Examples Of People That Passed Through Hardship In The Bible.

Examples Of People That Passed Through Hardship In The Bible.


Hardship is a condition that is difficult to bear or suffering in a situation that is not palatable to one, it could be a health condition due to sickness or diseases or lack of financial support, lack of helper, betrayal, jealousy, or lastly spiritual attack. When life hits you hard, you have to get up, stand up, show up and never give up, because quitters never win, only winners never quit. God’s plan for us is abundant life and to give us good health, wealth and all the good things of life, He never designed anyone to live in hardship He has given us the choice to choose what we want either life or death but He advised us to choose life. In our topic for today we will be looking at examples of people that passed through hardship in the bible.


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Genesis 37-50. Jacob had Joseph in his old age, he loved him so much more than his half-brothers and made Joseph a robe of many colors his other brothers hated him more, Joseph’s hardship started as a result of jealousy and envy because their father showed him more love than his eleven brothers. Joseph yet had dreams of becoming greater than them all including his father and mother which made the hatred, jealousy and envy greater and led to the beginning of hardship for him. He was sold to a strange land as a slave, worked as a slave in a strange land yet God favored him, he became the leader among the slaves and was appointed to lead others, the king’s wife lied on him that he wanted to rape her, the king ordered he should be thrown into the prison. No one can ever imagine these hardships, the pain of being betrayed and sold as a slave, someone that was enjoying in his father’s house and now a slave in another country, wow! That must have really been hard on him. I am sure there will be a moment he will cry bitterly and filled with anguish against his brothers and even against his master’s wife that lied on him that made him end up in prison, he must have been thinking of giving up and being like, can his dream ever come to pass? But he didn’t give up and kept his hope alive trusting in His God who had promised him that God is faithful to fulfill that which He has promised him. God made a way for Joseph by using the gift he had to elevate him, Joseph was able to interpret dream for two of his inmates while he was in the prison, where one inmate was executed and the other was freed to work with the king at the palace, this was when Joseph’s darkness turned to light when the King had a dream and there was no one to interpret it for him and Joseph was remembered freed and crowned as the prime minister after interpreting the king’s dream but the ending cannot comprehend the hardship he faced on his journey to greatness, because all things both the good and the bad that happened to him where all for his good. Sometimes we face hard times not because of what we have done but to show the glory of God at the end of it all.


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Job 1-42 Job was one man in the bible that faced a very torturing and almost difficult hardship in the bible but thank God for restoration over his life. Job had everything a man can ever imagine, he was very wealthy, had a large family, numerous flocks, plenty of pieces of land, he was also righteous and upright before God, always giving alms to the poor. But the devil went to God and asked for permission to alter Job’s wealth so that if he inflicts hardship and pain on Job that Job will turn his back and curse God. God gave the devil a go ahead to try Job but not touch his life. In one day, Job got evil reports, lost all his ten children, servants and sheep due to natural disaster in one day, who can bear that deadly trauma, pain and agony of losing one child yet alone he lost all his children in just one day, lost all his sheep and servants too. Job wept bitterly, tore his clothes, poured ashes on his head, shaved his hair in sorrow and in pain yet he never stopped praising God. Yet again Job got stricken with skin sores from the devil even his wife begged him to curse God so he can die and rest from all of his pains, sicknesses and sorrow but Job trusted more in God of His salvation that God was able to deliver him from the snares of the fowler and noisome pestilence of the devil. Job’s friends also went to sympathize with him, through it all Job came out stronger and better when the Lord restored him, He gave him twice of all he had lost. Job’s story was a true demonstration of faith in God in spite of the great hardships he faced, God brought him out and gave him double for his pain.



Exodus 14:1-29 The story of the Israelites is another story of people that were longed faced with slavery hardship. The Israelites were been enslaved in the land of Egypt from generation to generations of about 400 years, but when they became so many and almost more than the Egyptians they feared that they may overpower them one day, so they increased the Israelites labor the more and fed them with only garlic both children and adults where feeding on garlic alone for years. King Pharaoh made the Israelites to build grand treasure cities bare footed he ordered they should not give them shoes, they made bricks from clay and straw, at a point the king ordered the execution of the Israelites first-born male babies so that they will not overpower the Egyptians, But God in His mercies ordained Moses to lead them out of the land of Egypt. King Pharaoh found it difficult to free the Israelites, God had to show so many signs to let King Pharaoh know that He wants His people to leave the land of Egypt, He performed so many signs through Moses, God sent ten plagues, turned river Nile to blood, plagued the land of Egypt with frogs, plagued with gnats, plagued with flies, livestock were killed, plagued with boils, there was a storm, locust, darkness filled the land and lastly death of the first sons of all the Egyptians in all of these plagues God saved the people of the Israelites from all of the plagues. King Pharaoh yet arranged his armies and soldiers to go after the Israelites to wipe them out all, Imagine being freed but still been pursued, as they were going they were faced with red sea and troops of armies behind them, but God showed up and told Moses to stretch forth his rod towards the red sea, God made the red sea to split into two and the people of Israel worked on the red sea while the armies of the Egypt perished in the red sea. The hardship the Israelites faced was so great that sometimes some of them were discouraged and gave up on God, some of them perished in the wilderness as a result of giving up on God, at a time they worshiped Baal instead of worshiping God, some of them never made it to the promised land as a result of the hardships. God never promised us a smooth journey to our greatness or our dream land, He promised us victory in the midst of the storm. John 16:33 says I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me, Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrow. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.’ That is the sure word and sure promise of God for us as a believer.

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