40 Prayers For Pregnant Mothers

40 Prayers For Pregnant Mothers

40 Prayers For Pregnant Mothers

Isaiah 44:24

Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, who formed you from the womb: “I am the Lord, who made all things, who alone stretched out the heavens,
who spread out the earth by myself.

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Are you an expecting mom seeking prayers to secure your growing fetus and the future of your unborn child? Here are 40 MFM prayers for pregnant mothers. Through these prayers, we trust God that your growing fetus will get to its full term without complications and that it shall be well with you all through the duration of your pregnancy in Jesus name.

Honestly, the period of pregnancy is a sensitive period in the life of every woman, while there are expectations for the growing child to achieve some milestones of development, there are often worries and anxiety on the part of the mother especially when the development of the fetus seems slow compared to what the mother envisaged.

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However, it is not a period to allow the devil’s ideas and evil imaginations cloud your mind as a mother (2 Corinthians 2:11), rather this is a time when you are supposed to be more prayerful, in this time, you must consciously shape the present and future of your unborn child in the place of prayers.

This is a time when you should always lay your hands on your baby bump, commanding your heart desires into your child (Romans 4:17), declaring that only the counsel of God shall stand concerning him or her.

The period of pregnancy is a time to pray as a woman for divine protection for your child, because truly the thought of the wicked for us is usually not good, the aim of the devil is always to sew tares into our wheat (Matthew 13) (wheat here represents anything good that God has planted in our lives), so as a responsible and proactive mother, your duty is to pray against every satanic plan prepared to make you weep over your child both in the present and in future.

In these 40 prayers for pregnant mothers, we will be handing over every fetus into God’s hands, we will be praying to God for their divine preservation, and grace to fulfill destiny.

Let’s proceed to the 40 prayers for pregnant mothers.

40 Prayers For Pregnant Mothers

  1. Lord I thank you for the grace you have given me to carry a godly seed in my belly, blessed be your Holy name in Jesus name
  2. Lord I Thank you for this great privilege that you have given me to be a caretaker of your own heritage on earth
  3. Father I thank you for your great plans for this child I’m carrying in my belly, blessed be your precious name Oh Lord
  4. Lord I thank you for you have been our protector and shield since the first day of this pregnancy
  5. I appreciate you Lord for you are able to preserve this great gift you have given me till the end, all glory belongs to you in Jesus’ name
  6. Lord I plead for your forgiveness in all ways I have not been praying fervently for my growing fetus, let your mercy speak for me in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  7. Father I ask for your grace and mercy in all ways I have been nonchalant regarding the destiny of this growing child in my womb, please help me to be a better mother in the mighty name of Jesus.
  8. Lord in all ways I have been worried and anxious over the scan result of this baby, or over the evil declarations of the enemy, please forgive me in Jesus name
  9. Help me to be more confident of your promises for me rather than the threats of the enemy in Jesus name.
  10. Lord I hand over this my growing fetus into your hands, even in the womb, I dedicate this child unto you Lord and I ask that you fulfill your counsel on this child in Jesus name
  11. I ask oh Lord that only your will be done regarding this child’s future in Jesus name
  12. Please let your hands of protection be upon my growing pregnancy in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  13. I receive daily renewal of strength for both the baby and myself, I reject weakness of any kind for me and the baby in Jesus name
  14. I command every evil eyes monitoring my pregnancy to go blind in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  15. Those who have made plans against me and my baby shall be greatly ashamed in the mighty name of Jesus 
  16. Every evil report I got from the doctors and sonographers, I render them useless in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  17. I decree that my child shall grow healthily in the womb in the mighty name of our Lord
  18. In any way my baby is wrongly located in my belly, I command him to be rightly located in the womb now in the mighty name of Jesus
  19. I command all the growing organs to develop well on my baby in Jesus name
  20. Every negative prediction against my pregnancy, I cancel them by the blood of Jesus Christ
  21. Every evil announcement made by demonic personalities against my pregnancy, I render it useless in Jesus name
  22. I decree that there shall be no complication in this pregnancy in Jesus name
  23. I frustrate every counsel of the wicked to make me weep over this pregnancy in Jesus name
  24. All evil arrow shot against my pregnancy, I command them to speedily go back and destroy the sender in Jesus name
  25. Any date of sorrow that the enemy has imagined against my pregnancy, I erase them now by the blood of Jesus Christ
  26. I decree that there shall be no casualty on the day of my delivery in Jesus name
  27. I soak myself and my pregnancy in the blood of Jesus
  28. Occult personalities shall not gain access to my child’s destiny in Jesus name
  29. There shall be no loss before and after my delivery in Jesus name
  30. I decree that my husband shall live, He shall not die in Jesus name
  31. I cancel every death sentence made against any member of my family on my delivery day in Jesus mighty name
  32. All satanic agenda against my family in relation to this pregnancy, I cancel it now by fire in Jesus name
  33. I declare that my baby’s future is secured in the blood of Jesus Christ
  34. I decree that my baby shall live long and be prosperous in Jesus name
  35. All the evil covenant that has brought shame upon my family shall not have a grip on my baby in Jesus name
  36. I disconnect my baby from every satanic curse that is running in my family and in my husbands extended family, in Jesus name
  37. Every limitation that my husband faced in the past, my baby shall not face them, my baby shall break limit and go beyond borders in Jesus name
  38. That glorious destination that my family has never gotten to, this my baby shall get there and exceed it in Jesus name.
  39. My child shall fulfill God’s destiny on his or her life in Jesus name
  40. Thank you Jesus for answering prayers.

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