Night Prayers For Protection

Night Prayers For Protection



As much as it is good to start your day with prayers, it is also good to end your day with prayers. There is a popular Christian song that has part of its lyrics which says, “Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer, prayer is the master key..” Jesus started and ended his days with prayer. He prayed for most of his days here on earth and He also admonished his disciples to pray without ceasing.

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In this piece, we will be looking at a good number of night prayers for protection. When we call on God, He promises us that He will always heed to our calls. Protection is a very important feature that we all depend on God for. Jesus Christ is the ultimate protector, He alone can protect us from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence as He promised in the book of Psalms, Chapter 91. When we go out to work and we come back, it is the grace of God that protects us. It is not our doing.

When we ask for God’s eye of protection to oversee us, we are asking for divine protection. Protection from God is the ultimate form of protection. It is stronger and more powerful than any form of human security. God’s protection is greater than all our technologies, security personnels and CCTV cameras. The amount of protection these human interventions can provide us are only limited. But when we ask for God’s protection, we receive other-worldly protection that is, protection from the most High.

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So, if you are looking for some powerful night prayers to call onto God for protection, you are at the right place. In this article, we will be dishing out some good night prayer points to ask for God’s protection. Whether for your family, friends or yourself, these prayer points are to ask for God’s protection just before you go to bed. Let’s check the prayer points out;

  1. Lord, as I am about to go to sleep tonight, I ask for your divine protection. Please protect me and my family from evil forces as we go to sleep tonight. Let your shield protect me thoroughly now and forever more. Don’t let the devil and His agents have power to harm me or any of my loved ones, Amen.
  2.  Lord, my God, thank you for a fruitful day so far. Thank you for protecting me throughout the day. During my journey of going out to find my daily bread and during the course of my return back home, you did not allow any evil that Satan devised to get to me. Everlasting Father, I ask for more protection throughout the days of my life. Keep protecting me, my God in Heaven. Never leave me in the clutches of Satan. Be my protector, guider and shield during trying times, Amen.
  3. Heavenly Father, I bless you. Hear my plea O Lord, I look to you for divine protection tonight. Please protect me and my family members wherever they all are in the world and guide us. Let your power of protection be upon our lives. Save us from the evil devices of Satan and never stop protecting us, Amen.
  4. Lord Jesus, thank you for all the works of protection you have done in my life so far. I really appreciate you Lord for the shield of protection you have placed over me. I use this medium tonight to plead for more of your divine protection over my life. I know you have been protecting me in the past, Lord Jesus, please don’t stop your good work of protection over my life, Amen.
  5. Glorious God, Prince of Peace, the Ultimate Protector, I come before you today to ask for protection. I am on my knees tonight Lord, and I beseech you for your power of divine protection. Please protect me and my family from all evil pestilence and plans of Lucifer in our lives. Render the devices of Lucifer useless when trying to harm me and any of my loved ones. As I go to sleep tonight, be my shield and buckler.
  6. God of divine and unrivaled protection, please send your divine umbrella of protection to cover me from now, henceforth. I never want to be a victim of any accidents, bad luck or evil plans of Satan. Protect me safely from the evil conspiracies of Satan and his agents, in Jesus name, Amen.
  7. Lord Jesus, my Redeemer. You’re the one who has always fought to protect me in the face of adversities. Lord Jesus, please avert any dangers that might present themselves in my life. Let your wings of protection always be over me and my family. Your protection is divine and supreme and will make evil doers flee from me. O Lord my father, bless me with your divine protection, Amen.
  8. My father and my God, You are the mighty wing that keeps sheltering me and my family from heavy storms. Your protection is strong and makes us feel safe because we know you are the most powerful. I place my whole family including my children into your able hands. Please protect my spouse and my kids from every heavy storm that might threaten them. Be their shield, buckler and strong armour in Jesus name, Amen.
  9. As I have ended today and I am about to go to sleep, please protect me overnight. Send your angels of protection to spread their wings of grace and protection over me. As I start a new day tomorrow morning, protect me from all forms of trouble and evil that I might come across. Let your goodness and mercy follow me everywhere.
  10. Grant unto me and my family O God, Your heavenly protection. And in Your protection, let us find strength. And in Your strength, let us find understanding. And in Your understanding, let us find knowledge. And in all of these, let Your protection continue to be upon me and my loved ones in Jesus name. Amen. I believe in You, Lord.
  11. Dear Jesus, please keep protecting my marriage from every storm that the devil might throw at us. Give my spouse and I the grace and strength to keep being happy.


Jesus Christ is our friend, our ultimate comforter and divine protector. Sometimes, life can get scary, but God has promised us according to the Bible that He will be our strength, our armour and our shield through trying times. And so we should trust in Him to definitely keep His word and protect us.

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