Biblical Story Of Daniel In The Lion’s Den


Biblical Story Of Daniel In The Lion’s Den

KEY SCRIPTURES: Danil 6:1-28

Daniel 6:23 “Now the king was exceedingly glad for him and commanded that they should take Daniel up out of the den. So, Daniel was taken up out of the den, and no injury whatever was found on him, because he believed in his God.”

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Daniel was one of the princes taken when King Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, was taken captive when he besieged Jerusalem. He was numbered with the ones trained to serve the King and despite being faced with pressures to conform to Babylonian society and give up the ways of their people, he proposed in his heart to be faithful to God. God showed him favor in a strange land due to his strong faith in Him by giving him wisdom and the ability to interpret dreams. His gift of wisdom and interpretation of dreams, he was appointed to be ruler of the province of Babylon and chief prefect over all the wise men of Babylon. Daniel ruled with three kings of Babylon. He interpreted dreams for King Nebuchadnezzar, he gave meaning to the writing on the wall for King Belshazzar after the King defiled the temple vessels and when King Darius who came to the throne after King Belshazzar was slain was appointing princes, he appointed 120 princes, three presidents and made Daniel the first and the most preferred above all the president due to his excellent spirit setting him to rule over the whole realm. The act of King Darius setting Daniel over the presidents and princes made them envious of Daniel and were looking for ways to bring him down but couldn’t see because he was faithful to God and his duties. 

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The other two presidents and princes come together to devise a plan on how to hurt Daniel after noticing that he doesn’t joke with prayers and communion with God, met with the king and ask him to make a decree that nobody should make petitions to any God or man and anyone that disobeyed the decree will be cast into the den of lions. King Darius didn’t know the decree was targeted against Daniel but went ahead and signed the decree in law. After the decree was signed by the King Darius, Daniel was not afraid or bothered but instead went to his house and even opened the window and prayed thrice a day just as he does before not minding the decree signed by the King. When the presidents and the princes found Daniel praying to God, they went and reported him to the king. King Darius was displeased with himself and tried to deliver Daniel after realizing his mistake, but the people were against Daniel. Daniel was later thrown into the Lion’s den after the king encouraged him. King Darius went to his house, fasting, praying and couldn’t sleep. In the morning, King Darius went to the lion’s den and discovered that Daniel wasn’t hurt by the lions and after then commanded all the men that transpired against Daniel with all their families to be thrown into the lion’s den and they all died. The King then makes a decree that the God of Daniel is the only God to be feared and worshiped in his kingdom. The biblical story of Daniel in the lion’s den has a lot of lessons and in this article, some of the lessons will be mentioned.


Despite being in a strange land and being president of all in the land, he was true and pure to the service given to him. He never for once used his power to intimidate people under him or allow greed to enter his life. He was steadfast and didn’t try to allow the corrupt practice of the people to influence him. He didn’t try to oppress or gather wealth for himself through corrupt means and this practice made him have many enemies because no corrupt practice can fly on his table. As Believers, no matter where we are if people are not seeing us, God is everywhere so we must be upright in all we do. We shouldn’t use our elevated positions to hurt people under us and we should be compassionate towards people. We should render acceptable service to God and men and be steadfast to the work God has called us to. No fault was found in Daniel and the only fault used against him was his obedience to God, likewise, we should emulate his wonderful example of Daniel as believers of God.

2. HAVE FIRM FAITH IN GOD: Daniel 6:10

After the decree was made, Daniel wasn’t afraid or tried to stop all the things he was doing despite knowing the consequences of disobeying the decree. He didn’t even try to hide his faith because he knew the God he was serving but went to his house and opened his windows and prayed like before. He had a firm faith in God and knew that God is the only person to obey and not the king’s decree. As Christians, we have not been given the spirit of fear but of boldness in Jesus Christ and nothing should take our worship or communion with God. We should be firm with our faith in God. God is not a man; he is to be revered more than man. We are to be bold no matter the situation and reject any issues that will warrant us not to obey God.


Despite the punishment of being thrown into the lion’s den, Daniel’s complete trust in God amazed the King. Daniel trusted in God’s power of deliverance and God indeed showed up on his behalf and rescued him from the lion’s den. Even King Darius could see Daniel’s commitment and complete trust in God. We as Christians should endeavor to build a personal relationship that leads to complete trust in God. In all situations, God had promised never to leave or forsake us, and we should always remember his promises and stay true to trusting him completely that he was always keeping his promises.



The biblical story of Daniel in the lion’s den is so awesome and has a great impact on what happens when we trust in God completely. God reveals himself through our actions. King Darius saw Daniel’s unshaken trust in God and how God proved himself by rescuing Daniel from the lion’s den, and was convinced to make a new decree about the God of Daniel. Daniel’s obedience to God and trust in God, won King Darius and the people to the true God that never fails thereby populating the kingdom of God.


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