35 Prayers For My Husband’s Progress.

35 Prayers For My Husband's Progress.


The book of Ephesians chapter 5 verse 25 KJV version says, “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it.”

According to the bible, the husband is the head of the Christian home. He is the one that God has set to be the father of your children and provider for the family. He is meant to be your lover, friend, confidante and romantic partner. As a woman and a wife, it is important, very important that you pray for your husband’s progress in life. Because when your hubby progresses, then definitely, the family will progress too as a result. 

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Prayers are extremely important when raising a Christian home or family. Your husband being the head of the family needs prayers especially. Because whenever the devil wants to launch an attack on a Christian home, his first aim or target is most likely the head of the family who is your husband. God has given us the power to rebuke all of Satan’s evil advances over our lives. Whether it is your hubby the devil wants to attack or your children, we have been bestowed power from heaven to rebuke all forms of evil. So, that power is the one Jesus Christ gave us when he came down to earth to save us. Now, through the grace of Jesus Christ, we can reach God in heaven and ask for whatever we want. If you want your husband to progress, all you have to do is to pray. 

35 Prayers for my Husband’s Progress.

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  1. Father in heaven, you are the one that assigned the husband as the head of the home. Lord, I want you to bestow my husband with all the tools he needs to be the head he needs to be in Jesus name. Amen. 
  2. Lord, I thank you for the life of my husband. I thank you for the miraculous things you have been doing in our lives so far. I thank you for all the provisions. We pray that you will not cease to provide for us in Jesus name.
  3. I decree and declare that everything that my husband touches today, will begin to prosper in the name of Jesus. 
  4. Everything my husband touches is blessed from today onwards in Jesus name. He is the head and not the tail. So, therefore, let the world see the mark of greatness in his life in Jesus name. 
  5. Every evil hand that is stretched toward my husband’s destiny, I ask that such evil hands begin to dry today in Jesus name. 
  6. No evil power can have power over my husband’s job or success, because God’s protection is over him. God’s protection will never leave him in the name of Jesus. 
  7. O Lord, my father! The devil wants my husband to backslide in Christianity. Lord, please strengthen his Christian life so that he does not backslide in Your word in Jesus name. 
  8. O Lord, I ask for your provision for my family. Continue to provide for my husband financially. Let his business grow through leaps and bounds in Jesus name. 
  9. Lord, put the enemy to shame over my husband’s life in Jesus name. Let the devil be disgraced over my husband’s matters. The evil intentions of the enemy shall not come to pass over his life in Jesus name. 
  10. O Lord my father, I call onto you today. Lord, please protect my husband in all his journey to and from the office or his place of work in Jesus name. He shall not be a victim of any accidents on his way in Jesus name. 
  11. Lord, please cover my husband with your blood. Your blood is enough to protect him from any forms of evil that the devil might want to throw at him. Please cover my him with the blood of the lamb in Jesus name. 
  12. Lord in heaven, I ask for your spirit of prosperity for my hubby. Please let him begin to prosper in all his endeavors in Jesus name. 
  13. Whatever my husband lays his hands upon will begin to multiply in many folds in Jesus name. 
  14. My husband will be the head and not the tail wherever he goes in the world in Jesus name. 
  15. My husband from this day forward, will begin to sit before kings and queens in Jesus name. 
  16. My husband’s business will begin to flourish from this day forward in Jesus name. 
  17. No spirit of staleness will have a place in my husband’s business ever again. Every spirit of business or work staleness begins to die today in Jesus name.
  18. I speak about progress, multiplication, business prosperity, fruitfulness, speed and all things positive into my husband’s business and work in Jesus name. 
  19. May success, prosperity and financial blessings from every corner of the earth begin to manifest in my husband’s life today in Jesus name. 
  20. Whatever my husband lays his hands shall begin to enjoy plenteousness. No matter the area or specialty, it shall begin to experience plenteousness in Jesus name. 
  21. All of my husband’s efforts towards business prosperity and financial breakthrough shall begin to pay off from today in Jesus name. 
  22. All mountains of problems before my husband shall become plain ground before him today in Jesus name. 
  23. All of my husband’s efforts towards breakthrough shall not be a waste in Jesus name. 
  24. Lord, I ask for infinite blessings over my husband’s life from today onward. Let your blessings begin to overflow in his life in Jesus name. 
  25. As my hubby is doing his daily responsibilities, he shall not strike his foot against a stone or fall in Jesus name. 
  26. Every evil arrow that is fired against my husband’s progress, shall miss him and fly past him in Jesus name. 
  27. No terror of the night or pestilence of the evil ones shall befall my husband in Jesus name. 
  28. A thousand shall fall on the left side of my hubby and ten thousand shall fall by his right hand side, but none shall come near him in Jesus name. 
  29. No weapon fashioned against my husband shall prosper in Jesus name. 
  30. Father, protect my family from the hands of the wicked, in Jesus name.
  31. Lord, please send your angels of protection and guidance to follow my hubby everywhere he goes in Jesus name. 
  32. No evil serpent or scorpion shall have power to bite my hubby and suck his glory and destiny in Jesus name. 
  33. O Lord in heaven, please protect my home from all forms of harm in Jesus name. 
  34. Let my husband continue to grow from grace to grace in Jesus name. 
  35. Let my husband’s name be known at his place of work for great and excellent things in Jesus name. 

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