40 Prayer Points For Healing Leg Pains

40 Prayer Points For Healing Leg Pains


Jeremiah 17:14

Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.

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God has created us in his image and likeness, but the enemy keeps trying to do otherwise. Sometimes we may have done something contrary which may have brought the enemy in. it may also be an affliction sent by the enemy, we can see in the case of Job. Satan created that chaos, just so that Job will turn away from His maker but Job held on to his Faith because he knew His redeemer lives and would never fail him.

If you are suffering from leg pains all you need do is to have faith and trust that God is going to perfect his healing in your life in Jesus name. God is still committed to work miracles, just trust the process. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

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Just pray these prayer points with all seriousness and you will see God healing you completely in Jesus name. 


40 Prayer Points For Healing Leg Pains

  1. Lord, I thank you today for my life, thank you lord for your healing power upon me, I trust you for healing me in Jesus name.
  2. Lord, whatever I have done wrong that has brought the pain upon my leg I pray for forgiveness and I pray you heal me in Jesus name.
  3. Heavenly Father, whatsoever I have stepped on and has caused me leg pains, lord, I pray for your divine healing.
  4. Father, let your divine healing come upon my leg and make me walk well without pains permanently in Jesus name. 
  5. Lord, whatsoever arrow the enemies have fired at me causing leg pains for me, Father in the name of Jesus, I destroy their powers in the name of Jesus.
  6. I speak strength to my leg and I receive complete healing in the name of Jesus.
  7. Every pain that external forces have inflicted on me on my leg, I command restoration in the name of Jesus.
  8. Father breathe your breath upon my leg, every dead cell comes to life and every pain erased.
  9. Lord I pray for divine restoration in Jesus name.
  10.  Every hand that has been stretched out to cause pains to my leg, I command them to wither in the name of Jesus. 
  11.  I trust you oh God of my salvation that you are going to heal me completely in Jesus name.
  12.  I speak against every hindrance causing me not to walk in Jesus name.
  13.  Every evil pronunciation of the enemy against my leg causes pains, Lord I nullify them in Jesus name.
  14.  Every evil force and manipulation lord I pray they lose their grip over me in Jesus name.
  15.  Every satanic attack to cause paralysis to my leg, I pray oh lord their powers are destroyed in the name of Jesus.
  16.  Lord please perfect your healing on my leg in Jesus name.
  17.  Father just as you said that by your stripes we are healed, lord I am healed from every leg pains in the name of Jesus.
  18.  Every sickness trembles and bows at your name in Jesus name.
  19.  Lord give me strength not to lose faith throughout my healing process in Jesus name.
  20.  Oh lord, every curse lay upon me that is affecting my body, I pray that you take it away from me.
  21.  Lord let your right hand of healing touch and make the difference in me in the name of Jesus. 
  22.  Just as you said to that woman that she is loosed from every infirmities, lord I declare myself loosed in Jesus name.
  23.  Lord I shall never remain like this in Jesus name.
  24.  Lord every lost nutrients in my leg they receive strength in the name of Jesus.
  25.  Every dryness of blood in my leg region receives flow now in the name of Jesus.
  26.  Every power that caused fatigue in my leg region, caused weakness, lord arise and cause them to die in Jesus name.
  27.  Every blood sucking demon, sucking life out of my leg oh lord they die by fire in Jesus name.
  28.  Every evil worm damaging my leg gradually, receives fire in the name of Jesus.
  29.  Whatsoever power causing my body not to function properly receives fire in the name of Jesus.
  30.  Lord every sin that I have committed that is giving the enemy an edge that I am not aware of I receive forgiveness in the name of Jesus.
  31.  I refuse disability from my life in the name of Jesus.
  32.  Lord I know your healing power is flowing through my leg from this day in the name of Jesus.
  33.  Father I thank you for supernatural strength upon my leg in Jesus’ name.
  34.  Lord thank you for speedy recovery upon my leg in Jesus name.
  35.  Lord because I fear your name, you shall arise with your healing wings upon my life just as you said in Malachi 4:2
  36.  By the authority of our lord Jesus, as the absolute owner of my body, I rebuke you infirmity in the name of Jesus.
  37.  Every power is subject under the power of the most high God, so every power behind my leg pain is subject in the name of Jesus. Habakkuk 3:1-4
  38.  My faith in you Jesus makes me whole again in Jesus name.
  39.  Lord I hide under your shadow and receive complete protection from you in the name of Jesus.
  40.  Lord, I trust you for answering my request and giving me complete victory in the name of Jesus.

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