40 Prayer Points For Success In Job Interview

Prayer Points For Success In Job Interview


A job interview is a process of application for a job position or post. It is usually the final stage of the application after which an appointment is given.

How to get emerge successful in a Job interview:

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  1. Pray: Prayer is a way we communicate with our heavenly Father and render our petitions before Him. One of the ways we can emerge successful in a job interview is to pray ahead of the day, we should pour out our heart to God and He will be ready to listen to our petitions. 
  2. Follow instructions: From God and the and the application procedures: Another vital way to emerge successful in a Job interview is to follow instructions given to us by God, probably before we go for the interview, we should hear what God has to say concerning the interview and also we should follow all protocols and procedures at the job interview. 
  3. Be punctual: Punctuality is the soul of business. We serve a punctual God, God who works with time, He does things at the right time hence we His children should emulate that and make sure we are punctual at the job interview. Our punctuality to the interview matters a lot.
  4. Go prepared: Appearance, study, requirements. First impression lasts longer. Cleanliness is next to godliness.  The way we appear the first determines how we will be treated and attended to. Make sure you look good and dress well to the interview and meet all requirements needed for the job.
  5. Have faith in God and confidence in yourself: This also is very, very important if we are to emerge successful at the job interview. Your Faith can make the impossible possible and also your confidence in yourself can do a lot great deal in getting you the job at the interview. Have faith in God and believe strongly in yourself.

40 Prayer Points For Success In Job Interview

  1. Father I thank you for the gift of life. 
  2. Father, I thank you for divine provision and care of me. 
  3. Lord, let me find favour everywhere I go in Jesus name. Let your divine favour envelope me. 
  4. Lord, break rules for my cause and let me receive blessings in abundance. 
  5. Father, let me receive an appointment letter that will lead to my success and breakthrough in Jesus name. 
  6. Lord, make we worthy and able to fit into the appointment that I need in Jesus name.
  7. Lord, miraculously elevate me and give me a position above what I expected in the mighty name of Jesus. 
  8. Lord, let everything I lay my hands upon yield success in the name of Jesus. 
  9. I come against every spirit of rejection in the name of Jesus. 
  10. Lord, I cancel every spirit of failure in my life in the name of Jesus.
  11. Father, let your glory and divine favour manifest in my life. 
  12. My father, qualify me where I am not qualified in the mighty name of Jesus. 
  13. Lord speak for me and let me receive that which I seek in Jesus name.
  14. I ask for excellence in this Job interview, Lord give it unto me and let me receive my appointment letter in Jesus name. 
  15. Lord, open doors of blessings for me in every corner in Jesus name. Let doors of provision open for me, so that I have enough and even more to give in the name of Jesus. 
  16. Father, bless the work of my hands in the name of Jesus. 
  17. Lord, as I go out looking for success in this endeavour, let your spirit go before me and make way for me in Jesus name. 
  18. Lord, I pray my time, efforts and resources will not be wasted in Jesus name. 
  19. Lord remove every form of stumbling blocks and obstructions on my way of success in the name of Jesus. 
  20. Lord, let your name be glorified in my work in the name of Jesus. 
  21. Anyone that says that I will not move forward, Lord, I pray that you silence them in the name of Jesus. 
  22. As for everyone that I need to achieve my success, father, touch their hearts and make me receive favour in their sights in Jesus name. 
  23. Lord  appoint me for great works and select me for blessings in the name of Jesus. 
  24. Lord, lay your hands on my life and bless my finances in the name of Jesus. 
  25. Lord, let me encounter a career breakthrough in Jesus name. 
  26. Father, make me a shining light, and make me shine bright among men in Jesus name. 
  27. Lord, show me which way to go and give me divine directions to my destiny in Jesus name. 
  28. Lord, track down anyone trying to hold down my success in the name of Jesus. 
  29. My God, any Prince of Persia that is stopping me from reaching my blessings, or stopping my blessings from reaching me, send your Angels to clear the road to my blessings in the mighty name of Jesus. 
  30. I claim my success in this job interview I am going for, lord let your mighty speak for me in Jesus name. 
  31. Lord, uplift me to the standards I need to meet up the criteria of my desired Job in the name of Jesus. 
  32. My Father, release your fire to cut off those standing as stumbling blocks against my recommendation this month and year in Jesus name. 
  33. Oh Lord, provoke men to recommend me for job, career advancement and contract in Jesus name.
  34. Isaiah 43:19

 My Father, where there seems to be no hope and no way, by your  power make away for me in Jesus name. 

  1. Oh Lord, recommend me and connect me to my destiny helpers in Jesus name. 
  2. My Father, let my name keep ringing in the mind and spirit of those sent to help and take away their rest until they help me in Jesus name.
  3. Oh Lord, by your mighty power raise a voice for me in good places and high places in Jesus name. 
  4. Oh Lord, cause men and women to discover my talents and gifts and recommend me for high positions in Jesus name. 
  5. My Father, by your fire swallow up every demonic force standing against my recommendation this month and this year in Jesus name. 
  6. God, bless me and enlarge my coast beyond measures in Jesus name. 
  7. Oh Lord, let your blessings rest upon everything I do and keep multiplying the works of my hands in Jesus name. Amen.

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