35 Intercessory Prayers For The Church.

Intercessory Prayers For The Church.

35 Intercessory Prayers For The Church.


2nd Chronicles 7:14….“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways: then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. ”

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In times like this, Satan is fighting God’s own elect both spiritually and physically.

Though human beings are a threat to Satan because God has created all in His own image to have dominion over all that he has created.
How much more Christians?

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The fact that believers have privately and publicly separated themselves from the government of Satan is enough for him to war against them.

The fact that God has called us into His own marvelous light is enough to sponsor Satan’s envy of us.

The fact that God sent His only son to come and die for us that we might be reconciled with Him and believers have appreciated this sacrifice by yielding to God also is enough call for war. Believers are on a battle field.

35 Intercessory Prayers For The Church.

1. Father, destroy the spirit of denominationalism that is eating up your church in Jesus name.

“Denominationalism” has deceived a believer into believing that he is better than the next believer just because he feels his own church is the best. It has made us to forget the Words of Jesus IN John 4:23-24.

2. Father, we ask that you forgive your church from increasingly becoming faithless in this generation. Make us people of great faith and also help us to become a channel of faith inspiration to others in Jesus name.

3. Father, we pray for church leaders that in your mercy, you remove from their hearts all God of boastfulness and pride that is creeping in as a result of miracles and all in Jesus name.
(Today, more than ever, the gifts of the Spirit are more spread and manifesting in diverse forms of miracles, healing and all. If the church is not careful, pride will rob us of our heavenly reward).

4. Father, raise leaders that will not covet what the world has, but cast their eyes fully upon you in Jesus name.
And that they may not desire and love pleasure more than you in Jesus name.

5. Father, make your church a gathering where people find healing, a place for the weary and heavy ladened. A place where troubled soul’s can find rest in Jesus name.

6. Father, save for body of Christ from false teachers. Deafen our hears from hearing heresies and guide our hearts from believing them too in Jesus name.

7. Father, let your Spirit influence our leaders to walk in the wisdom of loving and yielding to corrections just like Peter in Jesus name.

8. Father, teach your church to desire your presence. Pour a craving of your presence in our lives in Jesus name.

9. Lord, revive in our hearts once again absolute trust in you so that we know that all we will ever need will come from you.

10. Grant our leaders grace to remain watchful over themselves, that they may not stray from your will in Jesus name.

11. Grant our leaders grace to remain watchful over themselves, that they may not stray form your will oh Lord in Jesus name.

12. Father, help your servants (pastors and leaders)…
to always remember that they are stewards of all that is in their hands. Grant them grace to multiply and not to hoard for themselves.

13. Father, we pray for all pastors going through tough periods in their lives, that you renew their strength in Jesus name.

14. We come against the spirit of loneliness and discouragement in pastors and church leaders in Jesus name.

15. Father, in the name of Jesus, let every worker in your vineyard be liberated form all forms of filthiness of the flesh and of the spirit.

16. Father, use the revelation of your Word to deliver any church worker under the seige of any terminal condition right now in Jesus name.

17. Let there be a quick deliverance of any church worker under any form of oppression in Jesus name.

18… Father, pour out the spirit of grace and supplication upon every worker in your vineyard In Jesus name.

19. Father, strengthen the inner man of the workers in your vineyard with might by your Spirit in Jesus name. Ephesians 3:16b.

20. Father, by your Spirit, influence workers in your house to work for the food that endures eternal life that only your son can give Jesus name.

21. Father, help those who serve in Your house to remember that their service to you is not about serving human masters but until the Lord in Jesus name.

22. Father, we pray for every believer that they will use the hours you have given them to work efficiently and meaningfully in the church in Jesus name. John 9:4

22. We pray oh, Lord that your church will be steadfast and immovable, working enthusiastically for you in Jesus name.

23. Oh righteous Father, we pray to you that your church will do all things in love as they work for you in Jesus name. Deuteronomy 24:14.

25. Lord, let everyone named with God to walk In God’s love towards each other in Jesus name.

26. Father, we pray for believers to walk in God’s love towards each other in Jesus name.

27. We pray, oh God, for the church to fall more in love with Jesus in Jesus name.

28. We pray father, that your power be manifested and demonstrated in the church in Jesus name.

29. Father, we ask you to guard the hearts of church leaders who are the spotlight from compromise in Jesus name.

30 Lord, build humility in church leaders that they may not take the glory that belongs to you oh, Lord in Jesus name.

31. Lord, we pray that you increase the passion for lost souls in your church in Jesus name.

32. Father, we pray that church leaders will grow in God’s love towards their terms, congregations and the unsaved in Jesus name.

33. Father, we ask that you make the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to rest upon the church in Jesus name.

34. We pray for believers who are hurt by another believer/unbeliever that you heal their hearts and help them to forgive the offender from their hearts in Jesus name.

35. We pray for peace in the hearts and lives of your people oh God, in the midst of their storms in Jesus name.

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