Day 70 : Midnight Prayers With Bible Verses

Day 70 : Midnight Prayers With Bible Verses

Day 70 : Midnight Prayers With Bible Verses

Confession: Psalm 118:6; The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?

Romans 8:31; What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

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Praise and worship (15 minutes)

  1. Oh Lord my Father, I bind every evil force and power that is tormenting and working against me through dreams, in the name of Jesus. (Isaiah 8:9-10).
  2. Father, in the name of Jesus, I take authority over evil dreams (mention the dream), I destroy its effect and nullify its power. And I shall not be harmed. (Luke 10:19).
  3. Satan, I know your plans, you have come to steal, kill and destroy, but in the name of Jesus, I stop you by fire. I declare that you cannot touch me, in Jesus name. (John 10:10).
  4. Lord, your word guarantees good sleep, so I declare that my sleep shall be sweet tonight and henceforth. No evil force is permitted to come at me through dreams again, in the name of Jesus Christ. I fortify and sanctify my dream life by the blood of Jesus (Proverbs 3:24).
  5. Lord, you have not given me the spirit of fear, therefore, I resist every form of fear that Satan may want to instil in me through this dream, in the name of Jesus. Fear, I bound you, I come against you, I cast you out of my mind and domain right now, in Jesus name. (2 Timothy 1:7).
  6. Lord, I declare that no weapon formed against me in and through this dream shall prosper, in the name of Jesus. I condemn the force behind the dream, in Jesus name. (Isaiah 54:17).
  7. Every enemy that is coming against me through this dream, be destroyed and scattered before me, in Jesus name (Deuteronomy 28:7).
  8. Lord, I know my wrestling match is not with humans but with already defeated unseen forces, so I destroy them, in the name of Jesus. I enforce the victory of the cross over them, in Jesus name. (Ephesians 6:12).
  9. Oh Lord, I declare that every wickedness that the wicked has devised against me has gone down with the dream, in Jesus name. Wickedness has fallen for my sake. (Psalm 27:1-2).
  10. In the name of Jesus, I overcome evil dream by the blood of the Lamb. I overcome the wicked forces behind the evil dream by the power of the Lamb’s blood, in Jesus name. (See Revelation 12:11).
  11. In the name of Jesus, I say to this evil dream, go, get out. I declare you shall not prosper, your effect and intended evil will never happen in my life. Begone, in Jesus name (Mark 11:23).
  12. Through the Spirit of the Lord, I raise the standard of the name and the blood of Jesus Christ against every evil dream. I lift up the standard of the Word of God against you; you shall not prosper nor come to pass in my life, in Jesus name (Isaiah 59:19).

13, Evil dream, the Lord did not ordain you nor command you, therefore you shall not come to pass, in Jesus name. (Lamentations 3:37).

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  1. Bad dreams, Christ has redeemed and freed me from your curse and effect, you shall not succeed against me, in Jesus name. (Galatians 3:13).
  2. I declare that as the redeemed of the Lord, no divination, evil omen and spell through dream and any other means shall succeed against me, in Jesus name. (Numbers 23:23).
  3. Every association of witches and wizards against me through dreams shall not prosper. I destroy them, in Jesus name. (Psalm 118:12).
  4. O God arise, contend with those who are contending against me and take the glory, in Jesus name. (Isaiah 49:25).
  5. No weapon of the enemy fired against my sleep tonight shall prosper and any evil dream assigned to attack shall be condemned, in the name of Jesus (Isaiah 54:17).
  6. I decree that no evil shall befall me or come near my dwelling tonight, in the name of Jesus (Psalm 91:10).
  7. O God arise and let all my enemies be scattered, in the name of Jesus (Psalm 68:1).

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