60 Aggressive Prayer Against Witches And Wizard

prayer points against witchcraft manipulation

60 Aggressive Prayer Against Witches And Wizards

Exodus 22:18
Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.

Matthew 11:12
And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

Are you under witchcraft attack? Do you have anyone using charms on you? Are you wondering why the nightmares are too much? Has any man of God told you that your mother, father, uncle, sister, friends or neighbours are the enemies in your life?  Do you dream of being chased, eating in the dream, sex in the dream, black cat, dogs, or evil snake biting you or you saw masquerade in the dream? Fear not and remain calm, because God is about to fight those that are fighting against you.

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These 60 aggressive prayers against witches and wizards are for those that are ready to take the battle to another level. These prayers are organize that wants God to arise and deal with the witchcraft man or woman attacking their life, marriage, business, children, ministry. If you think the enemy has stolen from you, recovery is by force.

Brethren, witches and wizards exists and they represent our enemies, and they always wish us bad in life. And as Christians we must do everything possible to use aggressive prayers to nullify, scatter, or cancel any evil things that have been programmed against us either physically or spiritually.  One of the best ways to paralyze the power of witchcraft over us is through prayers and fasting (Mat 17:21). Witches doesn’t need to seek for anybody’s approval before they launch attack.

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Once they discover you are a threat to them or you are making progress or doing well in life, witchcraft will be borne and they will use any of their devises either to kill, steal, destroy or scatter your plans or expectation. The Bible says in Jeremiah 17:9, the heart of a man is desperately wicked who can know it all. The heart is very deep, and no one can detest it except by prayers or discernment.

A lot of people have been eating and dining with witches and wizards unknowingly. A lot of ministries’ glory (light) have been quenched by internal enemies. Many businesses are bewitched and no longer growing, because the person in competition with you does not want you to succeed and excel. He wants you to change that business or leave the environment. Perhaps he wants your business to die a natural death. God forbid.

For example, when you marry a witch man or woman, you will stand a chance of not fulfilling your destiny. When you move with a witch person, the first sign you will observe  from him or her is envy and jealousy. So for the purpose of this deliverace prayer programme, we are going to embark on 60 prayers against the stronghold of witches and wizards in our marriage, offices, business, ministry etc.

This prayer bullet will surely guarantee your victory in your current battles and take back whatever the enemy has stolen from you. These prayers against witchcraft will instantly kill the witches and wizards assigned against you and give you freedom to fulfill your destiny and live your life according to the design of heaven. This prayer may work best at midnight.

If you think there is a witch troubling your life or you feel you are being bewitched, Perhaps you are being manipulated by witchcraft, however, if you want God to disappoint the device of your crafty enemies, then I will urge you to takes enough is enough prayer points to the end. The truth is, a prayer Christian is a winning Christian (Rom 8:37). As you take these prayers in the day or night, I declare that, no demon will befall you, harm you or delay your glory.

