8 Reasons You Are Not Making Progress In Life

8 Reasons You Are Not Making Progress In Life

8 Reasons You Are Not Making Progress In Life

Introduction: Progress is growth. Progress is a forward and onward movement towards a destination. Moving forward or not therefore confirms if we are progressing or not. Just like a child is born and expected to grow from one stage to another, so also is everyone expected to move forward and onward towards a destination. This destination could be career or professional, business, education, marriage, wealth and prosperity, spiritual life and physical life too. To make progress towards these destinations is to move forward.

Yet, even though making progress seem like the normal thing to do, for many people progress doesn’t always come easy. In fact, it takes a lot of effort for some people to move forward. On the other hand, some find progress as easy as possible while some never make progress and if they make at all, it happens like the movement of a snail.

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Could there be reasons for such occurrences where progress looks like it is not meant for us? Are there reasons why a man may not be advancing in life as he should? This topic seeks to expose some of these reasons to us. Let us consider the following reasons below


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  • LACK OF VISION; Habakkuk 2:1,2

When a man has no idea of who he is and where he is going in life,such a man can hardly make progress in life. To make progress in life, one must understand their purpose on earth. Understanding purpose on earth gives life meaning and direction. When a man lacks vision, then progress will be farfetched. Vision prepares us for progress. Vision helps us with what to do and what not to do. Vision defines our path in life and helps us make informed choices that are in line with our vision.

A man who lacks vision will fall for anything, go with anything, accept anything, mingle with anyone and live anyhow and such man will not make progress. So, if you are not making progress, check that your life is on course with what you wish to become. Also check that you are in line with God’s purpose for you life. Vision gives direction and without it life will be without progress.


When a man lacks relationship with God such man can receive nothing from God. It takes relationship to receive anything from God and God is the giver of everything including progress. A lack of relationship with God will make anyone also void of hearing from God because He won’t speak to you as His Spirit is not dwelling in you. To make progress in life we must endeavor to have relationship with God

Having a relationship with God is the only way our ears are open to hearing from Him on how to move forward. He gives us all the information and revelation we need on all steps we are to take.

Relationship with God is key to making progress because it reduces mistakes and errors on our journey. Yes, God still gives us avenues to learn but not so much that we hurt us unlike when we do not hear from Him on how best to proceed. Relationship with God does not mean we will not make mistakes as we move towards progress but it reduces our mistakes to the nearest minimum.

A life without God will make the right kind of progress impossible and if it is possible at all, it may be very difficult to make. We must therefore prioritize our relationship with God if we are looking to make progress in all areas of our lives.

Some believers thing progress is progress if it is only spiritual progress. No! God wants us to make both spiritual, physical and mental progress. None should be sacrificed for the other because God can adequately provide all kind if progress for us.

  • POOR PRAYER LIFE; 1 Thessalonians 5:17

A man who will make progress must be given to prayers because prayer reveals things. It is in the place of prayers that we hear and receive guidance and direction on the way to go from God. A prayerless life therefore is a direction less life. A life that is not given to fervency in prayers will miss out on important ideas to make progress from God because great ideas and breakthrough for progress are born in the place of prayers

Prayer sets things right. Prayer makes things right. Prayer gives us access to the will of God for our lives. Lack of prayer or a poor prayer life shuts us out of God’s manifold will for our progress. Therefore to make progress, we must engage God in the place of prayer.

  • WRONG ASSOCIATION; 1 Corinthians 15:33

It is commonly said that “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” .People can fail to make progress in life when they choose to be in association with the wrong company.

A man of vision and prayers who is ready to make progress will not be found in the midst of wrong people because a wrong association can cut die our lives untimely. It can distract us from our progress making decisions and leave us with setbacks. A person who wants to make progress will choose his company wisely. Association can either make or mar our progress in life.


To make progress in today’s world, spirituality and degree is never enough. To make progress, you must add up necessary skills to your prayers and vision. Spirituality without adequate skills in pursuing vision will a create nuisance and not progress.

Paul told Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:15, “study to show thyself approved. A workman that needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the world of truth….”. The world answers to people who have coupled their vision and prayer with the necessary skills.

To make progress, find skills that are relevant to your career. Add them to whatever degree that you have earned. Strive to be the best, that way, progress is sure.

  • LACK OF DILIGENCE; Proverbs 22:15

“Seeth thou a man diligent in his work. He shall stand before Kings and not mean men” Proverbs 22:15. Diligence automatically sets a man up for progress. Show me a man who is diligent. A man who is hardworking. And I will show you a man that is making progress.

Many people live mediocre and stagnant lives because they are not diligent. They want the money but do not like to put in the work required. Anyone who loves to reap without sowing will only wait in vain. Progress is only made in what you are diligent about. People will seek you when they know you are diligent and excellent at sometime. Without diligence in our craft, we cannot be knowledge enough about it to be sought by others.

We must therefore apply our hearts and hands to diligence in all we do.

” Whatever thy hands finds to do, do it with all thy might ” Ecc 9:10

  • LACK OF CHARACTER; Proverbs 10:9

In the career world, it is often said that “competence can get you to the table but only character will keep you at the table”

Skills, prayers and vision will only be sustained on the ground of character. A man without character may make progress but such progress will not stand the test of time.

So, with prayers, skills, vision and diligence must be added character. This is the only way progress will last else, we will find ourselves back where we started from.

As you make progress spiritually, ensure that you build character enough to sustain your progress.

  • LACK OF FOCUS; Habakkuk 2:1,2

When a man lacks focus on his goals and vision he is easily distracted off the course. The more distracted he gets, the farther he is from making progress.

Focus is keeping your eyes on the goal and remembering the reason why you want to make progress in the first place.

Anyone given to distractions will lack focus to go on and make progress. It takes focus to make progress.

To make progress we must set our life like a flint towards the goal. Challenges will come. Difficulties will come. They will come to distract us from our main goal but we must remain focus. Focus means to remain consistent in the face of all seemingly challenges.

Distractions will take us more steps backward than focus will.


Progress makes us feel fulfilled. An unprogressive live will be mostly depressed, unhappy and weary. To avoid such we must ensure we are not involved in any of the above 8 reasons. That is the only way we can make real progress in life.

We must nurture our relationship with God and our prayer life in order to be constantly connected to the source of progress. Only God causes real and true progress in the life of a man. All men should therefore seek to nurture their relationship with God in the place of prayer and studying the word of God.

God Himself wishes above all things that we prosper and His prosperity adds no sorrow. So we must believe that God can prosper us above all we ask or think but we must be ready to walk by the instructions He would give us as we seek Him on steps to take.

No man can make true and lasting progress outside God.

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