7 Signs Your Relationship Is Under Attack

7 Signs Your Relationship Is Under Attack

7 Signs Your Relationship Is Under Attack

Introduction : A relationship between a man and a woman is meant to be beautiful. It is a time when a man and a woman come together in other to know themselves for the purpose of marriage. It is a time to relate enough to see and know if things can work between the both of you as couples or to remain as just friends. Yes, just friends because not all relationships should lead to marriage.

However, a seemingly healthy relationship can sometimes hit the rock either for physical or spiritual reasons. Physical reasons like manners, background, medical reason, character, and so on can make a relationship go south. Spiritual reasons like prayerlessness, backsliding, disobedience to God etc.

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All these reasons could be attacks on your relationship. They could be an agenda to disrupt God’s plans for your life maritally. But how do you determine if your relationship is under any kind of attack, especially a spiritual attack?

For the purpose of this article, we shall be considering

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7 Signs Your Relationship Is Under Attack

1. Constant arguments/quarrels /fights without resolution as opposed to the usual peace and understanding: In every healthy relationship, there is bound to be arguments or quarrels. It is normal because we are humans coming from different backgrounds, different life views, different hopes and ambitions, different character and different beliefs. As such, it is almost impossible to never offend each other.

From time to time, there would be disagreements, quarrels and arguments. Our views will not align. Our perspectives will not align. We will want different things at different times. All these differences may lead to offences, disagreements, arguments and quarrels. This is normal

Conflict arises everywhere in the world and in all kinds of relationships. When they arise, they must be resolved. Naturally, such situations will only call for settlements after we have aired our views and tried to reach a compromise for the sake of love and peace

It becomes a sign of an attack when fights, disagreements, quarrels and fights break out often without any room for resolving them. It becomes an attack when everything leads to offences and a fight. It becomes an attack when nobody is shifting ground and there is no middle ground for resolution.

When you see this happening, it is a sign that your relationship is under attack and it means only one thing, PRAY and tell God to defeat the works of the devil.

2. When your presence or all you do suddenly annoys your partner: If all of a sudden, your presence becomes irritating to your partner and all you do or say annoys him. He/she becomes uncomfortable at your presence and nags or never sees sense in what you say or do. He almost never wants to see you or have you around. He suddenly nags and sees you as a burden.

When this happens, it is a sign of an attack on your relationship. It is a sign that something is not right and must be faced head on in prayers, to defeat the works of the devil.

3. Unwillingness to or difficulty in making sacrifices: Making sacrifices in relationships are normal but when it becomes difficult and you are almost unwilling to make them, this could be a sign of an attack.

Successful relationships are built on continuous sacrifices. When it becomes difficult to make, then something must be wrong somewhere. This may call for an intentional conversation between the two people involved. This would help to know where the problem is coming from and how you can easily stand to attack such.

4. When sin is easily committed without fear of God: It is a sign that your relationship is under attack when you or your partner finds sin so easy to commit. You no longer see sin as grievous and you easily explain it away. You no longer feel remorseful when you sin. You lie without fear. You keep malice and bear grudge easily. You sin collectively and individually without shame. Just like Annanais and Sapphira in this scripture, who lied to the man of God about the profit they made from what they were sold. These were lying couples and God did not spare them. Only if they had been sensitive to the wiles of the devil. Sin is an attack and it destroys

5. Prayerlessness: Your relationship is under attack when you become prayer less and don’t forget that a prayerless relationship is a powerless relationship. A relationship is also as powerful as the people in it and the people in it are as powerful as their prayer life.

One of the Christian’s greatest weapon against the enemy is prayer. Prayers builds a wall of fire around you and makes you impenetrable to any kind of attack.

Therefore, you become vulnerable to all kinds of attacks when your prayer life is down. The devil knows this and that is why he goes all out to attack a Christian’s prayer life. He will have access to all other areas, once he can attack your prayer life.

6. No more thirst for the word of God: Another way to know when your relationship is under attack is when you no longer love to study the word of God. The word of God is the believers greatest weapon against the devil. You can only use the word of God to overcome the devil. So what happens when you have no word against the devil? It becomes easy for the devil to attack all other areas of your live. An attack on your Bible study life, is an attack on your relationship.

7. Not yielding to Godly counsel: Another way to know your relationship is under attack is when you no longer yield to Godly counsel. Remember the Bible says “in the multitude of counsel, there is wisdom”. How then do you act wisely if you don’t seek counsel or listen to counsel.

Moreso, the devil knows when a man no longer listens to counsel, he is soon to make costly and regrettable mistakes. That is why he will do anything and everything to keep you from listening to counsel.

It is a sign of an attack by the devil, to destroy your relationship and make you have regrets. Never be hard hearted towards counsels.


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