7 Signs God Is Calling You To Be A Prophet

7 Signs God Is Calling You To Be A Prophet

7 Signs God Is Calling You To Be A Prophet



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1 Corinthians 12:10 “To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues.”

Ephesians 4:11-12 “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; 4:12 “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry. For the edifying of the body of Christ.”

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Prophesying is one of the oldest and most noble professions that exists. God always used the prophet to speak His word. Firstly, a prophet is someone who listens attentively to the word of God, a mystic who hears God, takes God at his word and then goes into the world to tell the world God’s message. A prophet speaks God’s message fearlessly, publicly, without compromise despite the times whether fair or foul. God has given every one of his people gifts in order that we can help and serve others. Entering into the ministry of prophecy is not a self-made decision. One needs to be called by God before you can function properly. No one enters into the ministry of prophecy on a whim or because you decide it or for financial gain. If you are not called, you will not have the grace or the gifting to do it. As a result, you can be frustrated because the life of God is not in it.

If God called you to be a prophet and you are working in another job, you will be miserable as well. God deals with us as individuals, so he doesn’t do the same thing with everyone. There are patterns that can be found in the life of people called to be prophesying. You have to be spiritually inclined with God to be able to notice the signs he is leading you on to.

Since it is so important to become a prophet only if you are called, the question is what are the signs that God is calling you to be a Prophet. In this article, we will be looking at seven (7) signs that can help you answer the questions that God is calling you to be a Prophet.

7 Signs God Is Calling You To Be A Prophet

  1. HAVING AN INVESTIGATION SPIRIT: You are very observant; things others overlook does not get past you. Your eyes quickly see it, you perceive things before they happen and even when it happens, it is just a confirmation that what you sensed was correct. You can tell the sequence of events that will happen. Uncommon thinking is easy for you. You hate being limited by tradition and stagnancy. Outcomes of things are determined based on patterns. You are grieved by injustice and love to help others.
  2. A BURNING DESIRE TO MINISTER: There is always a burning desire to minister to the household of faith. It is not a passing fancy but something in you burning to manifest. It is not just a desire to bring people into the kingdom of God but also to help believers in their daily walk with God. There is also a desire to warn people of certain dangers. The desires take different dimensions and once it takes hold of you, it won’t let you go. The call is from God to be a prophet. The desire to do the work of God is planted by God and grows over a period of time. If one desires to do things for God’s glory then it must come from him because any fantasy desires fade away with time.
  3. COMMITTED TO THE WELL-BEING OF OTHERS: You are not so much concerned with making a name for yourself as you are more keyed into helping others. You are willing to give up things that are important to you so that others may benefit from your action. A prophetic ministry requires total commitment to the working of the Lord. Working with God as a prophet is a servanthood profession so you must be prepared to pay the price before you enter into it; if you have no desire, you shouldn’t even enter the door. People might try to discourage you or not even share your enthusiasm and some might even accuse you of being paranoid when you are committed to other’s well-being. Remember, the ministry of prophesying is unique and don’t expect others to share in your burden. The fact that you tend to do something different is a proof that the desire is from God. God tends to hide his prophets until they are fully ready to minister personally to his people.
  4. MOVE TO ENGAGE IN INTERCESSORY PRAYERS: If you find yourself being led to spend a lot of time interceding for others and you have had times when you are being clearly led, even seen definite results then the elements of a prophetic ministry are certainly there. The key ministry of a prophet is intercessory prayers. If you have been led to pray things into existence or birth them in the spirit through intercessory prayers, then, your prophetic ministry is already starting to manifest. The prophet is sensitive to the moving of God’s spirit and has the ability to bring the anointing into a meeting. God doesn’t do things without revealing it to his prophets which is a key God uses his prophets for in doing things on earth.
  5. HUMILIATION: Another sign that God is calling you to be a prophet is being humiliated because of your unique approach to things. You might likely hit a wall or two in your time which Jesus himself also suffered when he was stripped and laid bare on the cross by his own people. It is this act that tests your humility and takes you to a humbling process through such experiences. This might be hard but keeps you humble and reminds you that the gifts of the spirit, the prophetic calling on your life with everything is under the hand of God. It is not just your own passing desires.
  6. SINGLENESS OF PURPOSE: When you experience singleness of purpose in that you called a spade a spade and not compromise. You said everything the way it is in black and white. You are not a respecter of any person in saying the truth. Hotness or coldness is acceptable by you and no lukewarmness is tolerated. Just like all the prophets in the Old and New Testaments, there was no compromise in their messages. People may call you confrontational or too focused on one thing all the time. You should check inward that God is calling you into the ministry of prophecy.
  7. PRAYING PROPHETICALLY: Another sign that God is calling you to be a prophet is when you are praying for people and you sense that the Holy spirit is directing your prayers about God’s purpose for the situation. You also know what bible verses to apply to a situation that you are praying for and even symbolic pictures or words come to mind when you pray. Then, you should know that God is calling you to be His prophet to people.


You are not alone in this discovery of your prophetic ministry. Learn to work out your calling and become equipped to pour out to others as well. Fulfill your calling and throw aside unnecessary weight but come to hear the gentle voice of God. Come and experience the awesome power and get the confirmation you need to function properly in your given assignment. Where others have risen up and reached believers all over the world; you too can do much more for your Heavenly father.

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