Biblical Story Of Solomon And The Lessons To Learn

Biblical Story Of Solomon And The Lessons To Learn

Biblical Story Of Solomon And The Lessons To Learn

TEXTS: 1 Kings 1-11

From our topic today, we shall be looking at the life of Solomon and the lessons to learn from his life. Before we continue, let us establish who Solomon was in the scripture

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Solomon was the son of King David and Bathsheba, the former wife of Uriah the Hittite whom King David had killed to cover up his infidelity with Bathsheba while Uriah was on the battle front. Solomon became the third King of Israel, succeeding King Saul and King David.


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1King 1:38-40
Solomon was anointed King by Zadok the priest and Nathan the Prophet after being chosen King by his father, King David. He was however charged by his father in 1kings 2:2-10 to be strong and to observe and walk in the ways of God and teach all his descendants to faithfully do same. Although before Solomon became King, Adonijah, Solomon’s elder brother already went ahead to declare himself King of Israel without the God and the King’s blessings. After this news broke out to the aged King David he immediately ordered that Solomon be made King based on the promise he made to Bathsheba in time past. Adonijah was dethroned while Solomon became King. Solomon didn’t lobby to be King but God made him King


  • We must never run ahead of God in line with his plans and purposes for our lives. Running ahead of God leaves us in danger of losing it all. We must learn to wait for God’s time always.
  • We must never scheme to get to anywhere the Lord has not given us as our possession. The Lord knows it all and whatever we scheme to get that is not ours will be lost.
  • God always knows how to take us to any height He wants to without our lobbying for it. We do not need to lobby for what is ours. When the time comes, we will have it effortlessly just like Solomon having the throne without lobbying.

1 Kings 3:4-15
When Solomon became King, He loved the people and kept walking in the statutes of his father and offered sacrifices to the Lord. One day at Gibeon where he went up to offer sacrifices, the Lord appeared to him in the night in a dream and requested that Solomon ask for anything that he desired. Solomon on hearing this first gave thanks to Lord for being Kind to him and showing him favour to become King after his father. Then he requested that the Lord give him wisdom in leading the people as their king. He recognised his weakness as just a man and a child and sought the Lord to help him in his reign as king. God was really happy at his request. God was happy that he didn’t request for the death of his enemies nor for wealth nor for long life. All he requested for was WISDOM and God answered by giving him so much wisdom as would never be seen on earth anymore. God also gave him even all that he didn’t ask for in riches and honour because he asked for the most important thing which was wisdom to lead God’s people. Solomon was so wise that he singlehandedly wrote the book of Proverbs which is filled with so much wise words on friendship, family, the fear of God, keeping your tongue, servants and leaders, youthful days and so. He also wrote the Songs of Solomon and the book of Ecclesiastes and each book showed how how wise Solomon was.


  • God loves those who loves His people and His work. When we have the interest of God at heart, He in turn has our interest at heart and will hereby give us even more than we ask for.
  • God loves it when we praise Him for who He is and thank Him for both the small and big things that we have. Prayer of thanksgiving moves God to do the unimaginable. We must therefore learn to thank God always.
  • God will answer any prayer that is kingdom based. Once your purpose for asking is to please God, serve others and bring glory to His name, He will definitely answer you and even grant you that wish you didn’t.

Solomon built a temple for the Lord where the Israelites would come to worship the Lord and God was really pleased with him.
God appeared to Solomon in 1kings 6:11 to remind him for all he would do for him if he continues to walk and work in the regulations of the law. The temple King Solomon built became a house of worship for the Israelites.


  • As we serve God, we must always find things we can do for God. We should never get tired of doing the Lord’s work neither should we assume that we are doing so much for God already. We must be ready to go the extra mile for God always in all our endeavours.

1Kings 3:16-28
Two women brought a child before King Solomon accusing the other to have stolen her son and the king was asked to judge the matter. After listening to their argument King Solomon decided to share the body of the boy into 2 halves so that the women could have a part each but one of the women pleaded that the life of the boy was spared while the other wanted him splitter. Then Solomon detected that the one who didn’t want the boy splitted must be the true mother of the child because she didn’t want him dead. This wise judgement of Israel confirmed to all of Israel that Solomon was so full of wisdom such has never has seen before.


  • We must use our gifts unto the Lord for righteousness always. We mustn’t hold back or become partial or be unjust when with the use of our gifts and talents for the Lord.

Since a temple had been built, such as was never built, Solomon and all the elders and priests decided to bring the Ark of the Lord that was built by Moses into the inner sanctuary of the temple beneath the wings of the Cherubim and the cloud filled the temple of the Lord for the glory of the Lord filled his temple


  • We should seek to do everything to enhance the body of the Lord. We must be ready as believers to give unto the Lord for the enhancement of the Kingdom and we must be ready to serve the Lord also with our body.
  • Just like Solomon did his best for God and the people of Israel by building a temple(a place of worship) and bringing the ark into it, we must be willing to give our very best to God when serving in.

Solomon married 700 wives of royal birth and had 300 concubines. He married them from Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Hittites and Sidonians where the Lord warned that they should never marry from and Solomon in turn built high places for their detestable gods as against the warning of God not to marry how much more worship their Gods. By doing this Solomon became less devoted to God even as he grew older because his heart was turned away from God by the worship of other gods and God became displeased with Him because he had turned away from Him. Then God promised to tear his Kingdom apart, not in his reign but that of his son who would reign after him.


  • No matter how high we rise in God we can never grow above the consequences of going against his will. God warned against marrying certain tribes but Solomon went ahead to marry from those tribes in their multitudes and even built high places for their gods.
  • We must guard against the lust of the eyes as we rise in both spiritual and physical strength in the Lord. Marrying too many wives caused Solomon to fall from the height he was in God and eventually lost his Kingdom as was foretold by God.
  • We must never become familiar with God or His laws. We must not get to a stage in our life where we take God or His words for granted. We must learn to live in His fear always and guard our heart from falling from Him

1Kings 11:44
Solomon reigned for 40 years all over Israel and died at age 59 and was buried. His son Rehoboam became King after his death

We can see from the life of King Solomon that it is the Lord who chooses a man either by covenant with his parents as with the case of Solomon or any other means that he deems fit.

God loves those who are interested in His ways and His service. He will give such people all that they ask for. Just like Matthew 6:33 says, “seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things shall be added unto you”. We must not be full of ourselves even in our place of service to God. We should seek God’s will first in all things and we will see how much glory and beauty he is going to add to our lives.

Solomon became the wisest man that lived because rather than ask for wealth, long life or death for his enemies, he requested wisdom from the Lord and it was granted. He ruled Israel wisely for those 40 years that he ruled unto his mind departed from the Lord by building high places for other gods.

The Lord is never interested that any man should perish but that all men seek, serve and love Him with all their hearts. We must be careful of turning back from the Lord so that we do not have all we have built go down the drain just like it was in the case of King Solomon. His Kingdom was torn apart leaving only one tribe to his son while the remaining 11 tribes was rules over by Jeroboam.

This teaches that there is no eternal security in God therefore we must be careful to serve the Lord faithfully to the end so that we do not miss our reward.

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