45 MFM Prayer Points For Marriage

45 MFM Prayer Points For Marriage

45 MFM Prayer Points For Marriage

Genesis 1:28 “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth”.

Marriage is a beautiful and admirable institution created by God himself for the purpose of companionship, to be an example of Christ and the church, for fruitfulness, enjoyment, love and protection.

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The will of God for every marriage is to enjoy long lasting bliss (Jeremiah 29:11), God’s design for marriage is not to have couples experience trouble, failure, illness or death, His plan for marriages and families is for them to portray His love, grace and peace so that unbelievers can see and come to the knowledge of Christ

However, in recent times, it has not been so, this is majorly due to the pressures faced by couples at different stages of their lives, pressure to have their own children, pressure to make available funds to take care of their own children, pressure to meet up with the expectations of the extended family and a lot more.

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Due to these fundamental issues, many decisions are made in marriages, which in turn would determine the present and future of the family. In order to pay bills, some men have engaged in illegal acts or transactions, and in order to please their husbands, some women have also engaged in procedures and activities that will endanger their future health.

Therefore, as believers, working closely with the Holy Spirit in our marriage is an essential for us. The Holy Spirit will help in making sound decisions that will not jeopardize the future of our marriage and individual lives.

This is why in these 45 prayer points for marriage, we will be praying for our spouses to always make the right decisions, to order our lives according to the mandate of God for our lives. 

As you pray these prayers, may the Lord repair everything the enemy has tried to destroy in your home in Jesus name

45 MFM Prayer Points For Marriage

  1. I give thanks to you, Lord, for your unending kindness toward me and my spouse; may the name of the Lord be praised.
  2. We give you thanks, Lord Jesus, that your word will never be proven false and that your promise of grace and favor will always be kept.
  3. Father In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, I beg you to pardon us for all of our transgressions and to cleanse us from all of our impurity by the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus Christ.
  4. Heavenly Father, please heal our hearts and restore our marriage.
  5. Please Lord, instill in my spouse the confidence to make decisions that are in line with your will in all aspects of his/her life, in Jesus name.
  6. In the name of Jesus Christ, Lord help our love to persevere despite the challenges we are facing.
  7. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command every scheme the enemy has devised to keep us apart from each other to fail. 
  8. Dear lord, help me bridle my tongue and refuse to say things that are rude to my spouse in Jesus name.
  9. Dear Lord, I am sure that there are other people who, like me, experience emotional distance from their spouses. Please help us all to find solace in you.
  10. Please help us to understand the significance of grace and forgiveness. May we become capable of loving in the same way that you do and of letting go of the need to always be right.
  11. Please, Lord, be our guiding light and our protecting shield. Help us to cling to you at those times when the arrows of pain are tearing us apart.
  12. Please, Lord, grant my spouse and I the bravery to fight for our marriage and the strength to stand up for each other in bad times, in the name of Jesus Christ.
  13. Father I kneel before you to pray for a miraculous blessing and healing on our marriage and on our connection with each other, that you would remove the hurdles that stand in the way of our walk with you and make us stronger and better husband and wife in the name of Jesus.
  14. Father please Instruct us to be dependent on your power all the way through the hard times that we will face together.
  15. Father, may my spouse fulfill your plan for his/her life in Jesus name.
  16. Please, Heavenly Father, assist us in carrying out your will regarding our coming together in the name of Jesus.
  17. We stand before you today, Heavenly Father, pleading with you to instruct us in the ways of humility so that we may live our lives according to your will in Jesus name
  18. I pray that your peace will rule in our home in Jesus name
  19. Dear lord, please help my husband and I resist giving in to any and all temptations that may be coming our way.
  20. Father by your mercy, let every evil gap between my spouse and I close by fire in Jesus mighty name
  21. We thank you for the grace you have given us to bring forth godly seeds that will bring glory to your name in the name of Jesus Christ.
  22. We pray that our thoughts and words will be gracious, and that the Lord would grant us the humility to seek forgiveness and the wisdom to offer without expecting anything in return.
  23. I pray, Lord, that you will be with him as he makes decisions, both big and small, and that you would help him feel your hand leading the way in his life.
  24. Please help us to be one in love and to always do your will in the name of Jesus Christ.
  25. Help us to put our pride behind and to pick up the tools of peace, kindness, and grace instead.
  26. Please, God, direct my spouse in the right direction in everything he does. 
  27. In the name of Jesus, Father may we look to you as a source of wisdom and direction. 
  28. In the name of Jesus Christ, may the peace that you provide, which is greater than our understanding, keep both our hearts and our thoughts.
  29. teach me, father, to love my spouse without conditions.
  30. may my spouse and I first seek to connect with you before doing it
  31. Help us, Lord, to recall the time when we were introduced to one another and the deep love that quickly developed between us. 
  32. In the name of Jesus, help us to love in concrete ways so that nothing can ever come between us.
  33. Father, please bless him with great insight and make his routes straight and clear wherever he is struggling.
  34. Oh lord, cut off all contact that MY spouse and I have with evil companies.
  35. In the name of Jesus, I hope that we will be able to let go of whatever it is and make the conscious decision to draw closer to our partner.
  36. Please be our stronghold and our source of hope, Lord, When trouble comes our way, assist us to remain centered on you so that we can take solace in the knowledge that you are thinking about us.
  37. Teach us, Father, to lean on you and to put our trust in you at all times, for you have never let any of us down in the past, and you will never let any of us down in the future.
  38. Please, Father, let there be light in our path.
  39. Heavenly Father, we are grateful that you created us because you know us better than anybody else does because you are our creator. 
  40. You are responsible for bringing us together, and you have assured us that you have plans and a purpose for us, plans that will bring us prosperity rather than harm. 
  41. In the name of Jesus Christ, please remind us that you are the focal point of our relationship and that you are the one who is watching over our future.
  42. I want to express my gratitude to you, Almighty and Compassionate Father, for being who you are and for the promises that you have made concerning my spouse and me.
  43. Thank you for your unfailing love
  44. Thank you for answering my prayers.

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