40 Prayers Against Bedwetting

40 Prayers Against Bedwetting

40 Prayers Against Bedwetting

Psalms 107 verse 6 says,

“Then they cried unto the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them out of their distresses.”

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If you are struggling against the evil spirit of bedwetting, then you are not alone. Fortunately, you have come to the right page. Because on this page, we will walk you through 40 powerful prayers against bedwetting. 

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The devil takes different means to try to disgrace and humiliate the children of God. Anyone can be a victim of bedwetting. The devil and his agents can inflict the evil problem of bedwetting on both the young and old. This is why one must wage a prayerful battle against such spirits. You can wage a battle against the evil forces in the demonic realm through prayers and faith in the word of God. 

You don’t have to live through bedwetting. You don’t have to suffer the humiliation. That’s what the devil wants. For people to suffer humiliation and low self-esteem. But that is not your portion by God’s grace. Bedwetting is a very serious spiritual issue that must be tackled very carefully spiritually. 

The devil sends this evil spirit of bedwetting to torment both children and adults. But prayer being the master key can destroy such evil spirits. Every spirit of bedwetting in your life be destroyed this instant in the name of Jesus! You are free from the shackles of bedwetting in Jesus name. If it is your child that is suffering from bedwetting, they are delivered in Jesus name. 

God has given us power to ask for what we want and we shall be granted, within reason. So, if you’re battling with bedwetting, why not go on your knees in prayer and fight/pray against this humiliating spirit of bedwetting? The 40 prayers below are specially crafted to address the problem to God. 

40 Prayers Against Bedwetting

  1. O Lord my Father, you are the omnipotent God. You alone has the power of the whole universe in your hands. And there is nothing you cannot do. I ask that you chase away every spirit of bedwetting from my life in Jesus name
  2. Every evil spirit of bedwetting in my life, I rebuke you today in Jesus name
  3. I am fully delivered and rescued from the evil spirit of bedwetting in Jesus name
  4. Lord, heal me completely from the demonic curse of bedwetting in Jesus name.
  5. Is there any disease you cannot cure Lord? All diseases and infirmities bow down at the mention of your name. Lord let the evil spirit of bedwetting bow down at the mention of your name in Jesus name
  6. Lord, deliver from the generational curse of bedwetting in our household in Jesus name.
  7. Father in heaven, take away my disgrace and problem of bedwetting this instance in Jesus name.
  8. O Lord my Father, look upon me with mercy and deliver me from the hands of bedwetting demons in Jesus name.
  9. Lord Jesus, from today onwards, I want bedwetting to be a thing of the past in my life in Jesus name.
  10. King of kings, my God in heaven, gives me absolute control over the workings of my bladder so that I will stop uncontrollably bedwetting in Jesus name.
  11. Dear God, look upon me with mercy and save me from the disgrace I receive among my peers due to my bedwetting problem in Jesus name.
  12. From this moment forward, bedwetting has become a thing of the past in my life in Jesus name.
  13. Lord, take preeminent control of my body and its organs and help me to stop bedwetting in Jesus name.
  14. The devil shall not win in my life through the problem of bedwetting in Jesus name.
  15. Right from this moment forward, bedwetting ceases to be a problem for which people laugh at me in Jesus name.
  16. My bedwetting problem has become a thing of the past in Jesus’ name.
  17. The devil shall not win over my life as regards bedwetting in Jesus name.
  18. Though people may laugh at me now because of my bedwetting, it will soon become a thing of the past soon by God’s grace in Jesus name.
  19. Father Lord, shock my enemies and put them to shame when they see that their evil plans of bedwetting have passed over my head in Jesus name.
  20. Every evil arrow that the devil and his agents have sent into my life to keep me bedwetting, they are destroyed this minute in Jesus name.
  21. Evil spirit of bedwetting! Depart from me this minute by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ!
  22. Lord of hosts, do the impossible that people have been mocking me for and heal me of bedwetting in Jesus name.
  23. I shall not be mocked for bedwetting again in Jesus name.
  24. Evil spirit of bedwetting shall not know my body again in Jesus name.
  25. I put off every evil and cursed cloth of bedwetting that the devil and his agents have put on me in Jesus name.
  26. I cover myself in the blood of Jesus. Blood of Jesus performs miracles as I sleep in Jesus name.
  27. Help me to have better control of my bladder Lord Jesus. Put an end to bedwetting in my life in Jesus name
  28. The devil is a liar, I shall not be a forever victim of bedwetting in Jesus name
  29. I receive deliverance from every evil spirit of bedwetting that mysteriously entered my life in Jesus name.
  30. I rebuke every evil spirit of bedwetting that might want to descend upon me while I sleep in Jesus name.
  31. O Lord, take away every mock-able trait in my life that my enemies can use to mock me especially bedwetting traits in Jesus name.
  32. By the special grace of God, all spirits of bedwetting that disturb me at night shall be destroyed today in Jesus name.
  33. O Lord, don’t let my peers know me for such a disgraceful thing as bedwetting in Jesus name.
  34. Father in heaven, as I go to sleep tonight, send your angels to take charge of my bed in Jesus name
  35. O Lord, let your angels send away any evil spirit of bedwetting that is hoping to take over at night in Jesus name.
  36. Every spirit of bedwetting go back to your sender in Jesus name.
  37. O Lord, I ask for your divine grace to overcome the urge to bed wet at night, Lord give me your divine grace in Jesus name
  38. Lord, look upon me with mercy and grant me the strength to overcome bedwetting in Jesus name
  39. Lord in heaven, burn down every evil arrow of bedwetting to ashes in Jesus name
  40. Bedwetting has become a thing of the past in my life in Jesus name, I decree.



With these 40 prayers listed above, we hope you can start the fervent  prayer battle against the spiritual realm especially when it comes to bedwetting problem. Prayers against bedwetting is very important and crucial for the adult or teen who is bedwetting. May your prayers be answered in Jesus name. 


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