40 Prayers To Recover Money from Debtors

40 Prayers To Recover Money from Debtors

40 Prayers To Recover Money from Debtors

Philippians 4 verse 19 says,

“And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”

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If you are looking for powerful prayers to pray to God to help you recover money from debtors, then you are reading the right page. Below, we will be listing up to 40 unique and powerful prayers that you should pray fervently to ask God for help with recovering your money. 

Nobody likes to be owed. It’s a very bad position to be in. There are many times you will need the money for one purpose or the other but your customers have refused to pay you, so you have no money. Excess debtors and debts can drive a business bankrupt and cause a person to plunge into poverty. That is why it is important to recover all this money. 

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Some debtors have been corrupted in their hearts whether knowingly or unknowingly by the devil and his evil agents. The evil spirit of having money owed by customers is a very bad spirit that must be tackled very seriously and immediately by the devil. The devil is a liar and you will be paid back all the money that you are being owed by the grace of God. 

God is omnipotent and incredibly capable of much more than we can imagine. He can touch the hearts of these people owing you and bring them to pay you all your money. Yes! Our Lord can do that and He will be so glad to help you if you ask Him in prayers. So, we compiled these 40 incredibly powerful and inspired prayers that you should pray from this minute to start getting your money back from debtors. 

40 Prayers To Recover Money from Debtors

  1. O Lord my father, I ask for your divine intervention when it comes to my finances. Please restore my finances to its full glory and help me to recover all my money from Debtors today in Jesus name. 
  2. My Father and my God, you are the omniscient and omnipotent God. Is there anything you cannot do? I ask today that you intervene in the area of my money matters. Help me to amicably recover my money from my debtors in Jesus name. 
  3. Dear God, please touch the heart of my debtors so that they begin to think of me today in Jesus name. 
  4. O Lord my Father. You are the author and finisher of our fates. Lord, look into my finances today and make it better in Jesus name. 
  5. Every of my hard-earned money that is in the hand of debtors currently, Lord intervene with your mighty presence and help me to recover it in Jesus name. 
  6. Lord, every evil spirit of debt in my financial life, that is threatening to ruin me, I rebuke it in Jesus name. 
  7. O Lord my God, every power that wants me to remain in debt shall die by fire in Jesus name.
  8. My father and my God, You are the one who is, who was and who is to come. Please look into my finances and deliver me from the evil spirit of debt in Jesus name.
  9. Oh Lord my Father, elevate me financially. Every evil plan of the enemy to sink me into enormous debts, destroy such plans in Jesus name.
  10. I ask of You Jesus, that you touch the hearts of all my customers that are owing me, so that they begin to pay me back my money from today onwards in Jesus name.
  11. I put my financial life and all my money matters into your able hands of God. I shall not drown in debt due to owing customers in Jesus name.
  12. My business shall not crumble under the weight of owing customers in Jesus name. All my customers that owe me shall begin to contact me to pay me back my money in Jesus name.
  13. O Lord my Father, please soften the hearts of all my customers that owe me. Begin to remind them to pay me back my money from today in Jesus name. 
  14. O Lord, bless me beyond my expectations and intervene in my financial life so that I begin to receive all my money that is outside in Jesus name. 
  15. I believe strongly that from today all those that owe me, will begin to locate me today and pay me back in Jesus name.
  16. O Lord my Father, don’t let it take too long before all those that owe me begin to locate me to pay me in Jesus name.
  17. My Father in heaven, you know my debtors. You know their weak points, you know how to soften their hearts so that they pay me. Please begin to do so this minute in Jesus name.
  18. Pertaining to the issue of debts in my life, o Lord, I pray you make a way where there seems to be no way in Jesus name.
  19. My business will begin to flourish this minute in Jesus name. Debits and credits from customers will not crumble my business in Jesus name.
  20. O Lord, I work so hard to earn a living. You said in your word that we will reap the fruits of our labour. O Lord, please don’t let the debts of customers overwhelm me and my business in Jesus name.
  21. Father Lord in heaven, Alpha and Omega, with you all things are possible. Make the complete repayment of my debts from customers be possible this minute in Jesus name. 
  22. Father Lord, guide my customers’ hearts so that they remember me to pay back their debts in Jesus name.
  23. Lord Jesus, please touch the hearts of all customers owing me currently, let them begin to remember me today in Jesus name
  24. There is nothing that you cannot do, O Lord. I pray that before this week runs out, all the debts that I am currently owed will be paid by my customers in Jesus name. 
  25. O Lord, fight for the injustice and unfairness that I am suffering in the hands of debtors that refuse to pay me. Fight for me this minute in Jesus name. 
  26. Father Lord, you said in your Word that I will be the head and not the tail. My business is almost sinking due to overwhelming debt, please help me to lift up my business back from debts in Jesus name
  27. From this minute forward, through the power bestowed upon me from the host of heavens, I reclaim all my lost money from people in Jesus name.
  28. Father Lord, I pray for my husband. Please intervene in his business and help him to recover all his money from customers in Jesus name.
  29. O Lord my Father, this very minute begins to enlighten the mind of my debtors in Jesus name.
  30. I pray that within a few days or a couple of weeks, that I begin to recover all my lost money in Jesus name.
  31. Father Lord, make my customers stop giving excuses and let them start paying me from this minute in Jesus name. 
  32. Every evil spirit that the devil has sent into my business to collapse it through debt, I rebuke it in Jesus name. 
  33. The evil spirit of debt shall not sink my business in Jesus name. 
  34. My business shall continue to flourish despite the spiritual attacks of debt that the devil is using to try it in Jesus name. 
  35. I shall begin to rise above all evil forces of debt that the devil is sending towards me in Jesus name.
  36. Debt cannot stop me from experiencing the overwhelming gift of prosperity that God has gifted me in Jesus name. 
  37. Lord, help my business to recover from all great losses in the form of debt in Jesus name.
  38. Please Lord, speak to the hearts of my debtors this minute. Let them begin to do the needful this minute in Jesus name.
  39. O Lord, intercede for me and help me to recover all my money that customers are holding on to in Jesus name. 
  40. Every force or power from the demonic realm that is determined to stop me from getting paid my debts, destroy them today in Jesus name. 



With these 40 prayers we have listed above, we hope that you can now begin to seek the Lord’s face and pray fervently for God’s blessings. God listens and hears our prayers. Ask God to recover all your debts from customers with the powerful prayer points we mentioned above. 


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