who we are

We are Martin and Michelle, just a simple couple from NY trying to improve the experience and spread access to prayer videos. We have a 2 year old son and another girl on the way and we love sharing the Bible and Prayer Videos with all of you.

Why We Do This

The website is actually dedicated to my grandfather who played a father role in my life. He was a very devoted Catholic, always curious always researching. He was an incredibly beautiful soul always smiling and spreading God’s love up to the day he died. I remember it was scary to drive with him to the church because he would speed through the streets just to make sure he got there on time XD. He was also involved with his church group, helping organize and manage events and get people together to celebrate God’s word and God’s love.

I dedicate this website solely to him, Grandpa Peter, may his soul rest in peace and may he witness this little miracle of ours reach millions of hearts, may his love for God and his passion reach every one of you.