40 Prayer Points On Business Breakthrough.

40 Prayer Points On Business Breakthrough.

40 Prayer Points On Business Breakthrough.

Are you presently seeking God for business breakthrough? as you to cry for God’s help when nothing else seems to be working, be rest assure this prayers will lead to success and you will experience a great turn around,

Read through, pray and believe God for your business to breakforth in abundance.
Prayer can bring enormous opportunities to you, knowing every business is ensure to meet success, as you carry out this exercise in faith, (Know The LORD ls God) God will surely bear you up in your hands and lift you back up, it is time for you to succeed, Psalm 91:12

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Delivering high business value is vital for change; your Faith and Belief in God’s promise for you will yield into greatness, every good gift comes from the Holy Spirit. “The Holy Ghost” will fill you with fresh anointing to pray your business into a miraculous breakthrough Psalm 92:10

Running your business will definitely challenge you in ways you never considered and there will be days when you stumble, but as you embark on this 40 prayer point, i trust God for your business to encounter divine intervention.

Also you need to share your business idea and plans with God, because with all the happenings in today’s world of business, one is forced to go weary, but I believe every of your business desires will turn a new leaf in Jesus name.

Prayer is the master key to all situations, it calls for God’s mercy and uplifting, the Holy Spirit to makes sure your prayers are answered and granted, like the case of the widow in 2kings 4:1-7. Who cried out to Prophet Elisha, when she lost her husband, and the husband’s debtors came threatening, to take her two sons away, she was unaware of her husband debt, but after she followed the instructions given by prophet Elisha, her problem was solved.

In case you are responsible for the present situation facing your business, ask God for mercy, at this point, you might need to make good business decisions that will lead your business into prosperity, there is nothing like inviting God to be part of your business, even when your business under goes serious hardship. God is willing to grant your heart cries. He expects you to succeed in your business, and through this prayers, God will answer all you ask of Him.

I want you to know, when you pray believe to see greater change, prosperity, growth and progress. I want you to also know, you will not borrow in order for you to preserve your business. Though, in the widow case, she was asked to borrow vessels, but my prayer for you is that, you shall not borrow. God wants you to succeed.

Seek wisdom from like minds, improve your business strategy such as, priorities your expected customers, this will enable you make better decisions, not decisions based on fear or ignorance, but asking God to help you get the best result through His wisdom.

And as you put God first, heaven will honour your request.

40 Prayer Points On Business Breakthrough.

1. Thank you Lord for a secure life, in Christ Jesus. in Jesus name.

2. Jesus have mercy on me, I ask for your mercy in Jesus name.

3. Lord Jesus forgive my unrighteousness in Jesus name Amen.

4. Thank you Jesus for leading me in this path of business. In Jesus name.

5. Lord hank you for direction, your praise will not cease In my mouth.

6. Father hear my prayer, as you give ear to my petition in Jesus name.

7. Oh lord my God, let your mercy speak Breakthrough into my business in Jesus name.

8. Doors of breakthrough shut against my business, opened and break loose in Jesus name.

9. Father let my business hear your voice, in Jesus name.

10. I speak to my business, receive God’s anointing and breakthrough in Jesus name.

11. My business will not lack, what it needs to expand, in Jesus name.

12. Oh lord, send opportunity and breakthrough that will change my business identity, in Jesus name.

13. I receive breakthrough and increase in my business, in Jesus name.

14. As I pray to breakthrough, my business will not attract doubt.

15. God’s divine intervention, locate me in Jesus name.

16. Every evil finger pointed at my business for waste, wither in Jesus name.

17. My helpers in diaspora, promote my business in Jesus name.

18. I receive turn around change in my business in Jesus name.

19. Oh Lord, grant unto me, the faith I need to believe in you in Jesus name.

20. Lord Jesus, let this prayer cause a major breakthrough in my business in Jesus name.

21.Lord God straighten everything crooked in my business, in Jesus name.

22. Anointing of God overshadow my business in Jesus name.

23. Satan get your filty hands off my business in Jesus name.

24. Every darkness, covering my business receive light in Jesus name.

25. I receive daily increase in my business Jesus name, Amen.

26. Lord God of abundance, speak into my business, in Jesus name.

27. In Jesus name, i shall not borrow to fund my business in Jesus name.

28. New light, shine through my business in Jesus name.

29. My overflowing blessings, hear the word of God, in Jesus name.

30. By fire, my business, by storehouse, you shall not go dry or empty In Jesus name.

31. In Jesus name, my business income will not be used to pay debt in Jesus name.

32. When others say there is casting down i say in my business there is lifting, in Jesus name.

33. By God’s anointing power, my business receive profit set aside to expand in Jesus name.

34. I refuse ridicule and shame in my business in Jesus name.

35. Oh Lord, reveal what my business needs to succeed.

36. Fire of heaven consume now, physical and spiritual robbers, in Jesus name,

37. Concerning my business, I choose to believe the name of Jesus, in Jesus name.

38 Power of breakthrough, enter my business. In Jesus name.

39. I receive divine idea to prosper in my business, in Jesus name.

40. Lord God of history, breath favour into my business, in Jesus name.

Ephesians 1:2
Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

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