40 Prayer Points To Destroy Long Term Problems

40 Prayer Points To Destroy Long Term Problems

40 Prayer Points To Destroy Long Term Problems

KEY SCRIPTURES: Isaiah 3:10; Psalms 124:7

Psalms 124:7 “Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped.”

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There are spirits that foster long-term problems in the life of man, but God says these spirits shall fall and you shall receive your deliverance. Long-term problems can be frustrating leading to maddening oppression that is why we as Christians should not joke with prayers and fasting. Chains of darkness causing long term problems are invisible to the eye and only the power of God can save and deliver from such chains. Long-term problems could also be caused by self or inherited. We need to totally surrender everything in life to God to guide us as humans in order not to make mistakes that will lead to everlasting problems for us and the unborn. Many Christians have been held down in the spiritual realm causing problems in the physical realm and until there is a shaking in the spirit, these problems will persist which will make life difficult, expressionless, frustrating and hope dashed.

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Once problems persist in a life, there is a need to change what you have been doing and how you have been doing it. You need to restructure your life, review your actions and inactions, and start practicing how to make things right. To destroy long-term problems, you must take steps to recover and restore all the right things back. These can be achieved by making the needed changes concerning past mistakes, sins, and ignorance. You need to work on yourself, eliminate self-destructive habits, reduce all excesses in your life, keep company with those who can add value to your life, and have a positive outlook and attitude towards life. You must plan and pray, both are very important, none is more superior because combination of both brings desired success to overcome. Do not concentrate on prayers alone because prayers without planning are sure to end in frustration. This doesn’t mean you should give up when answers are not coming forth, you need to pray and plan until something happens. This article contains 40 prayer points to help destroy long-term problems in your life. Endeavor to fast too while praying and, practice things mentioned in this article. In no time, breakthrough is certain.

40 Prayer Points To Destroy Long Term Problems

  1. Lord, thank you for the breath of life given to me and for sustaining me, be thou magnified in Jesus’ name.
  2. Cleanse me from every besetting sin that will be hindrances to answered prayers in Jesus’ name.
  3. Evil marks identifying me for evil and spiritual manipulation of demons, blood of Jesus cancel them in Jesus’ name.
  4. Invisible chains binding my spiritual hands, break by fire in the mighty name of Jesus.
  5. Enemies rejoicing over long-term issues in my life, be disgraced in the name of Jesus.
  6. Unknown covenant that has chained me down to the same spot over the years causing embarrassing situations, break by fire in Jesus’ name.
  7. Planned fountain of problems of the evil ones instituted against my life, dry up in Jesus’ name.
  8. Circle of long-term problem around my life, break by fire in the name of Jesus.
  9. Chains of darkness tying me down to diseases, barrenness, delay, and stagnation, break in Jesus’ name.
  10. Father, empower my hands to prosper in the mighty name of Jesus.
  11. Oh Lord, arise in all your might and fight my battles for me in Jesus’ name.
  12. I neutralize all problems that originate from the mistake of my parents in the name of Jesus.
  13. Lord, I paralyze all attacks of the enemy targets towards me in Jesus’ name.
  14. Father, every anti-breakthrough design against my life be scattered to pieces in the mighty name of Jesus.
  15. Lord, I destroy all satanic plots from my foundation in the mighty name of Jesus.
  16. Father, disgrace all household enemies of my destiny fighting against my breakthrough in Jesus’ name.
  17. Oh Lord, paralyze every evil leg that is going about the issues of my life in Jesus’ name.
  18. Oh Lord, I trample upon every enemy of my advancement and promotion in Jesus’ name.
  19. Father, destroy the backbone of every evil sponsor in my life in the mighty name of Jesus.
  20. Oh Lord, enlarge my coasts beyond my expectations in the name of Jesus.
  21. Holy Ghost, seal all pockets that have demonic holes in my life in the name of Jesus.
  22. Lord, I destabilized the power of every strongman in my life in the name of Jesus.
  23. Let the head of every marine power and serpent fashioned against my life and destiny be broken by fire in the mighty name of Jesus.
  24. Oh Lord, uproot evil things from my life and replace with good things henceforth in Jesus’ name.
  25. Any negative transaction currently affecting my life negatively, be canceled in Jesus’ name.
  26. I command my life and destiny to change for the better in the mighty name of Jesus.
  27. Oh Lord, deliver me from every reoccurring problem that refuse to let go in the mighty name of Jesus.
  28. Oh Lord, grant me sense of power and authority that will enable me to resist all enemies’ attacks over all areas of life in Jesus’ name.
  29. Father, deliver my life and destiny from all Satan’s dominion in the mighty name of Jesus.
  30. I decree and declare freedom from every mountain of problems in my life and destiny in Jesus’ name.
  31. Father bless me indeed and cause me to be victorious over every challenge of life in the mighty name of Jesus.
  32. Father, make me your battle axe, to fight all satanic causes of problems and failure in my life and destiny in Jesus’ name.
  33. Father, bring me to my land of favour and breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus.
  34. Oh Lord, all good doors of my life that has been shut by evil demons and principalities, be opened by fire in the name of Jesus.
  35. Father, dry up all resources of evil oppressors of my life and destiny in Jesus’ name.
  36. Holy Ghost fire, scatter all evil gang-ups against my life, family, destiny, and ministry in the mighty name of Jesus.
  37. Lord, all hindrances to my greatness, begin to give way now in Jesus’ name.
  38. Father, all evil incantations working against me life and destiny return to sender in the name of Jesus.
  39. Holy Spirit anoint me mightily with the oil to prosper in all ramifications in the mighty name of Jesus.
  40. Father, arise and bring a permanent solution to all long-term problems of my life in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for all answered prayers, be thou glorified in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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