How To Know If God Has Forgiven Your Sins

How To Know If God Has Forgiven Your Sins

How To Know If God Has Forgiven Your Sins


KEY SCRIPTURES: Hebrew 8:12; 1 John 1:8-9

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1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”


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God is not a man that holds on to the sins of man, but He is long suffering and patient with us because He doesn’t want anyone to perish in Hell. The bible said that there is joy in heaven over a sinner that repents which implies that God is ever ready to forgive any sin if we draw near to Him and ask for forgiveness. He is ready to give you a new fresh start to rewrite your purpose and destiny in this life if you are willing to surrender and submit all to him. All that God needs from us is genuine repentance and a promise not to go back to our sinful nature again because He knows the intent of the heart. Many times, one held on to the guilt of one’s sinful nature by not forgiving oneself because one felt shameful and thought since you have committed so many sinful things that it is impossible for God to just forgive you like that but forgetting that God’s ways and thoughts are not the same as yours. God said in His word that all carrying heavy laden should come to Him and He will give them rest. Matthew 11:28. God has already said in his word that anyone that comes to Him, He won’t cast out, so as a sinner, you should learn to let go of the inner hurt and guilt and embrace the promise of a new life in Christ once you confess your sins.

When God forgives sin, He doesn’t record them again because you are now a new man in Christ and old things have passed away. When you confess your sins, you should endeavor not to go back to your vomit like a dog. You can begin to have a humble walk with God and remove anything that will hinder your growth with God. Pride and slothfulness can be hindrances to having assurance of salvation so do away with them and have the peace that is in Christ Jesus. There are ways to know if God has forgiven your sins and, in this article, some of the ways will be discussed.

  1. INNER PEACE AND JOY: Luke 7:36-50

When God forgives you, there is an inner peace and joy in enjoying God’s presence. This peace and joy gets rid of the inner guilt that was initially in your heart before repentance. This also brings assurance of salvation which will help you grow in the faith and compel you to study the word of God daily. The joy in you of being a new creature will enable you to pray to God with joy that he will answer your prayers because nothing is hindering your prayers again.


There will be a feeling of God’s presence in your daily christian living when God has forgiven you your sins. You feel his presence more when you are praying and studying the word. You have access to hear Him clearly when He is speaking to you or guiding you in some areas. When God forgives you your sins, you hear His instruction clearly and the willingness to obey Him at all times. Holy Spirit began to instruct and speak to you freely when God has forgiven your sins.


When God forgives your sins, you will forget past sins and not do them away. Satan might try to make you remember them but because God has forgiven your sins, He will erase them from your mind. The Holy Spirit will help not to bring them into remembrance again because you are now a new creature.


When God forgives your sins, you will develop the ability to forgive others quickly because you won’t want your prayers to be hindered again. The bible said that unforgiveness is a sin. Since you are a new creature, you let go of wrongs and hurt faster than before when they come.


When you began to live a life of holiness and joyful to things that relate to the advancement of God’s kingdom, this is another way to know if God has forgiven your sins. Th Holy Spirit will always compel you to live a life that is holy and righteous before God.

6. BY GOD’S WORD: Hebrews 8:12

God already promised in His word that He is faithful and righteous to forgive all sins and cleanse us from every unrighteousness. So, God’s promises in His word never fails so when you confess your sins before Him, have the assurance that He has forgiven your sins and don’t doubt His words or promises towards giving you anew life in Christ Jesus.

7. BY GOD’S ACTIONS: John 3:16

God sent His son to dies for all sinners so that none will perish, so when you sinned against come and you draw near to Him acknowledging your sins and turn a new leaf by accepting Jesus Christ, the son of God as your Lord and Savior, then it is the assurance you need that God has forgiven your sins through actions. Don’t doubt His redemption actions but trust in the process and you will grow in Him.


When you confess your sins, to know if God has forgiving you, there is evidence of salvation because the things that excite you or entice you initially will be considered carefully to know if they are edifying your spirit mind or not before you engage in them again. 


God is never tired of forgiving his creation, but you have to play your part by practicing genuine repentance and not be found going back to what you confess not to engage in again. Heaven is joyful for repentant sinner because that is why Jesus was sent to earth in the first place. 


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