40 Prayers For My Family’s Protection

“But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.” – 2 Thessalonians 3:3

There are a lot of dark and evil forces that plant or force morbid thoughts into our minds, they make us doubt the assuredness of God’s protection over our lives and that of our families. If you constantly wrestle with dark thoughts about death, being involved in an accident or contracting a deadly disease or illness ( there even exist names for these dark feelings planted into the human heart by the evil one in medical parlance  such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc), then these 40 powerful prayer points on God’s protection is what you need.

As Christians, we know that God is our protector and defender. He is the one who shields us from harm and keeps us safe from the schemes of the enemy. This truth is especially important when it comes to our families, as we want nothing more than to see them protected and cared for. So, how can we trust in God’s protection over our family and find peace in His care?

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First, we must remember that God is a loving Father who cares deeply for His children. In Psalm 91, we read that God will protect us and keep us safe from harm:

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.’ Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” – Psalm 91:1-4

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This passage reminds us that when we trust in God and seek refuge in Him, He will protect us from all kinds of danger. We can find shelter under His wings and rest in the assurance that He is faithful to keep us safe.

Furthermore, God promises to protect our families as well. In Proverbs 2:7-8, we read:

“He holds success in store for the upright, he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless, for he guards the course of the just and protects the way of his faithful ones.”

God is not only our shield, but He is also a shield to those who walk in righteousness and seek His ways. As we strive to live upright lives and follow His commands, He will guard and protect us and our families.

In addition to these promises, we can also take comfort in the fact that God is with us always. In Matthew 28:20, Jesus says:

“And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

No matter what trials or challenges we may face, we can trust that God is with us, guiding us and protecting us every step of the way.

Finally, as we entrust our families to God’s care and protection, we can find peace and rest in His loving embrace. We can take comfort in His promises and trust that He will be our shield and defender, keeping us safe from harm. Let us hold fast to the truth that God is faithful, and He will always be with us to protect and guide us through life’s journey.

40 Prayers For My Family’s Protection

  1. Lord, I thank you for the revelation of your word which you sent to minister to me through this article. Blessed be your name in Jesus’ name.
  2. Father I thank you for the entrance of your word through this article for it has opened the eyes of my understanding. May your holy name be glorified in Jesus’ name.
  3. Lord, I thank you for your banner of love over my family.
  4. Father, I commit my family unto Your able hands. Guide and lead every member of my family. Wherever they go, Lord, go before them.
  5. Lord, because we have made you our refuge and our dwelling place, no evil shall happen to us in Jesus’ name.
  6. Father, thank you for putting your angels in charge of us everyday to guard us in all our ways.
  7. Father, you are our Strong Tower. Thank you for being there for us whenever we need you. 
  8. Thank you for being a safe place where we can run to and hide. Thank you for being our hope, our strength, our banner, and an effective help in times of trouble. Amen.
  9. Thank you, Lord, for your everlasting protection and for the assurance that you will never leave nor forsake us.
  10. My God and Father, render every attack of the enemy against my family invalid. Nothing shall stop us in the name of Jesus.
  11. Father, you are the horn of our salvation. Please, make all members of my family attentive to your voice. Help us pay attention when you send clues our way to warn us of danger. Amen.
  12. Abba Father, don’t allow us  to fall into the hands of bad people. Hide us from their prying eyes, confuse their minds, hinder their plans, and stop them in their tracks. Amen.
  13. Lord, take us under your wings and shield us from the terror by night and the arrows on fire flying during the day. Protect us from diseases and sickness. Don’t allow destruction to come near our lives, and properties. Amen.
  14. Father, be the shield and fortress of our family. Never let the plans of the evil one come to fruition in our lives in Jesus’ name.
  15. Heavenly Father, I pray that You protect my family’s  reputation and honour, and keep us from all false accusations and rumours.
  16. Lord, please protect our family from all spiritual warfare and keep us strong in Your power and might.
  17. God, I pray that You protect my family’s future and destiny, and guide us in Your perfect will for our lives.
  18. Dear Lord, I ask that You protect our minds from all negative thoughts and attitudes, and fill us with Your love and hope.
  19. Father God, I pray that You protect the minds and hearts of all members of my family from all evil influences, and guide us in Your truth and righteousness.
  20. Lord, please protect our health and well-being, and give us the strength to overcome all illnesses and disabilities.
  21. Lord, please protect us from all accidents on the road, and keep us and other drivers safe.
  22. God, I pray that You protect our home and belongings, and keep them safe from all theft and destruction.
  23. Lord, please protect every member of my family from all fear and anxiety, and fill us with Your peace and courage.
  24. Father God, I ask that You protect our loved ones who are far away from home, and keep them safe and healthy.
  25. Dear Lord, I pray that You protect our faith as a family and keep us strong in Your Word and promises.
  26. God, I ask that You protect our hearts from all hurts and disappointments, and heal us from all emotional wounds.
  27. Heavenly Father, I ask that You protect our family from all spiritual attacks and keep us rooted in Your truth.
  28. Heavenly Father, I ask that You protect us from the attacks of the enemy and shield us from his schemes.
  29. Dear God, I pray that You protect my family from harm and danger, and keep us safe under Your watchful eye.
  30. Lord, please protect my family from all financial difficulties and provide for all our needs according to Your riches in glory.
  31. I cover every member of my family with the Blood of Jesus! Father, shield them from the arrows of the enemy!
  32. Father, because You are our only shield, keep my family away from every evil eye. When a thousand falls at the right hand, it shall not come near us in Jesus’ name!
  33. I pray that my family will always feel your presence and know that you are with them every step of the way.
  34. Please dear Father, give every member of my family peace, comfort, and hope in times of trouble and uncertainty.
  35. Heavenly Father, I pray that my family will always remain under your watchful care and be kept safe in your loving arms.
  36. Father Lord, I pray that you will place a hedge of protection around each member of my family and keep them safe from all harm.
  37. Father, I pray for unity amongst all members of my family because I believe when we are united as a family, the devil can not get a foothold into our lives.
  38. Heavenly Father, I praise you for rendering null and void every weapon and enchantment of oppression targeted at me and my family in Jesus’ name.
  39. Dear Lord, I pray specially for the children in my household that you Lord will send angels to guide them in school and at work when they are not with us, in Jesus’ name.
  40. I declare that there shall be no loss whatsoever for my family in every area of our lives.

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