How Can A Christian Overcome Temptation

How Can A Christian Overcome Temptation

How Can A Christian Overcome Temptation

One of the greatest battles a Christian will fight over his eternal destiny will be the daily temptations the devil throws at him. These temptations are usually great attempts by the devil to lure you off your faith in God, rob you of your blessings using your weaknesses or even your strengths as a weapon against you.

Every Christian will be tempted just like all servants of God were tempted in the Bible. Don’t forget that even Jesus, the son of God was tempted but did he and others overcome? YES. The Christian journey is filled with lots of temptations. These temptations are not entirely bad. In fact temptation is not a sin but yielding to temptation is the sin. So when you are tempted you have not committed any sin until you yield to the temptation. The devil tempts us to rob us of God’s blessings. To deny us of our eternal blessings and to make us weak and lose our salvation testimony.
We must by all means do what we can to jealousy guard our salvation. Any believer that will see God at the end must be ready to be faced with all kinds of temptations but if we do not yield, the more and better our rewards.

How then do we as Christians overcome temptations? What do we do to overcome temptations?

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Let us consider the following points


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  • Ask for the help of the Holy Spirit:

Scripture says that the Holy Spirit is our helper and He is there to help us with all things no matter how little or great. All we need is to ask for his help. Going through temptations? ask for the help of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our surest best to overcoming temptation. Therefore we must be willing to engage his support so that He can help us. No one has power to overcome the devil unless God helps Him through the Holy Spirit. We must hereby learn to seek the Holy Spirit at our weak and strongest points. Even when we think the temptation is too small, we must ask for his support to overcome. The Holy Spirit guides us into all truth and even shows us things to come if we ask for his support.

  •  Be filled with the word of God:

Remember Jesus, when he was tempted? He overcame the devil only by the knowledge of the word of God. For every temptation the devil brought, Jesus countered him with the word of God. Let the word of God be near your mouth always. Your mouth and your heart must be full of the word of God. We must study the word of God so that we can use the word as a weapon to fight the devil just like Jesus did. Praying and not studying is not enough. We must study the word because the word of God is powerful and can serve as a weapon to put off all the fiery darts of the devil.

Watching :

Do not be careless in the spirit. Be watchful. Watching will help you guard your salvation jealously. You must be at alert and sensitive in the spirit enough to know when you are being tempted. You must not talk carelessly, act, think, behave or carry yourself carelessly like anyone. By watching you commit yourself to being sober all the time. You have to be careful even for nothing because your adversary the devil walks about looking for who to tempt and devour


You must be prayerful. Nobody can overcome temptation without praying. To have power to overcome temptation, you must be prayerful. Remember the saying that a prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian? Yes, it is true. If you must overcome temptation, you must be given to prayers. You must pray without ceasing, in season and out of season. Prayer makes you ready to fight and conquer. Jesus always went out in the morning,  alone to pray. Why? He needed strength to face the day’s temptations. So, if Jesus prayed, who are we not to pray? We must saturate ourselves in prayers always. We must learn to go on our knees to ask for grace to stay on top no matter what the devil brings our way.


Fasting helps us to be spiritually alert. It makes our spiritual senses active. It makes us light enough to be able to sense all devices of the devil. Fasting helps us receive clearly and easily from God. Fasting keeps us consecrated to God. It makes us invulnerable to the devil. We must learn to wait upon God, watching, praying and fasting. All these are necessary ingredients to overcome all the wiles of the devil

Put away from you things that easily get you tempted:

It could be a person, an object, a place or a situation. Make sure you do not put yourself in positions to be tempted and be quick to flee from objects of temptations. No matter the amount of praying, watching and fasting that we do, we must never put the Lord our God into a foolish test. When we are faced with temptations, rather than try to test our spiritual muscles, we must run. The scripture enjoins us to flee from all appearances of the devil. Standing to see how far we can withstand the devil is foolish. We must also keep far from us any friend, any object that easily draws us back to sin. Identify your weaknesses and keep them at bay so that the devil does not use them to test us

Attend church services regularly:

This helps you remain in fellowship with the brethren always. Iron sharpens iron. When you constantly fellowship with the saints, you are refreshed and your fire keeps burning. Sometimes, as Christians, we could become weary, faint and tired but when we continue to fellowship in our down times we see reasons to keep going and not give up.

Evangelize :

Preach. Share your salvation experience with someone. Tell others about your Christian journey. Write about it. Talk about Jesus. Join believers for evangelism. This keeps you in shape and keeps you motivated to remain in Christ. Don’t hide your testimony. Follow up on a convert.

  •  Listen to Christian tapes and messages :

This makes you full of the knowledge of Christ. Download messages on your phone and listen to them at your spare time. They keep you full of the spirit and full of insights and understanding.

  •  Join the workforce:

There is a measure of grace you receive from God when you begin to serve God in his vineyard. Join a unit of the church and serve God there. This makes you have access to better spiritual growth. You grow quickly and you soon become mature in Christ. Serving God helps you better to love God more and embrace His ways even more. Thereby, you are encouraged to stay away from sin and keep following Him.

Finally remember the Bible says that we will not be tempted above that which we can take. Therefore, be sure that with the help and the grace of God, you will surely overcome every temptation that comes your way..

Sometimes, we may fall but when you do, you must quickly go back to God and rise up again. God will never condemn you or push you away for falling. He will receive you and help you again. Never ever believe that once you fall, that’s all. No!

Return to God and continue in Him watching, praying, fasting, studying his word and continuing in fellowship with the saints.

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