30 Prayer Points For The Month Of May

30 Prayer Points For The Month Of May

30 Prayer Points For The Month Of May

Isaiah 45:2 “I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron:

3 And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the Lord, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel.

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Do you have certain fears concerning the month of May, are you scared that the year is moving fast yet you are not close to your dreams and expectations for the year? Pray these 30 Prayer Points For The Month Of May and you shall testify in Jesus mighty name.

Have you had bad experiences since the beginning of the year and you are afraid that May may be the same for you?

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All you need to do is to pray these 30 prayer points for the month of May.

Truly, the year may have been challenging for you and you may have had terrible experiences in the area of relationship, career and finances and this is why the Bible says in… “Redeeming the times for the days are evil”.

The importance of redeeming the times cannot be overemphasized, it means arranging the spiritual atmosphere around you for the future,  redeeming the times, means doing what you can today that will secure your future, redeeming the times means controlling the affairs of your destiny in the spirit realm so it can align with God’s purpose for your life.

These 30 prayer points for May will help organize your May, destroy the plans of the enemy for this new month, and help you get the beat out of the Month of May.

By the time you are done praying, you will indeed see the fruits of your prayers and you shall testify that in the month of May, Indeed: the lines have fallen for you in pleasant places and you have a good heritage.

Let’s proceed to the 30 prayer points for the month of May

30 Prayer Points For The Month Of May

  1. Oh Lord I appreciate you for your grace and strength upon my life in the past months, blessed be your Holy Name Lord in Jesus name
  2. Lord I thank-you for your unfailing mercy and grace, to you be all the glory and honor in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  3. Lord I give you all the glory for your divine preservation upon my family, thank you for not allowing us see shame in the previous month, blessed be your name Lord in Jesus name
  4. Father I ask for your mercy in all measures I have gone against your will and done that which is evil in your sight, please forgive me Lord, in Jesus name.
  5. Father I ask that you take away all guilt and shame that I have faced in the earlier months of this year in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  6. In this month of May, Father let the lines fall on me and my family in pleasant places in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  7. Oh Lord let this month of May attract to me great blessings and let good news be my daily experience in the name of Jesus
  8. I frustrate every plan of the enemy to bring evil upon me and my family in the mighty name of our Lord.
  9. Every demonic gathering against me and my family, I come against it now in Jesus name 
  10. I decree that all the sorrows I have experienced in the past shall not repeat itself in my life in this month of May in Jesus name
  11. No weapon formed against my family in this month shall prosper in Jesus name
  12. Every thought of the wicked against my career is destroyed now in Jesus name
  13. In Jesus name, I command all those who have promised me good things to begin to locate me now.
  14. I reject every form of disappointment in this month in Jesus name
  15. I shall not sorrow over my loved ones in this month in Jesus name
  16. I refuse to lose any good thing in this month in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  17. As I go out daily this month of May, I receive favor from far and near in the mighty name of our Lord
  18. Every sorrow the devil has planned for my family is reversed now in Jesus name
  19. I decree that my promotion shall come speedily in this month in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  20. Every pending blessing in my life shall manifest fully in this month in Jesus name
  21. I enter my season of all round blessing, no more lack and failure in my life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  22. Every positive prophecy that has been spoken into my life in this month of May shall speedily come to pass in Jesus name
  23. There shall be no more disappointment for me in relationship this month, in Jesus name
  24. As I go about my daily business this month, I receive great profit in Jesus name
  25. I speak to everything in creation this month of May and I command them to work in my favor and in favor of my loved ones, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  26. This month, I decree that none shall be sick in my family, it is well with everyone of us in Jesus mighty name
  27. I destroy every demonic structure placed round my dwelling in this month of May in Jesus name, and I decree peace into my life and environment in Jesus name.
  28. Satanic manipulation is no longer allowed in my marriage, I decree the peace and wisdom of God for me and my spouse in Jesus name
  29. This month of May, all of our prayer request shall be made perfect and complete in Jesus name
  30. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers.


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