40 Warfare Prayers To Remove Family Curses



Numbers 23:23: Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel: according to this time it shall be said of Jacob and of Israel, What hath God wrought!

Isaiah 54:7: No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is from me,” Says the LORD.

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Jeremiah 31:29: In those days they shall say no more, the fathers have eaten a sour grape, and the children’s teeth are set on edge.

Isaiah 10:27: It shall come to pass in that day that his burden will be taken away from your shoulder, And his yoke from your neck, And the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil.

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A family curse is a generational problem and can only be solved by warfare prayers, deliverance and through breaking away from sins.  This is a common experience in Africa. The force of family problem is a serious stumbling-block. A lot of people are confronted by stubborn bondage because of curses issued upon them. That’s why it is very hard for many to break long term curses. The evil pronouncement of a person in a family can negatively affect so many destinies. Ancestral curses are another form of demonic obstacles that prevent a successful ending. Many of the problems troubling people today started from their foundation – the mistake of the parents, curses, covenant, polygamous inheritance spirit, generational setbacks, afflictions etc.


When a child of God is operating on a curse, he will begin to notice gradual sluggishness, demotion, shame, hunger, debt and later extends to poverty, marital delay, divorce, death, sickness etc. The journey of a man can be stopped by a curse. A woman can experience lateness in child bearing due to witchcraft and foundation curses and covenant in their family line.


Brief Talks:

The symbol of a family is directly rooted to a bloodline. Bloodline is a spirit and has a voice! This means the same blood connects family together. If you happen to have a Jezebel among your family relatives, perhaps a woman who simply hates you and your children, you are bound to experience a mysterious attack. Why? Because both of you share the same inheritance. A particular curse in the family may trigger so many problems in your life. In most families, the curse that is hijacking people’s destiny is the curse of thou shall not prosper.

Sad to notice the high rate of failures, disappointments, confusions at the edge of breakthrough. Many people are suffering from curses which they know nothing about because the cause of the curses took place a very long time ago in their lineage. As a matter of fact, these curses are the reasons why most people are very far away from their blessing. There are so many people who are hardworking, brilliant, gifted, but today, the enemy has tied down their greatness. Affected people thought that they were moving forward whereas they stagnated. It is not because they offended God, or they did one evil thing. Perhaps, the major cause is the evil things our forefathers have done through sacrifices, bloodshed before they died.



As a Child of God, we need to pray more in order to break the evil effects of these curses in our lives through the blood of Jesus. Do not be afraid. There is still hope for you in Christ as far as your prayer life is not drain away then you will surely be free from slavery.


Prayer Points

1). Oh Lord! By the blood of Jesus, erase every curse following me in Jesus name.

2). Oh Lord, uproot all curses that have been linked to my name and wash it away with your blood in Jesus name.

3). Oh Lord! Let your blood wash away every satanic pronouncement I have made, that is working against my life in Jesus name.

4). Anyone among my father’s children or my mother’s children that my blessings has been given to, retrieve them back to me now in Jesus name.

5). Oh Lord! If there is anything my fore-fathers have done that will not let me reach my promised land, I separate myself from it today, for I am a new creation in Jesus name.

6). Because my God did not sanction it, every curse on my life is null and void and of no effect in Jesus name.

7). I prophesy that those who trouble my life shall die by fire in Jesus name

8). Oh Lord, deliver me by fire from every ancestral curses that I have been initiated into in Jesus name.

9). Oh Lord, deliver me from the curse of the sword in my generation and cancel any death by sword (or gun) in my family in Jesus name.

10). Oh Lord, deliver me from famine due to the bloodshed of this nation in Jesus name

11). Oh Lord! Every curse of hatred and blood shedding in my family are washed by the blood of the Lamb in Jesus name.

12). Oh Lord, remove the curse of famine from my life and family in Jesus name.

13). Oh Lord, I refuse to share the curses of my family for your word said that the soul that sin shall die. Therefore, every generational curse hanging over my head is null and void in Jesus’ name.

14). Every sure evil covenant that will not favor me is consumed by the Holy Spirit fire in Jesus name.

15). Every curse and oath that my parents entered into but did not keep and am bearing the consequences are washed away by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.

16). The Lord my shield, protect me, the Lord my glory, bring forth my glory, the Lord my lifter, lift up my head in my family in Jesus name.

17). I prophesy into my life that every curse fighting my foundation and that of my family members shall collapse in Jesus name.

18). Oh the glorious God, overturn every curse in my family to blessings to the glory of your name in Jesus name.

19). Oh Lord, save me totally from the enemies within my family in Jesus name.

20). Lord, arise and attack every evil member attacking us with curses in Jesus name.

21). Oh Lord, I re-claim myself from the hands of whoever I have been handed to from birth and I hand over my life to you in Jesus name.

22). All demonic charms that are embedded in the name of my family are destroyed right now in Jesus name.

23). Oh Lord, scatter all those that hate me with cruel hatred in Jesus name.

24). Oh Lord, all demonic charms in my life that bring setback to me are destroyed by fire in Jesus name.

25). Oh Lord, redeem all those good things that have been spoilt in my life in Jesus name.

26). Every family battles either from my father’s, mother’s or in-law’s house shall be defeated by the blood of the lamb in Jesus name.

27). I declare that my head shall be lifted up above my enemies all around me in Jesus name.

28). Oh Lord, use your voice of thunder to pass judgment on all negative powers that work contrary in my family in Jesus name.

29). Oh Lord, let the strange powers of bad luck fly away from my life in Jesus name.

30). Oh Lord, pull me out of the web of family curses in Jesus name

31). All those that have labeled me a forgotten vessel in my father’s and mother’s house shall come back to crown me their King in Jesus name.

32). Oh Lord, bring to confusion all those who plot against my life in Jesus name.

33). I decree that those who know my root and are blocking my progress shall be like chaff and be blown away from the land of the living in Jesus name.

34). Every mouth that curses my family inwardly shall be judged outwardly in Jesus name.

35). I prophesied that my family shall not share in the curse that devours the earth because we are redeemed by the blood of the lamb in Jesus name.

36). Oh Lord, cancel every curse on this land that will make my family suffer in Jesus name.

37). Oh Lord, every self-inflicted curse working against my family is overruled by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name

38). I claim redemption from the curse of the law in Jesus name.

39). I declare that my sins are washed by the blood of Christ, therefore I cannot be under any curse in   Jesus name.

40). Father, thank you for redeeming me from every family curses in Jesus name. 

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