Biblical Lessons From The Life Of Joseph

Biblical Lessons From The Life Of Joseph

Biblical Lessons From The Life Of Joseph

KEY SCRIPTURES: Galatians 6:9; Ephesians 4:32

Galatians 6:9 “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

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Joseph was the eleventh son of Jacob, born of Jacob’s beloved wife, Rachel. Joseph enjoyed great benefit from his father because the father transferred all the love he had for his beloved wife, Rachel to the awaited child because Rachel was barren before she gave birth to Joseph. Due to Jacob’s love for Joseph, he bought a coat of many colors for him, and this created envy and enmity among his children. His favoritism affected the life of Joseph. Due to the closeness between Jacob and Joseph, Joseph often bring back evil reports about his brothers to their father, and this causes much hatred for him by his brothers. Joseph had a gift of dreams and when he dreamt the first dream about his brothers bowing down for him, this didn’t go well with his brothers and after his second dream, Jacob, his father had to rebuke him though kept the dreams in his heart.

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There was a time, the father asked Joseph to check on his brothers and after inquiry of where they went, he started to journey the place and when his brothers sighted him from afar, they planned on ways to kill him, though the first son of Jacob, Rueben, devised means to rescue him later after he suggested that he shouldn’t be killed but be thrown into a pit but when he left the brothers, Judah suggested they sell Joseph off to the slave master, who was taken to Egypt and eventually became steward to Potiphar, one of Pharaoh’s officials. During his time in the land of Egypt, he was favored by Potiphar, who put him in charge of the household, this caused him to be noticed by Potiphar’s wife, who developed sexual interest in him, but he was a good steward of God and because he rejected the wife’s advance, he was imprisoned for the crime he didn’t commit. Joseph experienced things beyond his control but despite all the challenges encountered, he knew his God and served him diligently anywhere he found himself. Even in prison, he was made the head of the prisoners because an excellent spirit was found in him. During his time in the prison, Joseph was fortunate to meet Pharaoh’s cupbearer and baker, and when both dreamt, he was able to interpret their dreams. Though, he implored them to mention him to the king when they were out of prison but the cupbearer who was saved didn’t remember Joseph until King Pharaoh dreamt a dream and no one in the kingdom could interpret the dream. He remembered Joseph and mentioned him to Pharoah, after Joseph interpreted the dream, he was made second in command to oversee the years of abundance and years of famine. Pharaoh gave Joseph Asenath, the daughter of the Potipherah priest of On, his wife.

During the years of famine, Joseph met his brothers and tried to get information from them about his father and brother, he also tested them to know if they had changed their ways. He was later revealed to his brothers and after then, his father and all his brethren came to Egypt to dwell. Joseph gave birth to two sons called Manasseh and Ephraim. He died at the age of 110 years old and told of how God will visit Israel again and instructed them to carry up his bones when that time comes. There are many biblical lessons from the life of Joseph which will be looked at in this article.


Jacob playing favoritism by favoring Joseph at the expense of his brothers gave birth to hatred for Joseph and nearly destroyed his home. He forgot easily how such actions caused separation between him and his twin brother, Esau. As parents, we should love all our children equally and avoid unnecessary siblings’ rivalry among our children. The children of Jacob were envious of Joseph due to many reasons and even the jealousy led to hatred and were even ready to take his life and if not for God’s plan and purpose for Joseph’s life, they would have succeeded. As Believers, we should treat people equally and not breed jealousy with our actions to people which can wreak a family, group or community. 


Joseph was a good servant of God that developed good character despite his upbringing. He didn’t allow the fact that he is his father’s favorite child entered into his head and he wasn’t a spoilt or rude child. He developed strong christian character and even though he was a slave in a foreign land, his good character stood out among other slaves in Egypt. We should endeavor to develop good character in life because with good character, there will be great opportunities to gain respect and trust from others. Good character can also bring good recommendations that will elevate one in life. 


Joseph was diligent and productive in the house of Potiphar, and this made him the head of all things in the household of Potiphar. He was also able to manage the food affairs after he interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams. The good report about him takes him from the prison to become the second in command in Egypt and despite all these, he was till diligent to manage the food crisis during the time of famine. Everything given to him to do, he always comes out with the best solutions and results. From his story, it shows that we should endeavor to be the best in our workplace. We shouldn’t be idle or eye-pleasers, but we should be diligent and in due season, God will reward the labor of our hands with good success and increase. In the work of God, we should be fully committed and not be weary in achieving good results for God.


Amidst all the challenges that came to Joseph in his lifetime, God was always there to protect him, even in prison, he obtained favor. God protected Joseph because of his faithfulness even when the plans of God for his life weren’t clear to him but he held on to his faith that God will see him through. God guided him to abstain from sexual sins, he relied on God totally for everything that concerns him and at the end of the day, he profited from God’s protection and guidance. God doesn’t allow his own to suffer loss, even in temptation, he will always make a way to escape. God will always break protocol to protect his own chosen people.

5. FORGIVENESS: Ephesians 4:32

Joseph practiced total forgiveness which is a true trait of a Christian. He never held any grudges or tried to take revenge against his brothers but even tried to console them that the reasons for their actions was what held to him being in Egypt at that critical time. We should learn to forgive everyone as Christians, Jesus forgave all his oppressor and accusers, and if we believe in Jesus Christ, forgiveness should be a trait that should be found in us. 


Many things can happen to one in life which you never thought or envisioned but God is a master planner, and he can turn any unfavorable situation to positive outcomes. God turned the life of Joseph around for good and since he is still in business of doing such, he can also turn all underserved adversities into greater opportunities for success and good results. Keep into his plans for your life today.

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