40 Prayers Points For Breaking Limitations

40 Prayer Points For Breaking Limitations

40 Prayers Points For Breaking Limitations

Isaiah 54:2-3

Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes; 3 For thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left; and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles, and make the desolate cities to be inhabited.

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Limitations and barriers are strong demonic forces that hinders men from making progress in life, from doing exploits and from functioning at their peak in career, academics, finances, ministry, calling, etc.

These forces sometimes can be operational in a man’s life as a result of ancient covenants, oaths, exchange and other spiritual dealings that have been made between the forefathers and ancient altars, which are detrimental to the progress, wealth, longevity, of the coming generation Exodus 34:7.

To remove these forces of limitations, a believer must first be aware and acknowledge that he or she is struggling with the spirit of limitation, after this, the believer must pray fervently these 40 prayer points to break limitations.

It is also very important that a believer tries as much as possible to separate himself or herself from any character trait or habit that connects him or her to the ancestors, some of these traits are; anger, arrogance, fearfulness, carelessness, reckless spending, drunkenness, adultery, theft, (Galatians 5:19-21) etc.

Because these character traits and lifestyles cannot be found in Christ, when a Christian displays them, he or she gives the devil easy access into his or her life, and through these “weaknesses”, the devil then causes there to be a limitation.

So today, as we pray these 40 prayer points for breaking limitations, we will also be praying about overcoming negative character traits and lifestyles that we have inherited from our forefathers.

Let’s proceed to the 40 prayer points for breaking limitations

40 Prayer Points For Breaking Limitations

  1. Father I thank you for this is the day that you have made for my deliverance from evil powers of limitation
  2. Lord I thank you for the victory that I already have in you because your word says he who sets free is free indeed  blessed be your name oh God.
  3. Father I thank you for your thoughts for me, for they are thoughts of good and not of evil, to bring  me freedom and to bring me great joy
  4. Thank you lord Jesus for it is not in your will and plan for my life to be limited by satanic forces and their evil weapons.
  5. Thank you Father for your great grace upon my life and for the miracle of coming across this article blessed be your holy name and Jesus name
  6. Oh Lord as I pray today, I ask that your presence will abide with me and grant me victory over all my adversaries in Jesus name
  7. Lord I ask that your power shall saturate the nook and cranny of this environment, where I am praying, that the powers of darkness shall not be able to counter my prayers in Jesus name
  8. Lord I soak myself in the blood of Jesus Christ, I soak this environment in the blood of Jesus, and I decree that my prayers shall not be hindered, they shall get to God in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  9. I decree that every weapon that the enemy may want to use against my prayers be shattered now, in Jesus name
  10. I command every weapon of darkness assigned against my freedom to scatter by fire in Jesus name
  11. In the name of Jesus Christ, I decree that I am free from every evil barrier.
  12. I decree that every evil the devil and his cohorts have planned against the will for my life shall not see the light of the day in Jesus name
  13. Every instrument of limitation that the enemy has placed around me, I command it to  catch fire in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  14. Every limitation that my parents experienced, I refuse to go through it in Jesus mighty name
  15. Everything hindering my destiny from shining, I command it to get out of my way in Jesus name
  16. Every altar of darkness where my matter has been reported to, I command it to catch fire in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
  17. Every curse of limitation placed upon me and by siblings by our forefathers, I render it useless now in Jesus name
  18. Every demon of limitation going about with me, I command you to get out of my life, my destiny, in Jesus name
  19. Every author of the curse of limitation in my finances, I command you to catch fire in Jesus name
  20. Everything pulling me back to my former position in destiny, I command your powers to fail now by fire, in Jesus name
  21. Oh Lord every evil character trait I got from my ancestors that has opened me up for attack, help me to get rid of these traits in Jesus name
  22. Father every evil habit I am addicted to, that has robbed me of the liberty in Christ, please deliver me from them in Jesus name
  23. Every good thing that these traits have deprived me of, let them be restored to me by your mercy in Jesus name
  24. Every thought of the wicked towards me henceforth, let them be destroyed by fire, in Jesus name
  25. I regain my liberty in Christ in Jesus name
  26. I separate myself from every ungodly association that can further encourage these evil traits in my life in Jesus name
  27. I disconnect myself totally from the old root, I connect myself to the root of Jesse in Jesus name
  28. I refuse to follow the ways of my forefathers, I follow the way of Christ my Lord in Jesus name
  29. I reject every shame and disappointment that accompanies these evil traits, they shall no longer be operational in my life, in Jesus name
  30. I receive grace to totally look like Christ in all that I do in this season, in Jesus name
  31. I refuse to think like my forefathers , I separate myself from their old beliefs, customs and traditions that are ungodly in Jesus name
  32. I tow the path of life in Christ Jesus and I decree that I am free from all forms of limitation, in Jesus name
  33. In Jesus’ mighty name, whatsoever was difficult for my fathers to achieve, I shall achieve with ease.
  34. Whatsoever territory my forefathers could not step due to the curse of limitation, I go there and I possess the land in Jesus name
  35. I walk away from every demonic territory that is working against my freedom in Jesus mighty name
  36. I move forward in life and in destiny, I refuse to be stagnant in Jesus name
  37. My time shall no longer be wasted on that which is not profitable, I enter into my season of greater glory in Jesus name.
  38. I enter my time of global recognition, I shall be widely known for fulfilling destiny in Jesus name
  39. I shall no longer remain on the same spot, I receive grace to accelerate by fire in Jesus precious name
  40. Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers.

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