40 Prayer Points For Restoration Of My Star.

40 Prayer Points For Restoration Of My Star.

40 Prayer Points For Restoration Of My Star.

Star is the excellent qualities, personality or behaviours possessed by a person. Stars are the extraordinary qualities given to us by God to fulfil our purposes and mandates on earth. Star is what makes us different, acceptable and unique in our different areas. Stars can be placed in individuals by God but have to be developed with our consistent and persistent effort of maintaining and growing our virtues. Stars can both be physical and of the spirit realm. The reason why the evil ones attack the stars in people is because, when a man is robbed of his stars, he lives an empty life and most times the person will behave in a way that contradicts acceptable forms of behaviours either to man or God. When we have great stars in us it fosters the fulfilment of our destiny and also brings  the favour of God to work for us and upon our life.

2 Peter 1:5 “And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge”

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People of Great Stars in the Bible.

  1. Jesus Christ: Our Lord Jesus Christ can be seen as a man with all virtues in him. He only is our perfect example of virtues that we can proudly emulate.
  2. Abraham: The virtue of exceptional level of faith can be seen in Abraham when he wanted to sacrifice his only son, also the virtue of great  obedience can be  seen in the life of our Father Abraham when he diligently obeyed God when he was asked to leave his father’s land and move to another place and also when he was asked to sacrifice his only son, he diligently obeyed. This are great virtues that can be emulated and developed in our daily lives.
  3. Joseph: We can have the virtue dreams and of loyalty in Joseph by being loyal to his master and refusing to have an affair with his master’s wife. Also the virtue of holy life and obedience to the will of God can be seen in the life of Joseph by refusing to have an illegal affair, knowing very well that such an act will grieve God, rather he decided to maintain a pure and holy life by fleeing from his master’s wife.  
  4. Daniel: The virtue of dream interpretation and exceptional excellence can be seen in the life of Daniel, which made him ten times wiser and preferred far beyond his contemporaries, also the virtue of obedience can be seen in Daniel when a mandate was give that no one should pray but his passion to obey God was still intact and he prayed not minding the consequences behind it. 

40 Prayer Points For Restoration Of My Star.

  1. Psalm 11:7 “For the righteous LORD loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright”

My Father, I thank you for your immense love and care, showered upon me.

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  1. Philippians 4:19 “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus”

My  Father, I thank you for your provision and supply  upon me and my household in Jesus name.

  1. Psalm 107:1 “O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever”

My Father, I thank you for your forgiving Mercy and grace upon me and my family in Jesus name.

  1. Oh Lord, all my glorious virtue taken away by the wicked ones, I claim back by fire in Jesus name.
  2. Oh Lord, in your anger, silence every power struggling with my great virtues in Jesus name.
  3. My Father, expose and disgrace every plan of the evil ones to destroy my glorious stars in Jesus name.
  4. My Father, make me untouchable and unreachable for the wicked ones planning to steal my virtues in Jesus name.
  5. My Father, Make my life, destiny, career, family, business, marriage and ministry a danger for every spiritual thief planning to steal my virtues in Jesus name.
  6. Oh Lord, demolish every demonic altar serving as source of power to all spiritual thieves attacking me in Jesus name
  7. My Father, arise in your anger and send confusion into the camp of everyone plotting to steal my glorious virtues in Jesus name.
  8. My Father, give me the grace to use and utilise effectively all the glorious virtues you place in me in Jesus name.
  9. Oh Lord, protect me and fortify me against every spiritual hijacker and thieves in Jesus name.
  10. Oh Lord, today I claim back my glorious destiny from the hand of every witch and wizard in Jesus name.
  11. My Father, in your power, strike down every strongman standing against the fulfilment of my glorious destiny in Jesus name.
  12. My Father, bomb and consume by fire every enemy delegated to steal my great stars in Jesus name.
  13. Oh Lord, I command every evil gang up against my glorious destiny to scatter by fire in Jesus name.
  14. Oh Lord, I command every seat of the ancestral forces of my lineage, standing against my destiny fulfilment to be removed and burnt up by fire in Jesus name.
  15. Oh Lord, I decree that every unrepentant enemy standing in the way of my glorious star to be swallowed up by fire in Jesus name.
  16. Oh Lord, every door standing against my great stars and future shall be removed and burnt up in Jesus name.
  17. My Father, I decree that every waste planning to waste me and shall be wasted in Jesus name.
  18. Oh Lord, I command every power and force holding down by glorious stars and destiny to lose their grip right now in Jesus name.
  19. My Father, every demonic where my glorious stars are placed shall be burnt up and my glorious virtues shall be released in Jesus name.
  20. Oh Lord, I command every evil authority standing and sitting on my glorious star to be removed and wasted in Jesus name.
  21. Oh Lord, I proclaim my authority and dominion over all my stars in Jesus name.
  22. My Father, disgrace every evil conspiracy against my destiny fulfillment in Jesus name.
  23. Oh Lord, arise in your power and deliver me from the claws of every oppressor, oppressing my life and destiny in Jesus name.
  24. My Father, right now break every covenant in my life that gives permission to spiritual thieves in my life in Jesus name.
  25. Oh Lord, I snatch my great star and glory from the grip of the enemy in Jesus name.
  26. Oh Lord, every arrow targeted at me to render me useless in my family and generation shall backfire to the sender in Jesus name.
  27. Oh Lord, I will never be a victim of spiritual thieves, wasters and hijackers in Jesus name.
  28. My Father, hide me and my glorious star under the Shadow of your wings in Jesus name.
  29. My Father, every plot of the enemy to render me stranded and empty shall be wasted in Jesus name.
  30. Oh Lord, strike with thunder and fire any individual on evil assignment to steal my star in Jesus name.
  31. Oh Lord, this is my season of decoration, decorate me, my business, family, marriage, career, academics and ministry in Jesus name.
  32. My Father, go to my foundation and uproot every plant planted by the evil ones against my manifestation in Jesus name.
  33. My Father, break every chain serving as embargo to my fulfillment and announcement in Jesus name.

37 Oh Lord, I undo every wickedness done against my destiny and star in Jesus name.

  1. Oh Lord, I command all the powers that swallow my glorious star to vomit them by fire right now in Jesus name.
  2. My Father, I command the network and connection of household enemies against my glorious star to be disconnected and rendered powerless in Jesus name.
  3. Oh Lord, I declare that as from today, my glorious star and destiny shall and manifest for the world to see in Jesus name.

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