Miracle Prayers To Attract Financial Blessings

Miracle Prayers To Attract Financial Blessings

Miracle Prayers To Attract Financial Blessings

Psalm 34:9-10 “O fear the Lord, ye his saints: for there is no want to them that fear him. 10 The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing”.

Are you presently in a bad place financially? Are you currently owing lots of debts that you’re beginning to consider ending your life? Have you been laboring without results? Do you desire to be free from your financial problems? These powerful miracle prayers to attract financial blessings are exactly what you need to experience financial freedom.

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Indeed it is God’s delight to see us prosper and be in wealth, many patriarchs in the bible were known and distinguished amongst the heathen for their wealth and great level of affluence(Genesis 17:2-8, Genesis 26:18, Genesis 12), even in strange lands, they excelled, in fact,  Jacob dug well and prospered in a strange land despite all attempts to frustrate his efforts.

God is our wealthy Father, who owns the whole earth, He even made it clear when He said: the cattle on a thousand hills belongs to me, (Psalm 50:10 Luke 18:27), He owns all the silver and gold and there is absolutely nothing too difficult for our God to do.

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Also, our God is so loving and powerful that He is able to provide for us even in the most unexpected ways, He knew Prophet Elijah would be hungry in the cave, so He sent a raven to feed the Prophet, He also knew that the authorities of this World would accuse Jesus of not paying tribute so He arranged money to be in the mouth of a fish, (1 Kings 17:2-16, Matthew 17:23-24),

This really buttresses the fact that there is absolutely nothing God cannot do, because everything in this World and everything you can ever need is in His care, and He is able to bring them your way when you ask (Matthew 7:7).

With this knowledge that there’s nothing impossible for God to do, all you need to do is to believe and trust in Him, yes the deadline for the payment of your debt may be close, and maybe the creditors are already threatening to embarrass you, let your faith be strong in the Lord, knowing fully well that He is able to provide all your needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19).

You only need to ask the Lord by saying these powerful miracle prayers to attract financial blessings and watch the Lord provide for your needs in ways you can never imagine.

Let’s proceed to the prayers.

Miracle Prayers To Attract Financial Blessings

  1. Lord I bless your righteous name for you are good and your mercy endures forever
  2. Father I thank you for you are great and greatly to be praised, no one can be compared with you
  3. Thank you for your great wonders in my life and in my family
  4. Thank you for your wisdom that surpasses all  understanding
  5. Father I thank you for your great help which you have shown me and my family
  6. Thank you for the blessings that our eyes are yet to see
  7. Thank you for the miracles of the past years
  8. We are grateful Lord for all the time you showed up for us in times of need
  9. Thank you for not allowing the enemies gloat over us
  10. I am grateful for your unfailing love and grace towards me and my family
  11. Father I ask in your mercy, please bless me indeed and enlarge my coast 
  12. Please take away shame and disgrace from my life by your mercy
  13. Oh Lord I ask that you wipe away all my tears and grant me great help
  14. Let financial destiny helpers locate me in this season by your mercy in the mighty name of Jesus Christ 
  15. Oh Lord please show up for me in the area of finance, and turn my little to plenty
  16. Let different opportunities of wealth begin to locate me in this season in Jesus name
  17. Father please cause everyone and everything in creation to begin to work in my favor speedily in Jesus name
  18. Lord Jesus your Word assures that you shall supply my needs. Father help me not to lack that my needs will be supplied indeed, in Jesus name.
  19. Lord Jesus please grant me wisdom to know what to do, when to do it and how to do it in Jesus name
  20. By your mercy please deliver me from the spirit of laziness and procrastination in Jesus mighty name
  21. Help me to truly testify of your greatness in this season in Jesus name
  22. Father let there be divine orchestrations in my favor this season in Jesus name
  23. Let my name be mentioned at the top in this season in Jesus name
  24. Lord let kings and queens call for my service this season in Jesus name
  25. Let all reproach and poverty depart from me and my family in Jesus name
  26. Let financial miracles i never expected locate me in this season, in Jesus name.
  27. Please put my thoughts in the heart of men to favor me greatly in this season 
  28. Lord Cause there to be a total turn around for me and my family, in Jesus name 
  29. Let me and my family have reasons to celebrate in this season in Jesus name
  30. Thank you Father for answering our prayers


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