Biblical Story And Lessons Of Isaac

Biblical Story And Lessons Of Isaac

Biblical Story And Lessons Of Isaac


KEY SCRIPTURES: Genesis 17:19; 21:1-3; 22:1-14; 24:1-67; 25:19-34

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Genesis 17:19 “And God said, Sarah your wife shall bear you a son; indeed, and you shall call his name Isaac: and I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and with his seed after him.”


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Isaac was born to Abraham and Sarah at their old age. He was the child God promised Abraham after He instructed him to leave his kindred at Haran and moved to Canaan. Isaac’s name is translated to be laughter, which was given to him by his mother, Sarah, though it was first given by the prophecy to Abraham. Isaac was an obedient child and that was exchanged when God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac to Him, despite asking his father where the ram for the sacrifice and his father’s response that God will provide, he didn’t struggle with his father even when he was tied to be killed by Abraham. Abraham’s faith and teaching was established in the heart of Isaac and in whatever he does, he always consults God first. Isaac so much believed in the God of his father that when his father brought him a wife, he didn’t argue with his father because he knew his father was a friend of God in all areas. When his wife, Rebekah was delayed in giving birth, he went to God in prayer and God answered him and gave him two nations, called Esau and Jacob (Edom and Israel).

Isaac always listen and obey God in all aspect after he grew up, there was an instance that there was famine in the land of Gerar he was, he wanted to move to Egypt but God gave him an instruction not to relocate and he yielded to God’s instruction and in that year, he sow into the land and received hundredfold of harvest and this made him to be great and the Philistines envied him. Isaac was also a peacemaker in order, he dug a well and when his servants were striving with the herdsmen of Gerar for it, he left it and continue to dig another well until he dug the last one which was not fought for and there, he blessed God for giving them room and fruitful in the land. Isaac had a very good character, but he allowed favoritism to destroy his family. He failed to promote God’s principle in the life of his children and instead of love in the family, it was a zone of rivalry and there was separation of his two sons when intention for murder was involved. At the latter part of Isaac’s life, he had grief of mind over the choice of marriage between Esau and the Canaanite women and he never got to see the children of Jacob after he sent him off to Padanaram. There are lessons to learn for the biblical story of Isaac and this article will mention a few of the lessons.


Isaac had great faith in God, and this helped him in all aspects of his life. He wasn’t afraid or doubted God when his father wanted to sacrifice him because he knew God would come to his rescue. Despite being afraid that God would not protect him from King Abimelech and lying that Rebekah was his sister, God still showed up for him. He was always ready to consult God in difficult matters because he knew God that directed his father was ready to direct his path too. When there was famine in the land, despite that he wanted to leave to another land but God instructed him to stay put in the famine land and when he yielded to God’s instruction, he sowed in that land and reap a hundredfold. When Isaac’s wife, Rebekah had delay in childbearing, Isaac interpreted God on her behalf because he knew God is the only one that can guide him in what to do about the situation and during the process of seeking God, it was revealed that his wife will give birth to twins. As Christians, God should be part of all our plans. We should endeavor to trust God’s guidance and protection. God is not a man that will disappoint his followers, we should learn to have strong and solid faith in Him.


Isaac knew that his father is a lover of God, and that principle was passed to him too. He respected all his father’s decisions and even when it was time to have a mate, he allowed God to choose for him through his father. He knew God always guided his father’s steps and knew any mate from his father is the will of God for him. As believers, we should allow God to guide my footstep in all areas of life, especially martial issues. As Christians, we will allow God to choose a mate for us, we will enjoy blissful moments on earth because God will be the center of that home.

3. AVOID FAVORITISM: Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11

From the story of Isaac, we discovered that Isaac and his wife, Rebekah practiced favoritism in their home and this later caused weariness of heart, envy and bitterness in the family. The two brothers who were met to love, respect and build each other were set up to dislike and hurt each other. Though at the latter end, they reconciled but both parents died before that could happen. As believers and parents, we should learn to love all children equally. We should learn the personality of each child and work to build that child in the way of the Lord. Don’t give room for comparison in your home as believers but try to build and foster brotherly love among siblings in order not to give room for malice, hatred and confusion in the home. Even in the society and secular world, we should learn to treat everyone equally. Since God is not a respecter of any person, we Christians are meant to follow the footstep of God when dealing with people. 

4. BE A PEACEMAKER: Hebrews 12:14

Isaac was a man that allowed peace to reign anywhere he was. He was a peaceful man who was portrayed when He dug a well and men of Gerar were fighting his servants for it. Instead of fighting with them, he followed peace with all men and continued to dig more well until he dug the one that the men did not strive with his servants for it and after then blessed the Lord. He applied wisdom and peace which later paid off for you. As believers, we should learn to follow peace with all men and not be so quick to fight. We should apply wisdom and patience and allow God to direct our decisions and steps even when we are being wronged by another person.


The biblical story of Isaac taught us as humans the gift of salvation. It shows how Jesus will be sacrificed for the sins of the whole world when God asked Abraham to go and sacrifice his beloved son, Isaac. God gave us his beloved son, Jesus as a sacrifice to reconcile us back to God. Isaac was a type of Christ; but when he was lifted from the wood and the ram was offered in his stead, then Isaac became a type of a sinner saved by grace. After that Isaac again became a type of Christ again as he descended the mount alive, portraying the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Everything that happened that day was significant. 



Isaac was a promised child given to Abraham by God and through him, Abraham became a father of many nations. Isaac didn’t follow the footstep of his father when his wife was barren by sleeping with his wife’s maid instead, he went to God in prayer and God came through for him. We should be always ready to do the will of God and follow his instruction diligently. One’s life must bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

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