king said, Give the first woman the living child, and by no means kill him. She is his mother.

7. Colossians 3:20

Children, be obedient to your parents in all things, for this is well-pleasing to the Lord.

8. Matthew 20:20

Then the mother of the sons of Zebedee came to Jesus with her sons, bowing down and making a request of Him.

9. Proverbs 29:15

The rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child who gets his own way brings shame to his mother.

10. 2 Kings 4:20

After the servant had lifted him up and carried him to his mother, the boy sat on her lap until noon, and then he died.

11. 2 Kings 4:30

The mother of the lad said, As the Lord lives and as you yourself live, I will not leave you. And he arose and followed her.

12. Proverbs 31:25

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.”

13. Proverbs 31:28-29

 Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: ‘Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.'”

14. Deuteronomy 6:6-7

 And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.”

15. Proverbs 31:31

Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.”

16. Psalm 139:13-14

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”

17. Genesis 3:20

The man called his wife’s name Eve, because she was the mother of all living.”

18. 1 Peter 3:4

You should be known for the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.”

19. Deuteronomy 4:9

Only be careful and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.”

20. Luke 2:51

And his mother treasured up all these things in her heart.”

21. Genesis 27:13

His mother said to him, My son, let the curse fall on me. just do what I say; go and get them for me.

22. Judges 5:28

Through the window peered sisera’s mother; behind the lattice she cried out,

Why is his chariot so late in coming? Why is the clatter of his chariots delayed?

23. Ruth 3:1

One day, Ruth’s motherinlaw Naomi said to her, My daughter, I must find a home for you, where you will be well provided for.

24. 1 Samuel 2:19

Each year, his mother made him a little robe and tok it to him when she went up with her husband to offer the annual sacrifice.

25. Proverbs 4:3

For I too was a son to my father, still tender, and cherished by my mother.

26. Proverbs 10:1

A wise son brings joy to his father, but a foolish son brings grief to his mother.

27. Proverbs 23:24-25

The father of a righteous child has great joy; a man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him. May your father and mother rejoice; may she who gave you birth be joyful!

28. John 19:25-27

But standing by the cross of Jesus were his mother and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. When Jesus saw his mother and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to his mother, Woman, behold, your son! Then he said to the disciple, Behold, your mother! And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home.

29. Proverbs 14:1

 The wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down.

30. Proverbs 31:1-4

 The words of King Lemuel. An oracle that his mother taught him:What are you doing, my son? What are you doing, son of my womb? What are you doing, son of my vows? Do not give your strength to women, your ways to those who destroy kings. It is not for kings, O Lemuel, it is not for kings to drink wine, or for rulers to take strong drink, lest they drink and forget what has been decreed and pervert the rights of all the afflicted.

Prayer Points

  1. Heavenly Father, the source of all good things, we thank God for the gift of life, we thank you for your goodness to humanity, for all that you do, we praise your holy name and give you thanks. Lord may your name be praised both now and forever. Amen.
  2. Father, we thank you for the beautiful gift of mother’s, we thank you for the wisdom, and kindness of heart you have bestowed upon them, we thank you for the love which you implanted in our hearts. May your name be glorified in Jesus name. Amen.
  3. Lord, we pray for mother’s all over the world, that you Oh Lord, will continually preserve them, bless them, strengthen them and guide them, that through your help, they might continually be great pillars to their families in Jesus name. Amen.
  4. Father, bless all mothers with wisdom and with a sound mind, place in each one of their hearts, reverence and fear of you, that they might bring up children in your ways, children who will transform the world in a way that pleases you in Jesus name. Amen.
  5. We pray for women going through the pains of childbirth, that you strength them, and give them the endurance and courage to go through childbearing in Jesus name. Amen.
  6. Lord, we pray for mothers who are finding it difficult to train their children properly, Father we pray that you would come to the aid of these ones and show them a way out in Jesus name. Amen.
  7. Father, we pray for children all over the world, that they will be sources of blessings, joy and fulfillment to their mothers, may they never be agents of sorrow and grief to their mothers in Jesus name. Amen
  8. We pray dear Lord, that you bless the works of mother’s over the lives of their children, that they might reap bountifully, the fruits of their labor over them in Jesus name. Amen.
  9. We pray for women who are seeking to bear a child of their own, that just like Hannah, you will hear their cry, wipe their tears and bless their womb in Jesus name. Amen.
  10. Here, add your own personal intentions….
  11. We thank you Father, for you are a God who hears the prayers of all who call to you and you are able to do more than that which we have asked. May your name be praised both now and forever. Amen.


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