Prayer Against Strange Woman In My Marriage

Prayer Against Strange Woman In My Marriage


Genesis 21:10

“Wherefore she said unto Abraham, Cast out this bondwoman and her son: for the son of this bondwoman shall not be heir with my son, even with Isaac.”

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who is a stranger?
A stranger is simply someone who is not a member of a family, a group, community, association etc.

Therefore, a strange woman is that woman who is neither married to a man nor recognised by the church and community as been the wife of a man.

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Marriage is an institution set up by God. It brings together a woman and a man particularly for home building. However, when there’s an external woman who is influencing the affairs of the home negatively or doing things that can take away the heart of a man from his legal wife, we say the operation of a strange woman is in that home.

Are you going through tough times in your marriage due to the operations of a strange woman?

We have outlined powerful prayer points for you to pray and retrieve your home from the powers of the strange woman.

Just before we go into prayers against strange woman in my marriage check before for some of the characteristics displayed by strange women, and how you can overcome them quickly

Characteristics of A Strange Woman.

1. she flatters with her words (Proverbs2:16)

2. she does not acknowledge the covenant of God. (Proverbs2:17)

3. Her sole aim is to waste the life   or destiny of the man (Proverbs2:18-19

4. she is not wise(proverbs 7:4-5

5. she does not walk in the counsel of God. Psalms 1:1

6. she does not delight in the law of the LORD (Psalms 1:2-3)

How To Retrieve Your Home From Strange Woman

1. First, you have to totally surrender your life to Christ.

2. Be prayerful

3. Try your best to protect your marriage from intruders(Matt 19:6

4. Show adequate love your spouse 1Cor 13:7-8a

5. Recognize your limits (proverbs 2:17-18)

6. Don’t take your marriage for granted.

7. Value your freedom In Christ (Rom6:15)

8. Always ask for wisdom always from God. (Proverbs 2:6-7

9. Regularly read and confess on the word of God (Psalms 119:11)

10. Seek forgiveness if you have fallen.


1. Father, I thank you for giving me a good husband in Jesus name

2. Oh Lord I ask for your over flowing mercy upon my husband in Jesus name.

3. I cover my husband with the precious blood of Jesus Christ

4. My father please pour out your mercy and forgiveness upon my marriage in great measure in Jesus name.

5. By fire, I put asunder between my husband and any strange woman in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

6. I release the angel of the Lord to pursue and attack every strange woman defiling my marital bed in the name of Jesus.

7. I totally reject the spirit of divorce in my marriage in Jesus name.

8. My father, whatever the evil woman has used or done, to steal the love and heart of my husband away from me, I command it to catch fire ln the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

9. I frustrate the powers of strange women over my marriage in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

10. Every satanic charm of strange woman operating in the life of my husband and his properties, I render you powerless now, you shall no longer have effect over my husband in Jesus Name.

11. Father, any strange woman that will not allow my husband to have my time, may she not have peace in Jesus name.

12. Any woman that is making my husband abandon his home, may she come under the judgement of God in Jesus name

13. Let frustration be the portion of any strange woman, militating my marriage in Jesus Name

14. Oh Lord, send your angels to go now and destroy every relationship any strange woman have with my husband in Jesus name

15. Thunder of fire of God, begin to scatter to pieces every strong hold of strange woman/man in Jesus name

17. Oh God, silence every voice of darkness speaking against my marriage

18. You demon, energising the relationship between my husband/wife and any strange woman/man, be rendered impotent and be roasted by fire.

19. Oh Lord, save my husband from the spirit of lust in Jesus name

20. Father bring back love into my family in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

21. I command the activities of any strange woman to end by fire.

22. Father, fill my husband heart with your love and zeal for holiness in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

23. Father, arrest my husband and set him free forever in Jesus name.

24. I command destruction upon the beauty any strange woman is using to deceive my husband, I decree that henceforth when my husband sees her, she shall be like dirt in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

25. Every satanic plot of the strange woman to destroy my marriage, I command it to scatter by fire.

26. Father arise on my behalf, do not allow my husband to contact strange sickness  and disease from the organ of this evil woman in Jesus mighty name

27. Oh Lord, uproot the love of my husband from the heart of this strange woman in Jesus Mighty Name

28.  my marriage shall not end in tears in Jesus name

29. Father let your mighty power destroy all operations of this strange woman in my marriage.

30. Any satanic wedding my husband is planning behind me with this strange woman, I decree according to the Word of God: “It shall not stand in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

31. Holy Ghost fire, scatter every soul for between my husband and the strange woman in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

32. I command every satanic covenant between the strange woman and my husband to be destroyed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

33. I decree my husband’s soul is escaped from the snare of the strange woman in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

34. I decree that my husband shall fear the Lord and walk in His will henceforth in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

35. Every curse of polygamy pronounced on my husband catch fire in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

36. Thank you Jesus for deliverance

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