Bible Example Of Those Who Feared God

Bible Example Of Those Who Feared God

Bible Example Of Those Who Feared God

From the Bible, we see different accounts of men and women who feared the Lord and God was pleased with them. The fear of the Lord surely is the beginning of wisdom and from this accounts we see how they were able to conquer through the fear of God. If the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom then not fearing the Lord will be the beginning of foolishness Show me one person who succeeded in the scripture and I will show you that such man feared the Lord. Even those who succeeded without the fear of God, later ended badly. Therefore, we can tie success and a victorious end to the fear of God. The Bible exposed us to different benefits of fearing the Lord in Psalm and in the book of Proverbs as well as many other books of the Bible.

The fear of the Lord means to reverence God enough to not go against His commandments. For as many times the Israelites flaunted God’s commandments, they were severely punished but were always blessed for obeying and keeping His commandments. Let us consider the lives of men and women who feared the Lord. Any believer who wants to conquer in life and ministry must learn from their examples:


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 *JOSEPH* : He feared the Lord hence he refused to lie with his master’s wife. He was not a pretender who feared God only when people were there. He wasn’t fearing God for eyes service. He understood what it means to fear God and he feared God whether people were there or not. He feared God because he loved God. He feared and loved his master too. When we fear and love God, we will automatically love others and reverence those who have the rule over us. The fear he had for God made him wise enough to know not to sin against God and his master.

*ABRAHAM* : He feared the Lord hence his quick response to offer his only son Isaac unto the Lord without holding back. After waiting for years to have a child, God still decided to test him that only child But Abraham has someone who trusted and feared God so much, he willingly offered Isaac up unto God

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*NOAH* : He feared the Lord and refused to sin like his other countrymen were sinning and God saved him and his family from destruction by the flood. Noah warned them of the coming danger but they were too engrossed in their sins to care about fearing God. But Noah and his family were saved because they feared God. When the flood came they were in the ark while God destroyed all the inhabitants of the earth.

*DAVID* : He feared the Lord and refused to kill king Saul even when he had the opportunity to do so. Anyone who kill an enemy who has been after his life when the chance arises but David did not. He rather spared the King because he believed that King Saul was anointed of the Lord and he feared God enough not to touch His anointed one.

*DANIEL* : He feared the Lord and refused to defile himself with the portion of the King’s meat. Daniel also did not succumb to praying to the King as was decreed in the land. Instead he continued to pray to his God has he had always done. This put him in the lion’s den but God delivered him. The lions were expected to eat him up but God spared his life.

THE THREE HEBREW CHILDREN : They feared the Lord and refused to bow to worship the king hence they were thrown into the burning furnace. Were they hurt? NO! Because God was with them in the fire.

THE MIDWIVES : For fear of God, they refused to kill every Egyptian male child at birth as against the order of the King. They knew it was against God’s commandment to kill and even though their earthly King had commanded them to do it, there was a greater King in heaven, that they would rather obey and they obeyed Him.

*JOB* : Even though he had lost all that he had, refused to curse God and die as suggested by his wife. Job had lost all he had. He went from riches to rag in a moment. Who would have cursed God if not Job? But still he chose never to curse God. He said “though He(God) slay me yet will I trust Him”. He chose to rather endure pain that curse God.

*JONAH* : He feared the Lord and responded to God to warn the people of Nineveh as he was instructed by God. Though he tried to dodge from going, He eventually went after the fish swallowed him up and he was there for 3 days in the fish’s belly. His going led the people of Nineveh to repent and seek God and Hod saved their land from destruction.

*MORDECAI* : Because he feared God and had love for God’s people, he encourage his sister, the queen, to use her influence to deliver the Jews by speaking to the King.

*BALAAM* : When he was asked by Balak to curse the Israelites refused because he feared the Lord. Balaam knew who God is and how mighty he is. He knew that no one can curse whom the Lord has blessed and he rightly told the king so. He made sure never to curse the children of Israel as against the King’s command.

*MOSES* : His fear for God made him yield the call to be used by God to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Despite his past and his disability as a stammerer, he yielded to God because he feared Him.

*NEHEMIAH* : Because he feared God, he found favour with the King to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and despite all oppositions, he won. After receiving the news of the destruction of the walls of Jerusalem, he had a burden to go rebuild but he first sought the Lord for favour before the King and God answers him because He feared Him.

*STEPHEN* : He was among the men of seven honest report who were appointed by the apostles to serve because he feared the Lord. To have an honest report means to have a blameless life. Anyone who has a blameless life certainly fears the Lord. His honest life was evident for all to see, no wonder he was chosen by the Apostles.

*SAMUEL* : He ruled as a judge and prophet over Israel and he did it in all righteousness and truth because he feared the Lord. He never lied to them. He never took bribe from them. He gave them every message the Lord sends in truth and in all honesty.

*JOSHUA* : He succeeded Moses because he feared the Lord and was seen as worthy to lead the children of Israel to the promise land. He led them in the fear of the Lord for as long as he remained their leader

*GIDEON* : He was called of God to lead the children of victory yo victory over the Midianites and he succeeded because he feared God.

*DEBORAH* : Was called as a military leader to help the children of Israel fight and win over the Canaanites and they were given victory.

All these men and women as recorded had victory with God and man because they feared and obeyed God. As believers, if we must win with God,  we must fear God. The fear of the Lord gives wisdom to succeed and be victorious in life.

No one who fears God goes unrewarded and it doesn’t matter how fierce our challenges are or whatever the threat on our lives are, if we remain in the fear of God, He will deliver us from all dangers.

We must choose to rather fear God than man no matter who the man is whether they be Kings or not. No matter the challenges before us, if we fear the Lord we will win.

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