Prayer Against Arrow Of Death

Prayer Against Arrow Of Death


Proverbs 4:17
For they eat the bread of wickedness and drink the wine of violence.

Proverbs 4:16
For they cannot sleep unless they do evil; And they are robbed of sleep unless they make someone stumble.

Spiritual wickedness is real. And as the Bible verses above show, there are people who
derive joy from doing evil. There are people whom Satan has specially anointed to do
evil. These kinds of people only think evil. They are expert at planning and executing
evil. They are equipped with satanic spiritual powers to torment and punish people
with spiritual wickedness.

One of the ways these evil people operate is to strike people with arrow of death.
They have used the arrow of death to cut short the lives of many gifted people.
Spiritual arrow of death has been used to torment people with strange, protracted
sickness— and death eventually. Spiritual arrow of death is one of the satanic
weapons used to inflict families with premature and sudden deaths.

The arrow of death is a very potent satanic weapon used by witches and other agents
of the dark world. When someone is struck by the arrow of death, except powerful
spiritual intervention is sought in prayer and blood of Jesus, death is the ultimate end.
Without rigorous prayers and powerful anointing, it’s impossible for victims of arrow
of death to survive the attack.

How the Arrow of Death Works

1. The arrow of death is a spiritual weapon. It’s invisible. But its powers and effects
are visible and quick.

When the arrow strikes someone, the first thing it does is that it places a mark of
death upon the person. Because of that mark, the person becomes vulnerable to any
channel the enemy has decided to use to finalize the execution. For example, if the
mark of arrow of death is on someone, malaria sickness of just one day may kill the
person. A small arm injury may kill the person. The person may dash one leg against a
stone and die.

If a person is carrying the mark of the arrow of death, he/she might be the only one
that will die in a car accident that involved many people. If a person is carrying the
mark of the arrow of death, he might be mistaken for a thief and lynched.

There are so many ways in which the arrow of death finalizes its assignment, but the
important thing to note is that when the arrow is at work in someone’s life, the person
dies a strange, sudden and miserable death.

2. When someone is struck by the arrow of death, the person may suddenly begin to
suffer from a strange, recurrent sickness. Serial medical tests would be done and yet
the tests will not reveal any medical or nonmedical reasons for the sickness. Several
scans would be done and yet the secret of the illness will not be revealed. This may or
may not continue for many years, and cause the victim to spend all he or she has on
medications, medical tests, and scans. In the end, the victim dies.

3. Another way the arrow of death works is to torment its victims with frequent,
recurrent accidents till the victim dies in one of the accidents. Some people have
multiple accidents every year. There is no year that they don’t have accident. It may be a fire accident, a car accident, or an accident on a motorcycle. If none of that happens,
they may trip and fall in the bathroom or on the tiled floor in their home. Simply put, they just can’t live throughout a year without having some sort of accident. This is
what they continue to experience until they will eventually die in one of the accidents.

4. The arrow of death also fills the mind of the victim with suicidal thoughts till the
victim kills himself. Some people are just suicidal. They always see the need to kill
themselves. They call themselves a failure. They never believe their marriage is
working or stable. They always feel their business is crumbling. They play down all
their own achievements and accomplishments and tell themselves they are
worthless— even if they are rich and have all they want. On the basis of such
demonic thoughts they begin to see no reason to continue to live.

5. Sometimes, the arrow of death combines two or more of these methods to destroy
its victim. When these signs are observed, there is still hope if the victim runs to Jesus
for help and salvation—through a powerful prayer ministry and deliverance.
Unfortunately, sometimes the enemy programs the arrow of death to work swiftly. It
strikes the victim and kills him instantly. The process of execution isn’t prolonged and
no room is given to save the person through prayers.

Channels of Arrow of Death

The enemy uses several channels to strike people with the arrow of death. It’s
important to know some of those channels and block them through consistent prayer
and by taking refuge in the Word.

1. Sleep/ Dream
The Bible says “while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat
and went his way.” The easiest way people are struck with the arrow of death is
through dream. The favorite time that forces of darkness like to operate is the middle
of the night when everyone is asleep. In those silent hours of the night, they
manipulate and destroy destiny, suck blood, strike people with the arrow of death,
torment people with scary dreams, and do many more evil. The victims are notified of
all these spiritual attacks and evil through dreams. The victim may dream of eating his favorite meal or a strange meal he has never heard of or ate before. After such dream, a terrible physical manifestation of the attack
begins. A strange sickness, loss of job, bad luck, death etc. are some examples of the

The victim may also dream of being severely beaten by an adversary like a masquerade
or a known/unknown person. He or she may dream of being bitten by a snake, dog,
or other animals. The physical manifestation of these kinds of dream is a sickness or
wound that may ultimately lead to death.

2. Promiscuity
The enemy has used the spirit of lust to eliminate many people. The enemy just puts
the victim in the bondage of lust of the flesh. And the victim eventually dies through
his/her own lustful immorality. But it has to be said that sometimes, it’s not the work
of the enemy. When someone is loose, undisciplined and addicted to, and enjoys lust,
he or she is certainly bound to die through that lust if repentance is considered.

3. Food
We all know we aren’t supposed to just carelessly eat food prepared or brought to us
as gift. We must question people’s motive and ask the Holy Spirit questions when
someone suddenly brings or buys us food or drink.

Prayer Points Against Arrow of Death

1. You satanic arrow of death sent to kill me, burn to ashes in the name of Jesus.

2. I use the blood of the Lamb to cleanse every mark of the arrow of death upon
me and my family. We shall not die sudden, miserable death in the name of Jesus.

3. Witchcraft powers planning to cut my life short by using arrow of death scatter
by fire in the name of Jesus.

4. In the name of Jesus, I am protected from the arrows of death that fly in the
middle of the night.

5. My life, hear the word of your creator, you shall not end prematurely in the
name of Jesus.

6. Every demonic entity, given the assignment to eliminate me, I take authority
over you today. I command you to go back to your sender and kill your sender

7. In the name of Jesus, I remove my name and picture from every satanic altar
where they are holding the discussion of how to finish me with sudden death. In
the name of Jesus, I decree that the thunder of the God Elijah fire everyone
gathered around that altar.

8. In the name of Jesus, I use the blood of Jesus to wash away every demonic
concoction of arrow of death that I have eaten through dream.

9. Whoever is firing arrow of death into my life and into my family, I command
you to collapse and die suddenly in the name of Jesus.

10. You strongman from my family, manufacturing an arrow of death for my
funeral, fall down and die instantly in the name of Jesus.

11. Powers that are ganging up to make my parents mourn me, I destroy your gang
today in the name of Jesus. My parents will not know my grave in the name of

12. Ancestral powers, trying to use my life to complete occult covenant, you are a
liar. I break free from you today in the name of Jesus. I take protection against you

13. Arrows of death that have killed people in the past in my lineage, I burn you to
ashes today by the fire of the Holy Ghost. I will not be your candidate. The blood
of Jesus washes my name away from your target list.

14. In the name of Jesus I will not be lukewarm in the spirit and become a soft
target for arrows of death.

15. In the name of Jesus, this prayer against arrow of death will work for me in the
name of Jesus. As I pray this prayer, every arrow of death assigned against me shall
go back to sender.

16. My life will not be miserable in the name of Jesus.

17. In the name of Jesus, I clean every mark of arrow of death that I got through

18. In the name of Jesus, I clean every mark of the arrow of death that I got
through food and drink.

19. In the name of Jesus, I clean every mark of the arrow of death that I got
through dream.

20. Thank you Abbah Father for answering my prayers. Thank you because in this
prayer, you have given me victory against arrow of death. Hallelujah!


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