Biblical Story And Lessons Of Blind Bartimaeus

Biblical Story And Lessons Of Blind Bartimaeus

Biblical Story And Lessons Of Blind Bartimaeus

Bartimaeus was a blind beggar who sat by the roadside begging. This man must have been blind for a really long time, such that ‘blind’ was attached to his name as a title; thus he was addressed as Blind Bartimaeus. This blind beggar heard that Jesus was passing by. He recognized this as an opportunity and he started shouting for Jesus’ attention in order to be healed. The people surrounding him tried to shut him down, but the Bible says he shouted even the more. Eventually, he got Jesus’ attention, and was asked by Jesus to be brought to Him. Jesus asked him what he wanted, and he said he wanted to receive his sight. Jesus healed him and told him his faith had made him well. He then followed Jesus and the people praised God when they saw his healing.


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Although the story of the healing of Blind Bartimaeus took place over two thousand years ago, the lessons in it are still evergreen. Below are some of the lessons we can learn from the story:

  • Seek the right knowledge and information: Even though Bartimaeus was blind, his other senses were working perfectly. He could hear, he could talk and he could feel. He heard an unusual noise, and he asked questions to know what caused such noise. Bartimaeus was physically blind, but mentally alert to his surroundings. Imagine if he had not been alert to know that something was unusual about the noise, he would have missed his miracle! It was the answer he got from his question that presented an opportunity of healing to him.

Likewise, Christians should not be totally oblivious of their surroundings. Be sensitive to the little changes here and there in your surroundings. Ask questions when needed. That could be the opportunity of a lifetime you have been waiting for.

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  • Right knowledge makes you recognize opportunities: When Bartimaeus asked about the noise, he was told that Jesus was passing that way. Then he cried out, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me.” (Mark 10:47) From his utterance and shout, we can deduce the following:
  1. Bartimaeus knew who Jesus was.
  2. He knew Jesus was the Messiah; he therefore called Him the Son of David.
  3. He also knew that Jesus could heal him, therefore he asked Him to have mercy on him.

By this knowledge that he had, he knew an opportunity for healing had come, and he grabbed it with both hands! So he kept on seeking Jesus’ attention.

  • Bartimaeus refused to be silenced by intimidations: As he kept on shouting, a lot of the people following Jesus asked him to keep quiet. But instead of being discouraged, the Bible says he shouted even the more. He refused to be kept back from his miracle. Children of God likewise can be intimidated, looked down on, insulted, etc., but you must not give up on your goals. How many times have you abandoned a good project simply because everyone went against you? Learn from this man, and show courage no matter the level of intimidation you may face. You must keep pushing until you achieve your aspirations. You might have been praying and believing God for a miracle, a job, a spouse, fruit of the womb, etc. people might have even been making jest of you, some might have told you that God doesn’t have time for a person like you probably because of your status; I say to you today: Refuse to give up, refuse to be discouraged and your miracle will be delivered to you in due time!
  • He got rid of distractions and hindrances: When Blind Bartimaeus eventually got Jesus’ attention, he was asked by Jesus to be brought. As he got up, he cast off his garment which is symbolic of excess weight that could hinder him from reaching his goal. That garment would have slowed him down in reaching out to Jesus, but he was wise and desperate for a miracle that he cast it off. The garment could also represent his past, as it could be the garment he was known with as blind beggar. Although the garment was a necessity of life, it was about coming between him and his much desired miracle. He quickly disconnected himself from it We should also shed off every unnecessary weight that could get between us and our desires. Such can be grudges, secret sins, an object that we have idolized in our heart, etc. What is that ‘important’ thing that is holding you down as a child of God? What necessities are you carrying right now that are slowing your pace of progress? Now is the time to cast them aside in order to move faster and closer to your goal.
  • He was specific in his request: Blind Bartimaeus knew exactly what he wanted. When Jesus asked him what he wanted despite that it was obvious to Jesus that Bartimaeus was blind, he was very specific- he said he wanted to receive his sight. He did not beat about the bush about what he wanted. He would have asked for alms, being what he has been used to getting from people who passed by. But he knew he wanted something better than just begging on a highway.  Similarly, as children of God, do you know exactly what you want in life? If you have been praying, are your requests clear and specific? You should at every point in time know what you want and be specific whenever you are asking God in prayers. Do not live your lives on assumptions that God should know what you want. Matthew 7:7 says, “Ask, and you will be given what you ask for. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened.”
  • Blind Bartimaeus had faith: He was a man that had information about happenings around him, he knew who Jesus was, he had a voice that refused to be silenced by intimidation, he put away excess weight and distractions and knew exactly what he wanted. These were not enough to get him the miracle that he desired. He had to add faith to the equation. It was his faith in Jesus that eventually got him healed. The Bible says that faith without works is dead. However, Bartimaeus’ faith was not dead. It was active, vocal, proactive and well-directed. And it produced the desired result – restoration of sight.  You should also always come to God in faith, because that is what will make you receive your answer, and make you whole. Remember that to please God, you must have faith.
  • Bartimaeus followed Jesus after receiving his sight: Immediately Bartimaeus received his sight, the Bible says he followed Jesus in the way. Remember that Jesus told him to go his way. “And Jesus said to him, Go your way; your faith has made you whole. And immediately he received his sight, and followed Jesus in the way.” (Mark 10:52)

He had the option of going to his house, but he decided to become a follower of Jesus.

As a Christian, if your miracle, blessings and answered prayers turn you from the Lord, it shows you are mismanaging your miracle and the grace of God in your life. The best time to follow God more closely is after getting answers to your prayers. That is the best way to sustain whatever God gives you.


The story of Bartimaeus is that of a blind beggar, who could hear despite his blindness, who had faith, had courage, had focus, had a voice that could not be silenced by intimidators, who proved to be unstoppable, and who got his desired miracle – restoration of sight – when he encountered Jesus Christ. He thereafter followed the Healer.

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