35 Prayers Against The Spirit Of Destruction

35 Prayers Against The Spirit Of Destruction


Text: 1 Peter 5:18, John 10:10, Joel 2:22, Matthew 17:21, Isaiah 60:18

The spirit of destruction is a destructive spirit that is desperately determined to destroy or ruin your life. This kind of spirit may never give up until it has completely destroyed its target. Destructive spirits constantly seek to ruin people’s lives, marriages, businesses, families, career, faith, health, self-esteem, etc. It is no wonder the apostle warns us in the scriptural quotation below to be mindful of such spirits. 

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“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking for whom he may devour.” –1 Peter 5:18

It is the obvious that the devil does not want anything good to happen in the life of a Christian, he doesn’t want to see you happy and fulfilled, hence he is always seeking your downfall. 

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The spirit of destruction can take any form or shape or strategy, just to accomplish its purpose (to destroy). It was this same old spirit that destroyed everything that Job had, and would have killed him if not for God’s intervention. It is therefore necessary that believers take drastic measures to ward off this destructive spirit and prevent it from causing damage in their lives. In order to overcome this spirit, and stop him before he attacks, believers must:

  • Be Sober

Only those who are sober can sense danger ahead and react appropriately to it. To be sober means to be clear headed, not intoxicated or under the influence of any intoxicants. As a soldier in the midst of battles, you must not let the pleasures of this world distract you. Remember, your enemy the devil is always waiting to catch you unprepared. 

  • Be Vigilante

You must be watchful and alert to be able to identify problems at their early stage, before they get uncontrollable. When you are vigilant, you will easily spot and close any loopholes through which the devil or his cohorts may attack. It is worth noting that when the devil could not find anything against Job, he went for his children and livestock. 

  • Pray

Another action you must take is to pray vehemently. We do not wrestle against physical beings, but against spirits, and evil forces. The only way to harm them is by praying in the name of Jesus. It is often said that “a prayerless Christian, is a powerless Christian”. You must be on your watch and prayerfully defeat the spirit of destruction. 

Just as a farmer uses pesticides to drive out destructive pests (locusts) from his farm, you must also through faith and prayers, drive away for good, these destructive spirits. Resist the devil, and he will surely flee from you. Begin by praying the prayers below: 

35 Prayers Against The Spirit Of Destruction

  1. O Lord, thank you for unfailing love for me and my family.
  2. Father, please let your mercy prevail over judgement in my life, in Jesus name. 
  3. Father, I am nothing without you; step into my situation and intervene on my behalf, in Jesus name. 
  4. O Lord my God, confuse every power that is fighting against me, in Jesus name.
  5. Every spirit on a mission against my life; I bind and subdue you, in the name of Jesus.
  6. Every demon, assigned to destroy my life; I command you to flee, in Jesus name. 
  7. Father, please fight every unseen battle in my life, in Jesus name.
  8. Every congregation of demons, gathered against me; scatter by fire in Jesus name. 
  9. Every relentless enemy of my live; fall and die, in the name of Jesus.
  10. Every power, plotting my downfall; I render you powerless, in Jesus name. 
  11. O Lord, send your consuming fire into the camp of those seeking my downfall, in Jesus name. 
  12. I am covered by the blood of Jesus; every device formed against me will never prosper, in Jesus name.
  13. You spirit of destruction, seeking to destroy my marriage; I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, abort your mission and flee from me in Jesus name. 
  14. Every spirit of destruction, waging war against my career and destiny; be destroyed, in the name of Jesus. 
  15. You drinker of blood, drink your own blood and die today, in Jesus name
  16. You eater of flesh, drink your own flesh and die, in the name of Jesus.
  17. I paralyze every evil power waging war against my business, in Jesus name.
  18. Every agent of darkness, seeking to break my marriage; I command you to flee and never come back, in Jesus name.
  19. Every altar, erected to speak negative things into my business, career and ministry, collapse in the name of Jesus. 
  20. Holy Ghost, visit the camp of my enemies with your consuming fire, and burn down their stronghold, in Jesus name.
  21. I bear the mark of Christ, no evil power shall be able to touch or harm me, in Jesus name.
  22. Powers of darkness working against my ministry, I cast you into the bottomless pit, in the name of Jesus.
  23. I reverse every proclamation made against me and my family, in Jesus name.
  24. Every evil voice, speaking against my life and family, I silence you, in Jesus name.
  25. By the power in the name of Jesus, I revoke every pronouncement made against my destiny, in Jesus name.
  26. Every attempt to ruin my joy and happiness, I frustrate you in the name of Jesus.
  27. You relentless spirit of destruction, be tormented by the fire of the Holy Ghost, in Jesus name. 
  28. Every stubborn spirit, chasing after my life; stumble and die, in Jesus name.
  29. I break into pieces, every mirror, used by the enemy to monitor me.
  30. Every spirit of affliction and destruction, unleashed against my household; I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, park your load and go!
  31. Father, please restore to me, everything that destructive spirits have destroyed in my life, in Jesus name.
  32. I recover everything that the devil has stolen from me, in Jesus name.
  33. Father, please build a wall of fire around me and all that concerns me, in Jesus name.
  34. Father, defeat every stubborn enemy of my life and destiny, in Jesus name.
  35. Father, put a stop to all demonic activities against my life, in Jesus name. 

Thank you glorious God for I know that you have heard my prayers and will grant my requests in Jesus name, amen. 

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