60 Aggressive Prayer Against Witches And Wizards

  1. Every witch or wizard assigned to manipulate my destiny, be destroyed in Jesus name.
  2. I take authority over every witchcraft dark prayer working against my destiny, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Any witchcraft power flying to arrest my progress, fall down and die, in Jesus name.
  4. Every wicked power assigned to attack my marriage, backfire, in the name of Jesus.
  5. Every witchcraft agent that is fighting against my glory, be frustrated in Jesus name.
  6. Any neighborhood witches militating against my advancement, be defeated, in Jesus name.
  7. Any of my glory stolen by witches or wizards, I recover them by fire, in Jesus name.
  8. Any evil bird assigned against my destiny, catch fire, and die, in the name of Jesus.
  9. Every witchcraft tree attacking my elevation, wither by fire, in Jesus name.
  10. I destroy the hand of every witch doctor working against me in the name of Jesus.
  11. Every bad programmes of witches and wizards for my destiny, scatter by fire, in Jesus name.
  12. Every altar of witches and wizards aborting my plans and expectations, be dismantled in the name of Jesus.
  13. Any witchcraft transportation used to attack my destiny, be set ablaze and die, in Jesus name.
  14. All witches and wizards in charge of my case , you will know no peace until you release me in the name of Jesus.
  15. Every good thing that has died in my life, resurrect now, in the name of Jesus.
  16. Any door that I have opened to witchcraft in any area of my life be closed for ever by the blood of Jesus.
  17. Every witchcraft arrow fired in my sleep, go back to your sender, in the name of Jesus.
  18. Father, separate me from evil men determined tempt and harm me, in Jesus name.
  19. Oppression of witchcraft from my father’s house and mother’s house, expire, in Jesus name.
  20. Every satanic mirror/conjuring my face for evil, I command you to break, in Jesus name.
  21. O God arise in my life and let satanic bewitchment scatter, in Jesus name.
  22. Every demonic presence in my marriage, burn to ashes in Jesus name.
  23. Every virtue swallowed by witchcraft, right now, vomit them in Jesus name.
  24. Every satanic gathering against my life, this year, scatter by fire, in Jesus name.
  25. Any power searching for the secret of my life in satanic coven, be confronted by fire, in Jesus name.
  26. Every enemy of my parents that are pursuing my life, what are you waiting for? die in Jesus name.
  27. Let the arrow of the wicked fired against me go back to the senders, in Jesus name.
  28. Any witch woman using my virtues to lock up my destiny, be exposed and wasted, in Jesus name.
  29. Any food of bewitchment I have eaten from someone and its affecting my destiny, be purged out by the blood of Jesus.
  30. Anything the wicked have buried against me, let the fire of God exhume it, in Jesus name.
  31. Every satanic load placed upon my life, I offload you by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  32. Any witch attacking the source of my happiness, roast, in Jesus name.
  33. Any evil wind blowing troubles, sickness, and bad luck to me, be ceased, in Jesus name.
  34. Any wizardry in my household using cobwebs to block my breakthrough, confess and die, in the name of Jesus.
  35. Every dark power in my environment putting sicknesses on people’s lives, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus
  36. Any of my star stolen and polluted through handshake, food, sex, clothes, or through evil laying of hands, I collect them back, in Jesus name.
  37. I shake out every attachment of witch and wizard in my life, in Jesus name.
  38. Let the moon and star expose and scatter all the works of witchcraft against me, in the name of Jesus.
  39. Every wicked power that is sowing tares into my dream, and marriage, I pull you out by fire by force in Jesus name.
  40. Any witch that doesn’t want me to fulfill my destiny, fall down and die, in Jesus name
  41. I declare that all witchcraft weapons fashioned against me, paralyze in Jesus name
  42. You witchcraft woman assigned to bewitch my children, die by fire, in Jesus name.
  43. I silence any evil cat meowing against my breakthrough, in Jesus name.
  44. Any evil personality that is using food or money to control and manipulate my destiny, your time is up, be defeated and render useless, in Jesus name.
  45. Afflictions of the wicked shall not rise up the second time in my life and family, in Jesus name.
  46. Oh Lord hide my destiny from evil attack of the night, in Jesus name.
  47. Angels of destruction, visit the camp of my stubborn enemies, in the name of Jesus.
  48. Any witch or wizard in my family holding us in captivity, your time is up, expire, in Jesus name.
  49. Any wicked man or woman using charms, incantation or enchantment against my glory, backfire, and die, in Jesus name.
  50. Every witchcraft broom blocking the source of my breakthrough, catch fire, in Jesus name.
  51. Every hidden witchcraft in my family line or among my loved ones, within seven days, be exposed and be useless, in Jesus name.
  52. Any problem that came into my life through my parents, I destroy it by fire, in Jesus name
  53. Anything that is covering my glory, be removed by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  54. Every power reporting me to evil man or woman, I abort your evil plans against me, in Jesus name.
  55. Any witchcraft material in my spirit, soul and body, come out by fire in Jesus name.
  56. Every midnight witchcraft attack on my life, be nullified in Jesus name.
  57. All witchcraft obstacles and hindrances on my road to success be removed by the East wind of God in Jesus name
  58. All manners of bewitchment affecting my life, die now in Jesus name.
  59. Any organ in my body that has been exchanged for another through witchcraft operations, be restored, in Jesus name
  60. Every witchcraft arrow fired at me in my sleep, go back to your sender, in the name of Jesus.
  61. Every limitation placed upon my life by witchcraft powers, be destroyed in Jesus name.
  62. Every word spoken against me in witchcraft meetings shall not stand, in the name of Jesus.
  63. O God, arise and let every power challenging You in my life scatter, in the name of Jesus.
  64. Any power waiting to rejoice over my failure, receive double disappointment, in Jesus name.
  65. Every power using my picture to steal my virtues or harm me, I command you to release my virtues and be wasted, in Jesus name.

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